Guinan's Hat Draw

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  • Posted By: Tanya (CL12)
  • Posted On: 2018-09-08 18:26:35
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Guinan's Hat Draw

21st Anniversary Edition

Thank you everyone for coming to the 21st Anniversary. As a token of our appreciation, we had Guinan put the names of all attendees into her hat for a prize draw. These were our lucky winners...

Wrath of Khan postcard - AJ
Similitude postcard - Brent
Endgame postcard - Mashed Potatoes
In the Pale Moonlight postcard - Shaker
The Inner Light postcard - ScifiGuy
Lapis Lazuli pendant wrapped in gold wire,
made by Andrew Maxwell - Mela

Our team here evaluates our personnel every month, and promotes (and demotes) where necessary. They do their best, but are only human. Sometimes they might make mistakes or oversights. This is where Guinan comes in. She's been monitoring the chat rooms since 1997 and knows what's going on. -- Andrew Maxwell

Demotion - CL5 Shannon, now CL4 Shannon
Promotion - CL6 Carol, now CL7 Carol

Enjoy your prizes, everyone!