Ridiculous Trivia Results

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  • Posted On: 2018-08-24 21:40:21
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Ridiculous Trivia Results

Hello all!

What an event! The Ridiculous, fill-in-the-blanks, Outpost Trivia had us all rolling in the aisles with laughter, thanks to the efforts of everyone who took part! It was a brilliant event, with some even more brilliant, witty, clever, and often border-line answers, and we learned about Guinan's varying pitch, how ISA relax after duty, and what the smudge marks on Tanya's windows really are!

The result was never really in doubt, and it was Michiel who triumphed by a comfortable margin in the end, picking up 12 points! Here's a full break-down of the final scores:

Michiel - 12
Navi - 8
Robert - 6
Tanya - 6
Carol - 5
Goose - 2
Elladora - 2
Ereldar - 2
Ray - 2
Naberrie - 1

Special Points!
Freudian Typo Point: Naberrie
Real Point: Robert
ISA Goldenboy Point: Goose
ComboPost: Michiel, Carol, Jess and Elladora!

Thank-you to all who took part, and congratulations to Michiel on the deserved victory!

Best regards,
Adge (CL9)
On Behalf of the Bridge Crew & the Anniversary Team!