LOTR Trivia Results!

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  • Posted On: 2018-02-10 21:00:48
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Today's Team Trivia saw a staggering difference in team numbers! We had Deus, Robert, Soka, Cleo, and Carol all batting for Team Dwarves, while Tanya, Beth, and Arwen had to hold their own as the sole members of Team Elves! While several chatters tried to keep up with their Tolkien knowledge, Deus left everyone in the dust with his encyclopedic expertise! With Deus as their captain, Team Dwarves finished strong with a total of 11 RP's to the Elves' 6! Deus wasn't the only top performer on his team, however. Robert brought his A-game to the SP table, rivaled only by Beth on Team Elves! Ultimately, the Dwarves took that prize, too, racking up 20 SP's, while the Elves managed to score only 13. Final tallies are as follows!


Deus - 10
Tanya - 3
Beth - 2
Arwen - 1
Robert - 1


Robert - 8
Beth - 8
Tanya - 5
Soka - 4
Deus - 4
Carol - 2
Michiel - 2

Additionally, Robert wanted to ensure that I received an Awesome Time Management Point for managing to post the winners immediately before a chat reset. :D He also receives one Gross Point for talking about feet. :(

Congratulations to Team Dwarves, led by Deus and Robert, for winning the event and to Beth for tying the top SP score, and thank you to everyone for participating in this event! We'll be back again soon with another fun Trivia for you!

CL7 Navi
Trivia Team