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  • Posted On: 2018-08-27 21:55:58
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Anniversary Promotions and Awards

Congratulations to everyone on the awards and promotions earned at the 21st Anniversary of Outpost10f! We are honoured to have you all among our membership and thank you for your countless chat hours and many contributions over the past year. Well done!

Select Medals

SciFiGuy, Arwen, Ruby, Kaela, Calminos, Jadzia Jaxx, Fail, Shaun, T'Pel, Ashley Hanson, 7of24, Mount_Dad, Korny, Max Elbert Meier III, JD, Elladora, Gates, Jade Dagger, Wildly Inappropriate, Shannon, Lexi, PR Moore, Sarek, Richard Smith, Bigbossman, Shaker

Ayanna, Dr. Matt, Goose, Starfinder Warp, Leslie, Dookie, Beth, Mitsky, Mela, Zildjian, DeBoe, Lzrman, Potatoes, Keith, Nathalie, Michiel, Missy, Deus

Thor, Robert, Soka, Thom, Navi, Carol, Ray, AJ, Alexis

Katrina, Tyler, Phoebe, Tanya

Senior Officer of the Month

Junior Officer of the Month
Dr. Matt

Unsung Hero

Outstanding Patron


The following members have been promoted for the month of August 2018. Your records have been updated accordingly.

To CL3

To CL5

To CL7

To CL8

To CL11

Congratulations and thanks to all of you for your contributions to Outpost 10F! If you have questions, comments, complaints and/or compliments about this month's promotions, you may send a polite inquiry to Command: Tanya & Katrina.

Tanya (CL12)
On behalf of the Executive Council