Star Wars Memories

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  • Posted By: Carol (CL5)
  • Posted On: 2018-04-15 22:34:15
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Hello chatters!

Are you a Star Wars fan? Does Star Wars hold a special place in your life? Do you have any special memories relating to Star Wars?

Would you like to share it with the chat/The Blue Report? An example of what we're looking for is; "I saw Return of The Jedi in the cinema with my dad the first time."

If you're interested in sharing your special Star Wars memory with us? Please drop me an email at by April 30th with the following informating:

Dossier #:
Your special Star Wars memory:

Also, just to note; any memories shared that don't follow the PDs won't be shared in The Blue Report.

Thank you,
CL5 Carol
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