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!!!Recruitment Drive!!!

Attention all, we are currently accepting applications in all Divisions of the Simming Team.

These Divisions are
Writing: The Writing division is chiefly in charge of dealing with the plots that will be played out in the Live Sims and the Forum RP. We are looking for a strong Writing Team, as we want to continue the episodic experience we have started with USS Pulsar, and believe that a Team of writers will work best for this purpose. We also want to expand into other genres and welcome writers across the board.

Sims: Currently led by T'Pel, this division is responsible for promoting and running Live Sims in the Chat, and ensuring their smooth Running. Most Sim Leaders will be from this team, and during a Live Sim, their word is final. Members from this division are encouraged to work with the Writing Division to generate awesome plots.

Tech: Currently led by Soka, They are in charge of web and image design for the website, and for providing background support during the Sims.

If anyone would be interested in signing up for a regular role in the existing Sim, USS Pulsar, feel free to contact us for information. So if you would be interested in either Joining Simming please fill in the Contact form found at our site here:

OTF Simming Website

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