Goose (CL7)
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Personal Information
NameGoose (CL7)
AgeAs old as life itself...
Quarters Location >>Deck 5 Room 30 >>
AffiliationStar Wars
StatusExtended Leave
Registration Date2002-05-12

Contact Information
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Skype Usernamegooseotf02

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Awards Won
AwardPresentation DateMore Info
Top Geek2003-06-05>>
Outstanding Patron (Star Wars)2003-07-03>>
Select Medal - Silver2003-08-23>>
Top Geek2003-09-01>>
Top Geek2003-11-01>>
Select Medal - Silver2004-08-21>>
Select Medal - Bronze2005-08-23>>
Select Medal - Bronze2006-09-09>>
Outstanding Patron (Star Wars)2007-06-26>>
Select Medal - Silver2007-08-25>>
Senior Officer of the Month2015-11-07>>
Unsung Hero2016-03-05>>
Select Medal - Gold2016-08-27>>
20th Anniversary Medal2017-08-25>>
Unsung Hero2017-08-26>>
Select Medal - Gold2017-08-26>>
Select Medal - Silver2018-08-25>>

Promotion Records
Movement TypeFromToExecuted ByDate
PromotionCL1CL2System (CL1)2002-05-12
PromotionCL2CL3Tail-Kinker (CL8)2003-02-03
PromotionCL3CL4Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2003-05-03
PromotionCL4CL5Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2003-10-07
PromotionCL5CL6Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2005-01-08
PromotionCL6CL7Tanya (CL10)2016-08-27

Friends (All Friends>>)
1 Iain (CL12)
3 Majin Kaze (CL8)
4 Ayanna (CL6)
5 dpo (CL4)
6 Ice (CL6)
7 Imzadi (CL4)
9 Ben Warren (CL4)

Most Recent Trivia Titles (Show All>>)
2016-02-27Lord of the Rings Trivia Wannabe
2016-01-30Star Trek Trivia Wannabe
2016-01-16Game of Thrones Trivia Wannabe
2015-10-17Star Trek Trivia Master
2015-09-19Star Wars Trivia Wannabe

More about Goose (CL7)
Hobbies and InterestsCard/Board Games, Chatting, Computer Games, Cooking, Dancing, Drawing/Painting, Electronics, Fashion, History, Music, Poetry/Writing, Programming, Reading, Religion, Running, Shopping, Web Design
My Favorite ColorsBlack, Blue
Sports I Participate InBasketball, Soccer
Type of Person I AmAdventurous, Analytical, Athlete, Computer Addict, Cool, Creative, Generous, Humorous, Kind, Movie Buff, Romantic, Sports Fan
Types of Books I LikeBiography, Children's, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction
Types of Food I LikeChinese, Fast Food, Italian
Types of Movies I LikeAction/Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction
Types of Music I LikeAlternative, Cool, Dance, Pop Rock, Rap, Techno

Additional Information
Imagine being given the power of a god.
Being given the power to flatten ball bearings between your fingertips.
Suppose you had the abilty to undo or prevent every tragedy known to man.
And then consider someone coming to you and telling you that he or she was going to take that power away.
Infact that taking your power away was for your own good.
And the imagine saying to that person 'No'.
Thanks, Deboe!
Andradors are known for their excellent leadership skills as they are patient, diplomatic, and accepting. You value teamwork and community above all, and are extremely level-headed. You have a clear sense of vision, and a gift for placing people in roles where they can best help contribute to whatever group You're in. You follow in the footsteps of our great founder, Admiral Andrew Maxwell. Your house symbol is the noble hound, and your house colors are sky blue and navy blue - like the skies and seas the great admirals of our past explored.

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