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The initial intention was for this Trivia to be in THREE parts, but we had so much fun in today's round that we ended up finishing early. How embarrassing... Anyway...

Thank you for tuning in to the results of FOUR DOZEN EGGS Trivia, where that was *ahem* NOT an answer for ANY of the questions, thankyouverymuch.

This was a really fun way to have an event, as a greater amount of chatters were able to be involved due to the additional time frames! We had a staggering 16 participants! The first round over the weekend saw a five-way tie that Tanya finally broke, while Brent DOMINATED the silly playing field. However, the tables turned in round 2, as Leslie showed up with her encyclopedic Disney knowledge (including earning one point by shouting at me, apparently) and Robert put his current life skills to good use with a variety of dad jokes and took over the title. Also, Navi the oddly overenthusiastic host was a bit Oprah-like in her delivery of special points, so those in themselves have a winner (or two)! Results are as follows!


Leslie - 4
Carol - 3
Tanya - 3
T'Pel - 3
Brent - 3
Robert - 2


Robert - 12
Carol - 10
Brent - 9
Ray - 8
Mashed Potatoes - 7
Max - 5
Adge - 4
Tanya - 4
T'Pel - 4
Arwen - 3
Leslie - 3
Katrina - 2
Shaker - 1
Missy - 1
Senses - 1
Shannon - 1

Special Points:

Wrong Movie Points - Shaker
Rhyming Points - Brent and Carol
Keep it Clean Point - Robert
Tom Petty Points - Brent and Carol
Ass-Kissing Points - Adge and Carol
Too Soon Points - Brent, Carol, Robert, and Katrina
L2 Point - Adge
Nice Try Point - Ray
Four Dozen Eggs Points - Carol, Robert, and Brent
Spam Point - Brent
Inappropriate But Yes Please Point - Ray
Gassy Points - Tanya, Leslie, Carol, and Max

...and finally...
Host Fail Point - Navi

That's all for today! (I think that's enough, don't you?) Congratulations to Leslie and Robert for winning the event, and congratulations to Brent and Carol for being the Sideshow Winners, and stay tuned for the next event! We have some fun things in the works for Trivia and for HALLOWEEN!

CL7 Navi
Holodeck Events Team Leader