Final House Points

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  • Posted By: Adge (CL9)
  • Posted On: 2018-08-27 20:46:42
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Final House Standings!

Hello all!

The dust has settled, the blaster marks painted over and the broken wands shipped off to Ollivander for repair - but now that all is said and done, which of our great houses emerged triumphant from the anniversary? Whose colours will adorn the cup this year....?

House Octavyan

Indeed, House Octavyan triumphed by a huge margin! Congratulations to all members of the house, and commiserations to the rest. The final House Points were as follows:

House Octavyan: 6195
House Iainclaw: 3330
House Andrador: 3120
House Sonatapuff: 2445
House Halthorin: 705

Thank-you for your participation during the anniversary! Once again, congratulations to the victors, commiserations to the others. Perhaps next year the cup will be wrested from the iron grip of House Octavyan?

Best regards,
Adge (CL9)
Navi (CL7)
On Behalf of the Bridge Crew & the Anniversary Team!