Holographic Bar Scores

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  • Posted By: Soka (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2018-03-19 01:58:01
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We would like to thank all patrons for their creativeness with inventing drinks.
Our two (wannabe) Irish Holograms were quite overwhelmed after only two sessions, and the reboot sequence got stuck.

Since O'Patrick and Tyrion O'Lannister were programmed slightly differently and didn't use the exact same parameters to judge drinks, we decided to use the fairest version for adding up points:
The highest point each of the Hologram awarded to the chatter, averaged.
Example: Tanya received 9 from Tyrion, 8 from Patrick, which makes a score of 8.5

        Tanya - 8.5
        Jade - 7
        AJ - 6.5
        Nathalie - 6
        Potatoes - 4.5
        Robert - 5

While some of the drinks are only capable of being tested by Holograms (Cup of Coffee), some did sound very nice, and may even be tried out on occasion - for example the barrel of Pumpkin spice whisky latte, or the glass of English rain.

~ Soka, Holodeck SEC

* Disclaimer: All of Tanya's bribes have gone into the cookie jar.