Greedo vs OTF

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  • Posted By: Soka (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2018-05-21 00:56:42
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Holodeck Events present...
With the new Solo-Movie coming out, it's time to finally make a decision. What do we want to compare it to, the Original or the Special version? Is Han just the luckiest smuggler around, or did Greedo never get around to shoot at all?
This major matter (for SW-fans), which has caused lots of heated discussions over the years, is now to be settled - by a bullseye contest Shoot-Out.

Starting on Wednesday, Greedo will enter the Cantina from time to time - and try to draw, shoot and actually hit somebody. Of course, the locals (you) aren't likely to just be willing target-practice for Rodian bounty hunters, and will try to kick him out of the room by shooting him first. In self-defense, of course. After all, we know there is nothing better than a good blaster at your side. However, you have to set it to stun (L1 or L2). Thermals and similar weapons are banned.

The holographic bounty that has been put on Greedo's head will be awarded to the best shot!

The Points System:
  • +2 - Shoot Greedo before he can!
  • +1 - Shoot Greedo after he shot someone!
  •  -1 - Miss Greedo and shoot another chatter!
Greedo is allergic to Spoilers! Talk about the new movie in the main room, and you get cleaning duty - you don't want that, seriously!

Happy shooting!
~ Soka, Holodeck Events Team