Kali D'or (CL7)
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Personal Information
NameKali D'or (CL7)
Agenone of your business
Quarters Location >>No quarters available. Obtain quarters >>
ResidenceIrvington, VA
AffiliationStar Wars
StatusExtended Leave
Registration Date2000-09-12

Contact Information
MSN Email IDazredhead@msn.com

Awards Won
AwardPresentation DateMore Info
Officer of the Month2001-05-28>>
Unsung Hero2001-08-28>>
Select Medal - Gold2001-08-28>>
Select Medal - Platinum2002-08-24>>
Select Medal - Gold2003-08-23>>
Unsung Hero2004-07-12>>
Select Medal - Silver2004-08-21>>
Senior Officer of the Month2005-03-07>>
Select Medal - Silver2005-08-23>>
Select Medal - Bronze2007-08-25>>

Promotion Records
Movement TypeFromToExecuted ByDate
PromotionCL1CL2System (CL1)2000-09-12
PromotionCL3CL4Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2000-12-28
PromotionCL5CL6Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2001-08-28
PromotionCL6CL7Octavius Piraeus (CL12)2002-04-28

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Additional Information
Nope, the old readhead is not dead, just semi-retired