• Priority: Yellow
  • Posted By: Rogue Spectre Agent (CL3)
  • Posted On: 2017-09-30 04:44:16
  • Affiliation:


Recently, as you may have noticed, a new so-called team has emerged calling themselves "Spectre". These individuals are not your friends; rather, they have been sent to spy on you! I pretended to join them to learn their true purpose, but they sensed my motives and never so much as revealed their identities to me. When I attempted to hack their database, they intercepted me and shut me out - but not before I was able to steal some chunks of data!

I am currently working to decrypt what I managed to obtain. It appears that these files are introductions using their codenames, detailing their current whereabouts. Spectre is nothing if not complicated bureaucracy... At current speed, I will most likely crack around 3-4 files per day, which I will make available to you.

I need your help to figure out where these files point to and just who is hiding behind those codenames. Submit your suspicions to me, using the form Spectre has inexplicably attached to their personnel pages. However, if you submit more than one identity guess for one codename, only the most recent will count - my memory is not good enough to remember everything. Besides, randomly guessing is something I can do myself. Since I don't know the answer yet, I of course cannot confirm the validity of your guess until we crack the whole case.

What will you get for all of this effort? Helping to save OTF from those Spectres, of course! Maybe something else, too, but that depends. I will be keeping track of which of you recruits were the fastest to locate and uncover these agents and award points accordingly. But remember - only your last guess counts!

After posting the newly cracked data in chat twice, it will also be added to the archives (Spectre Hunt Thread), clearing my memory and allowing me to get started on new files.

Hunt Leader