Office Table Welcome to the Fleet Admiral 's Office. The Office is room 20 of deck 1, on Outpost 10F. Naturally, deck 1 is the command center of Outpost 10F. The Office of Fleet Admiral Piraeus serves as an auxiliary chat room where senior officers from both the Star Trek and Star Wars sides may gather to carry out meetings, seminiars, or even specialty functions. The large conference table situated in the middle of the room is ideal for such gatherings. The Outpost 10F Prime Directives still apply in the Office, so behave yourselves. And that means no stealing booze from the minibar, ripping fine leather or smashing expensive Ming vases!

Yes, the Fleet Admiral enjoys a high level of luxury. Who else deserves it more than the head of Outpost 10F? Note the fine leather furniture, decor and powerful SFC Command Computer. To enter the office simply fill out the login form below. Only senior officers are allowed access to this segment of Outpost 10F. (You must be a Lieutenant-Commander or above).

Ten Forward the interactive chatroom officially opened August 22 1997. Check out the credit file to view the specifics. We are always improving this site and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. User input has played a large role in producing what you see before you, so please take some time and let us know what you think. E-Mails can be sent to the Admirals, whos' address' may be found on the login.

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