A New Era

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  • Posted By: Tanya (CL12)
  • Posted On: 2018-02-12 18:25:58
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Outpost10F is entering a New Era.

At the 20th Anniversary, we had a change in Command. Tanya stepped up to CiC, and Katrina is now the VC. Our focus as Command is to keep the community strong through improving member interactions, and giving members opportunities to add value and give back to the community. But most of all, we want our officers to be able to relax and enjoy the time they spend with us, whether that's chatting or departmental contributions.

Now, the wave of change is travelling down through the departments.

First, we break it down. Everyone leaves their current position, and re-enters the job pool.

Next, we re-organize the departmental structure, rolling smaller groups together to combine their resources, reducing the number of overall positions, and streamlining our functions.

Lastly, we re-hire into the new structure. Some officers may move up a position, others may move down and return to getting their hands dirty. Maybe you'll make a parallel move from one team to another. Or you can re-apply for your old job, aiming to continue on as before. There will be new positions that may pique your interest. We may see officers join departmental work from the outside, others may decide that they would like a break after years of service. The only right answer here is the one that will both make you happy and add value to the community.

We do ask that everyone take a break, and think about what they enjoy about the Outpost, and where their talents are best used.

Soon, there will be another announcement, and you will see our new departmental structure.

Personally, I’m excited to see where these changes will take us.

CL12 Tanya

CL10 Katrina