Voting Booth Results!

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  • Posted On: 2018-08-28 20:42:38
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Voting Booth Results!

We had a grand time resurrecting this wonderful little thing from years past, and we had a nice assortment of winners this year! Granted, a couple of people seem to enjoy hoarding House Points Bullseye targets titles, but all in all, it was a pleasure to be able to recognize so many valued members of the Outpost with little community-determined accolades. Results are as follows!

Best Team Player: Tyler "Brent" Shadow
Biggest Chatterbox: Ashley Hanson
Biggest Flirt: Mela
Biggest Geek: Katrina
Biggest Lurker: Tycho
Biggest Sports Fan: Keith is brilliant
Hardest Worker: Soka
Least Likely to Be Promoted: Tanya
Most Argumentative: Mr. Numbahs
Most Comical: Adge
Most Helpful: Katrina
Most Likely to Be Shot Out: Lzrman
Most Likely to Meet IRL: Tyler "Brent" Shadow
Most Loved: Carol
Most Missed OTFer From the Past: Eagle
Most Political: Keith is brilliant
Most Sarcastic: Keith
Most Spontaneous: Michiel
Most Talented: Michiel
Most Trigger-Happy: Tyler "Brent" Shadow
Most Welcoming: Dr. Matt
Next Admiral: Tyler "Brent" Shadow
Strongest Leader: Hobbie
Biggest Contributor This Year: Carol
Biggest Contributor Over Ten Years Al

Thank you so much for all of your votes and all of your participation, and congratulations to all of the winners!

CL7 Navi
Holodeck Events Team Leader