Cards Against OTF - Results!

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  • Posted By: AJ (CL9)
  • Posted On: 2018-03-12 02:09:17
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Hello, once more!

So today saw External Operations aka The Shuttle Bay arranging a game of Cards Against Humanity, and while there were some teething problems such as repeat cards, and too many cards no fitting properly with the call cards, it went pretty well and we learned quite a bit from the cards.

Amongst the lessons the cards taught us were vital bits of info such as:

  • Robert should never try and act like an adult
  • Trees make Tanya angry
  • AJ/Snape fan-fics are a thing
  • Where not to advertise Trivia events

In the end, it was Carol who claimed victory, although Soka did come close towards the end!

Us kind folks at the department will continue tweaking the decks to ensure better, more hilarious question/answer combinations can be provided.

Thanks to all who took part!

Your friendly ExtOps Co-Management Team:
AJ (CL9)
Brent (CL6)