Help Save Christmas!

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  • Posted By: Carol (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2018-11-26 13:22:15
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From December 1st to the 24th coming to a chat near you...
Stop The Grinch From Stealing Christmas!

The Grinch will be appearing in the chat to steal our Christmas! He’ll appear once, twice, maybe thrice a day. Oh no; what can be done to stop him you say? Worry not for there is not only one or two ways but three ways you can help save Christmas; hurray!

When The Grinch appears in chat there will be three ways you can collect a point. Please take note that there will be only one point given per person when The Grinch appears. So please don’t attempt to do all three ways to get all the points; let everyone have a chance.

How to Stop The Grinch:

1. Be the first person to shoot The Grinch out of the room.
(To stop him from taking your presents.)


2. Be the first person to order The Grinch a hot chocolate from the bar.
(It must be a hot chocolate in order to warm his cold heart.)


3. Be the first person to yell, “Merry Christmas Mr. Grinch!”
(To fill him with the Christmas spirit.)

Please be aware that even if The Grinch has been shot out you can still get the points for being the first person to order The Grinch a hot chocolate or yell Merry Christmas at him. But only if you're the first one to do either of those things. Remember though if you've already gotten a point for completing one action with The Grinch you cannot get any other points. Let everyone have a chance.

Once midnight strikes in the chat on December 24th The Grinch will disappear with all of our presents unless we can stop him. So ready your armory, get the marshmallows for the hot chocolate, and prepare to give a Christmas cheer! Otherwise The Grinch will steal Christmas.

The three winners will be announced on Dec 26th. Winners will receive a fun rank and award for their dossier!

CL7 Carol