21st Anniversary Schedule!

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Schedule of Events

Friday, August 24th
12:00 UTC"Kiss the Wookiee" Bullseye Contest BeginsCelebrations Team
21:30 UTCOTF Pub CrawlTanya
01:00 UTCStory Time: Reminisce About Most Definitely Totally Sober OTF TimesGeneral
Saturday, August 25th
16:00 UTCOpening SpeechesBridge Crew
16:30 UTC Awards and PromotionsTanya, Katrina
17:30 UTCGame of Rings and Doctor Trek Wars TriviaNavi
19:30 UTC GAEM (Offsite)Shuttle Bay Crew
Sunday, August 26th
19:00 UTCTriwizarding Armory Tournament (Wizards Duel, Whack-a-Death-Eater, Potions MakingNavi
21:00 UTCMadLibs Contest and Voting Booth ResultsNavi, Robert
21:30 UTCYearbook PresentationLzrman, Brent
22:00 UTCKiss the Wookiee Bullseye Contest ResultsCelebrations Team
22:30 UTC Closing Ceremony / House Cup Winners AnnouncedTanya, Katrina

All events are scheduled according to chat time, UTC. Please feel free to visit our handy dandy time zone converter to find out when these events will be happening in your time zone!

Happy 21st Birthday, OTF! Let's PARTY!

CL7 Navi
Holodeck Events Team Leader