Chat Help:

Welcome to Outpost 10F! If you are viewing this file then chances are you are new to our chatrooms. The following is a summary of all you need to know to converse with fellow fans from around the globe:


The following buttons are available in all Outpost 10F chatrooms:

  • Armory: The armory allows those with a clearance level of 4 and above to access weapons and tools which can either be used for enjoyment or for removing troublemaker from the chatroom.

  • Bar: The bar allows those with a clearance level of 2 and above (all registered members) to order virtual drinks and foods for themselves and/or their fellow chat occupants. Each chatroom's bar is hosted by a special character.

  • Dossiers: Click this button to access the Profile Management System in which you can update your dossier. All registered members have a dossier; a dossier contains information about you such as email addresses, homepage URLs, pictures, interests, etc.

  • Login: Use the login button to load the login page in the lower frame. This serves as a quick way to change your settings.

  • Help: The help button loads this window.

  • Personnel: This loads a window listing all those currently logged into Outpost 10F chatrooms. This is handy to find out who is in the room with you.

  • Chat: The chat button allows you to post a message on the chat board. To "talk," simply type your message into the large input box and press this button.

  • Receive: Since the Outpost has switched to an auto-update system, the refresh button is no longer necessary to follow the conversation. However, if you scroll down too far on the chatboard, and wish to skip back to the most current posts, the receive button will automatically return your chatboard to the top.

  • Clear: The clear button removes the content in both the message and subject boxes.

  • Exit: The exit button enables you to leave the chatroom. Upon exiting you will no longer be able to transmit or receive new messages; a departure message will also be printed in the chatroom so that its occupants know you have left.

  • Updates: The updates button loads a window containing Outpost 10F's departmental updates board. This board holds all important news items for Outpost 10F's membership. Messages are posted by the Executive Council, Departments, and authorized members (those with a clearance level of 5 and above).

Smileys and Toggles

It is possible to use "toggle commands" to include expression images with your chat post. The toggle commands are:

  • :) =
  • :( =
  • :| =
  • :} =
  • :K =
  • :O =
  • :D =
  • :P =
  • ;) =
  • :? =
  • :Z =
  • (a) =
  • :'( =
  • =/ =

You may also use the toggle command \\ to bring up a line break, although pressing enter works just as well.

If you wish to emphasize a word or phrase, surrounding it with underscores _like this_ will produce italics like this.

Chat Post Icons

Chat posts can contain the following icons:

This image indicates that the chat occupant's dossier is available for viewing. Simply click on this icon to view the dossier.

This icon means that the chat occupant has received an award within the past week. Click on the icon to learn more about the award and what the site member did to earn it.

This icon indicates that the chat occupant received a promotion in the past week. Click on the icon to learn more about what it takes to earn a promotion to the member's clearance level.

This icon indicates that the officer has quarters at Outpost 10F. Quarters are paid web accounts which members may purchase. Through clicking on the icon you can view the member's quarters homepage.

This icon indicates that the officer has a blog at Outpost 10F. Blogs are features of some web accounts which members may purchase. Through clicking on the icon you can view the member's blog.

Input Boxes

There are two input boxes used by our chatrooms. The large box is the chat box. This is where you type the content of the message you wish to send to the chat board. The smaller "To:" box is where you can put the name of the person you are sending the message to.

Special Avatars and IPs

You may have noticed that some members have been able to use their own avatar and replace their IP address with a text string. This is a privilege that is available to those with a clearance level of at least 7.

Using HTML

Only those with a clearance level of 6 and above may use HTML in their chat posts. HTML allows one to change the color, face, and formatting of their posts in addition to including images and other goodies.


In order to make use of the fonts Outpost 10F provides on the login page, download the Outpost 10F font pack.

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