Mad Libs results!

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Mad Lib Results!

First, we want to thank everyone who submitted Mad Libs! Both Navi and I were, quite literally, cry-laughing at practically every single story. You all are too much. Without further ado, the final results!

Hobbie and the Mysterious Whiskey
Winner: T'Pel
Honorable Mentions: Michiel, Brent, Tycho, Jaime

The Tale of the Spookyfish
Winner: Pheebs
Honorable Mentions: Jadzia Jaxx, Carol, Soka

Katrina's Day Off
Winner: Brent
Honorable Mentions: AJ, Tanya

Andrew Maxwell's Fossil Hunt Adventure
Winner: Tanya
Honorable Mentions: Robert, Brent, Pheebs

Navi's First Day at Hogwarts
Winner: AJ
Honorable Mentions: Ray, Pheebs

Brent Performs at Mos Eisley Cantina
Winner: Brent
Honorable Mentions: Mela, AJ

Crunch Time at the Blue Report Headquarters
Winner: Jadzia Jaxx
Honorable Mentions: Pheebs, AJ, Carol

Pheeble aTemps to Write a Wrong
Winner: Katrina
Honorable Mentions: Soka, Pheebs, Ray

Congratulations to all of our winners! Truly, they were all incredible.
Thank you, everyone, for the laughs, and for a great Anniversary! Let's raise a glass to OTF! Cheers!

Brent & Navi
Your Mad Libs coordinators