ST: Species Trivia Results

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  • Posted On: 2018-09-15 20:44:18
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A weary group of chatters settled in and began testing their knowledge of Star Trek Alien Species... With one tired host, one helpful score keeper, a server blep, and many laughs they sought the ultimate champion. Although many of the chatters had vast knowledge of Star Trek aliens a lone champion was crowned! Who dazzled us with their knowledge of Star Trek Species and who was that champion you ask? Why, these fine people...

Jade - 9
Robert - 6
Tanya - 3
John - 1

And with the help of many chatters we had a champion of hilarity helping to keep the search for our Star Trek Alien Species Genius light and funny! Thanks for the laughs guys!

AJ - 13
Tanya - 10
Jade - 10
Robert - 8
AJ's Brother - 6
Germ - 4
Arwen - 2
Ayanna - 2
T'Pel - 1
Thor - 1

A couple of special "special" points were handed out as well...
A Fifty Shades of -NO- Point to Jade and a Pumpkin Spice Point to Robert

A special thank you to Jessica for arranging this trivia and writing the questions/answers! Also a special thank you to Leslie for keeping track of the scores for me!

Thanks for attending!
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