Promotions/Awards for May 2018

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  • Posted By: Katrina (CL10)
  • Posted On: 2018-06-02 17:50:06
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The following officer has been promoted for the month of May 2018. Your records have been updated accordingly.


We have a special promotion this month, for one of our long-suffering ISA co-managers. Her constant efforts and great pains to keep everyone civil as well as her time spent on deliberating how best to gently approach people over issues do not go unrecognized. I believe it's been eleven years since her cl5, so toss a hearty congratulations her way for this well-deserved promotion.

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  • Senior Officer of the Month
    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes has been contributing a lot of work behind the scenes this month, and his superiors highly recommend him based on his patience and contributions. I've personally seen some of his work and he's highly deserving of this award.
  • Junior Officer of the Month
    Dr. Matt

    Matt's good-natured presence in chat has been very welcome, and he's stepped into his new departmental roles beautifully. ISA's kinder face is totally evident on him.
  • Unsung Hero

    Greedo's total patience and good-natured returns after being continually shot out during the recent event shone a spotlight on him as the obvious recipient of our Unsung Hero award this month.

Congratulations and thanks for your contributions to Outpost 10F! If you have questions, comments, complaints and/or compliments about this month's promotions, you may send a polite inquiry to Katrina:

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