OTF shot Greedo

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  • Posted On: 2018-05-29 22:39:45
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OTF Shot First!

While taking a holiday to recover, Greedo reviewed a recording of the last few days, so he could tally up the scores. It turned out there were a total of 132 shots over the 5 days of this shoot-out. About 90 of those shots were L2s - which means the local Security Force accepted the offered bribes, or they'd certainly have raided the Cantina.

The event started with an advantage for Greedo - because the locals obviously hadn't taken Lobot's advice and prepared their blasters, or lacked the practice in drawing quickly. This quickly was evened out, and even turned. On the first day 6 seconds was the quickest time, on the second already there was the first out of five 1-second shots.
Yep, it's true - there were 2 chatters practically hugging the armoury - eventually Greedo had trouble even staying long enough in the chat to post his first post. And that is without an entry-line posted in the chat.
As a result, each of them has more points than all the other chatters combined. Although to be fair, the others most likely gave up even trying to open the armoury at some point.

Mashed Potatoes was the only one who lost points due to bad aiming skills - he shot once Arwen and once Ashley instead of Greedo.
Lzrman took only one shot at Greedo, but he entered only to shoot - interrupting a quiet night in the Cantina. Actually, it was so quiet that Greedo hadn't said anything, but was on his way out again already. Only the cam-recordings showed the shot.
Speaking on sneaking up on an unsuspecting Rodian, Keith got the very first shot in, with Greedo just entering to look around the place, for places to hide and such. Or possibly, he'd just gotten his days mixed up, too?

Here are the points:

Keith - 54
Tyler - 49
Taters - 8
Mela - 5
Nathalie - 4
Arwen - 3
Carol - 3
Dr. Matt - 2
Goose - 2
Jersey - 2
Lzrman - 2
Michiel - 2
Robert - 2
Zel - 2
AJ - 1
Hobbie - 1
Tycho - 1

While he only scored (a pretty distant) third in points, Mashed Potatoes actually was the fastest draw in average: If he shot, he was quick.

The person shot out most (right after Greedo) was PV aka Michiel - and one of those shots was a L2. He earned that one by telling people not to shoot out Greedo, to give him a chance. Of course, he instantly changed his mind after having to log-on again ...

I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to our patient ISAgents, and a more regular one to all of the other Greedos.

~ Soka, Holodeck Events Team

PS: Instead of OTF holding a full memorial, please take a moment to remember Greedo over the next week. An hour or two per day should do.