On-Site Operations

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  • Posted By: Hobbie (CL9)
  • Posted On: 2018-03-06 16:56:17
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Do you want to wear shiny white armor? Have you always wanted to join the Dark Side to get to those cookies that keep being promised? Do you believe you have good aim? (That last one may be a trick question, we will never tell)

On-Site Operations (to be rebranded shortly) is getting set up, and we are now looking for members who wish to be involved in our activities in and around the chatroom.

Currently, we are looking for applicants for the following positions:

- Recurring Events Coordinator (1 month), with the aim of organizing events such as trivias and caption games

- Special Events Coordinator (2 events), to come up with and organize original or themed ideas for special occasions, such as St Patrick’s Day, April Fools or May 4th

- Blue Report Editor (3 months), to help us streamline the content of our newsletter and provide informative and entertaining content

- Yearbook 2018 Coordinator, to oversee the design and content of this year’s release

- Archivist (2 months), whose goal will be to oversee the gathering, sorting and filing of chatsaves, and to make them available to other teams

Please note that to have more flexibility those positions are not assigned on a permanent basis. If your objectives are reached you will be given the option to continue in the same role, but should you have an interest in switching to another one or take a step back to focus for a time on this real-life thing we keep hearing about, we believe this system will make it easier.

If you wish to be considered for one or more of our openings, please fill the following form and email it to Carol and myself at carol@outpost10f.com and hobbie@outpost10f.com by Monday, March 12th

• Name:
• Position applying for:
• Statement of Interest:
• Objectives you would consider realistic for the specified term:

Additionally, if you would like to make yourself available to contribute to our projects but do not wish to take on any responsibilities at this time, please feel free to volunteer to either of us via email, instant messengers or in chat!

Ray and Carol