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The new departmental structure is as follows.

The Bridge

Departmental Leaders
CiC & VC

The new Bridge performs two functions here at the Outpost: we steer the 'ship' and guide us toward our community goals, and we form a 'bridge' between departments to facilitate communication and cooperation.

Off-Site Operations*

Marketing / Social Media
Social Gaming

Off-Site Operations offers ways for Outpost members to interact while off of our website. We maintain social media groups to keep connected with old friends, as well as to draw in new membership through outreach. We also participate in social gaming activities together, to explore fun pursuits while out of uniform, and further the friendships that started here.

On-Site Operations*

Blue Report
Historians (Yearbook & Archives)
Updates Board & Forums
Chat Games (Trivia+)
Community Led Events
Special Events (Spectre)

On-Site Operations are all the projects we work on within the Outpost. We maintain our history through the Yearbook & Archives, which are now a combined project as the goals are so similar. Blue Report continues to bring news, fiction, and humour to the community, while giving a wide variety of members a way to share their creative talents each month. The updates board & forums will seek a guardian, who will keep the Updates Board in order with good HTML and graphics, and can start and facilitate discussions in the forums.

Three different teams will put together events to keep the chat entertaining, and to give us all times to meet up and laugh together. Trivia & Chat Games are regularly scheduled events, a few times a month. Special Events continues along the lines of Spectre, where any irregular events occur: art contests, scavenger hunts, murder mystery, whatever the team likes. They will also work with the Bridge on bringing together each year's Anniversary events.

Lastly, we have something a little new. Community Led Events seeks a coordinator who can make things happen, and likes to work with a variety of membership. This person will help members work on their creative ideas for events, and give them the resources to make the ideas into reality.

Internal Security Administration

Chatroom Security
Community Welcome

The ISA is evolving to fit the Outpost of today. We are working to update the Prime Directives that they will continue to enforce. They will continue their function as peacekeepers in the chat. There will also be a proactive element to ISA, where new members are welcomed into our community and encouraged toward our community standards of behaviour.

Information Technology


As our IT department is vital to the Outpost's functions, there will not be too many changes here. InDev and Engineering are merging to be under one banner.

* On/Off Site Operations will seek creative names once hiring is complete. A few additional tweaks like this may occur as we find our best fits.

Our goal with the new departmental structure is to reduce friction, and increase fun. We hope to work more as a community and as friends, than as officers. There are still levels of positions out of necessity: some are organizers, some are doers. And we all work together to make things happen.

There will be a follow-up post soon to begin hiring.

Please take a careful look at all these groups, and think about your own talents, skill sets, and preferences. Where could you add the most value? Where would you find the most joy?

CL12 Tanya

CL10 Katrina