External Operations is hiring!

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  • Posted By: Tyler 'Brent' Shadow (CL6)
  • Posted On: 2018-03-06 18:54:05
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Off-Site Operations (tentatively renamed to External Operations) is hiring a Team Leader & Team Members for Off-Post Gaming, and Team Members for Marketing & Social Media!

Marketing & Social Media:
The responsibility of Marketing & Social Media will be to reach out to the social, online communities out there and bring the word of OTF to the digital masses. The main focus of this team will be two-fold:

  • First, they will be the main outreach to members who have not been in for a while (read, years) and attempt to bring them back into the fold by posting funny chatsaves, tidbits from a recent event, and by posting all event schedules on the various social media pages
  • The second goal falls into the Marketing category. The goal there is to bring more new members to OTF through outreach via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, any media outlet.

    Off-Post Gaming:
    The responsibility of the Off-Post Gaming team will be to organize out-of-chat game events. This can include anything from a WoW raid, to a casual Civ game, to playing Cards Against Humanity. We are looking for an organizer to start putting these events together, and to work with the Social Media team to advertise to those who may not frequent the chat as much.

    Tell us what position(s) you are applying for and why. What grand Social Media God(dess) goals do you have? How many followers can you bring to OTF?
    Tell us why you're pro gaem and how many epic LAN parties you organized back in the day.
    Tell us all your lofty goals for the team, the department, and OTF overall. We want to hear from you!

    Goals and expectations will be discussed upon hiring of Team Members.

    Applications can be emailed to:
    CL9 AJ
    CL6 Tyler "Brent" Shadow

    AKA these two sexy guys here