Sonata Form (CL10)
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Personal Information
NameSonata Form (CL10)
Quarters Location >>Deck 4 Room 3 >>
ResidenceVancouver, B.C. Canada
StatusExtended Leave
Registration Date1998-04-22

Contact Information

Awards Won
AwardPresentation DateMore Info
Officer of the Month1998-05-28>>
Officer of the Month1998-07-28>>
Select Medal - Platinum1998-08-28>>
Officer of the Month1998-12-28>>
Select Medal - Platinum1999-08-28>>
Supernova Award2000-05-28>>
Select Medal - Platinum2000-08-28>>
Select Medal - Gold2002-08-24>>
Select Medal - Gold2003-08-23>>
Select Medal - Gold2004-08-21>>
Select Medal - Bronze2005-08-23>>
Select Medal - Bronze2007-08-25>>
20th Anniversary Medal2017-08-28>>

Promotion Records
Movement TypeFromToExecuted ByDate
PromotionCL1CL2System (CL1)1998-04-22
PromotionCL2CL3Octavius Piraeus (CL12)1998-05-28
PromotionCL3CL4Octavius Piraeus (CL12)1998-06-28
PromotionCL4CL5Octavius Piraeus (CL12)1998-07-28
PromotionCL5CL6Octavius Piraeus (CL12)1998-12-28
PromotionCL6CL7Octavius Piraeus (CL12)1999-05-28
PromotionCL7CL8Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2000-05-28
PromotionCL8CL9Andrew Maxwell (CL11)2004-04-04
PromotionCL9CL10Andrew Maxwell (CL12)2017-08-26

More about Sonata Form (CL10)
Hobbies and InterestsComputer Games, Cooking, Crafts, Fine Art, Music, Opera, Philosophy, Poetry/Writing, Politics, Programming, Singing, Web Design
My Favorite ColorsBlue, Red
Pets I OwnCats
Type of Person I AmAnalytical, Creative, Humorous, Philosophical, Romantic, Rude, Serious, Talented
Types of Books I LikeClassical Literature, Educational, Fiction, General Reference, Science Fiction
Types of Food I LikeChinese, Italian, Japanese
Types of Movies I LikeClassical Literature, Comedy, Science Fiction
Types of Music I LikeAlternative, Classical, Jazz

Additional Information

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