Kiss The Wookiee

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  • Posted On: 2018-08-24 15:26:02
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We apologize for the delay in this announcement. Our announcement droid was overworked and needed to not only rest but refuel as well. Pesky droids. Anywhooo, on to the matter at hand!

During the anniversary the Kiss The Wookiee Bullseye Style contest will be taking place! Yay! Are you excited? I know I am!

What You Need To Know:
- During the anniversary mysterious guests will be showing up at random times.
- The mysterious guests will have a variety of requests for you. (You won't be just shooting them out.)
- The first person to achieve the guest's request? Gets the point!

An example of what to look for? Chewie logging in and asking for a kiss! The first person to kiss Chewie will get the point.

So get your armory ready, get your bar ready, and get your google ready because you never know what our guests will ask for! And keep your eyes open for one of our guests! (Also; have fun!)

Winners will be announced on Sunday as per the anniversary schedule!

CL6 Carol
Possibly the overworked droid.