OTF Master Mixer Match

  • Priority: Green
  • Posted By: Soka (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2018-03-14 02:47:33
  • Affiliation:

The Holodeck has opened!

However, the holographic replicator still needs thorough testing - and what better time to do it than running a challenge during the preparations for St. Patrick's Day?

We need help with the difficult task of calibrating the beverage creation, since there was a slight bug that prevented anything but Tea, Earl Grey, Hot! to be produced. Our holographic engineers claim to have fixed the problem, but there is nothing better than doing a high-demand test:

We need you to come up with new beverages and order them at the bar to have them sampled by your local, mostly poison-resistant holograms.*

       Here is the procedure:
 - During specific times this Friday, the Holodeck will open.
 - In there, you may submit your beverages for testing.
 - This is done by logging them with the bartender.
 - Even Holograms have cravings, which they will let you know.
 - Anything that fits the demand goes, alcoholic or not.
 - Dusting off your green outfit may help with points.
 - Nobody is required to drink their creations for real.

  ~ Your Holographic Leprechauns!

* Disclaimer: When the poisoning levels (especially alcohol and/or chocolate) become too high, a full reboot will be required.