Welcome The Rotarran

MartokQa'pla'! I am Chancellor Martok, leader of the Klingon High Council and commander of the Imperial Defense Force. The Rotarran was the first ship of the Rotarran class series, and many great deeds have been done with this glorious ship. Any topic is open for discussion, within reason - humans can be fragile! The Rotarran is currently docked at Outpost 10F, along with the Federation starship Enterprise and the Romulan vessel D'Deridex. Warriors are free to use the facilities of the Outpost and visit the other vessels.

Every member of Outpost 10F has a clearance level. If you decide to register you will be assigned a clearance level of two. You will have the same clearance level no matter which affiliation you choose. (You can participate in the chatroom without registering, but you will not have access to all of its special features.) As you become more involved in Outpost 10F's departments, activities and events, you will have the opportunity to gain higher clearance levels. The highest a crewmember may be promoted to is clearance level eleven. In order to become promoted you must prove yourself an honourable Klingon - exhibit good behavior, follow the Prime Directives (listed below), and be respectful of fellow officers. As you work your way up the rank ladder you will earn various privileges. These include general armory usage at clearance level four, HTML abilities at clearance level six, and special login features at clearance level seven.

Attacking Klingon FleetFeast and celebrate victories aboard the Rotarran, by ordering food and drinks for yourself and guests from our bar. Officers with a clearance level of four and above have access to our armory, brimming with various weapons. Some are used purely for entertainment, whilst others are used to remove any unwanted guests.

While we are docked here, we observe the rules of Outpost 10F, which are termed Prime Directives. The Outpost is a family-friendly, global community and these Directives are for the protection of all members. Uphold the honour of the Empire by doing your best to follow them, and feel free to ask another officer if there is something you don't understand.

Prime Directives

  1. The Outpost is an assembly of a diverse variety of individuals, with a large variance in cultures and lifestyles. However, everyone has in common his/her humanity.
    Practice the 3 R's :
    • Respect for others;
    • Respect for self;
    • Take Responsibility for your own actions.
  2. No excessive swearing is permitted.
  3. No sharing of command/clearance codes.
  4. No discrimination of any kind is allowed.
  5. No sexually suggestive material is permitted in any way, shape or form in the Outpost.
  6. No harassment of fellow officers of any kind is permitted.
  7. All work for and by OTF members is the property of Outpost 10F and cannot be used on any other site without the explicit written permission of the creator and Outpost 10F.
  8. No flooding of the chatboards, i.e. no repetitive posting of messages.
  9. No impersonating a fellow officer, either by misusing his/her handle, title or a combination thereof.
  10. Outpost 10F recognizes and guarantees the right of free speech to all it's chatroom visitors as long as their comments and statements abide by all the Prime Directives stated here.

A more detailed version of these directives can be found here.

I would like to introduce you to some of my honoured fellow officers that will assist you in getting acquainted with this ship and Outpost10F. The Sector Commander and Deputy Sector Commander are both here to oversee chat operations, coordinate promotions, assist with special projects, and be available to the members to address their concerns. Please feel free to contact them at any time with chatroom issues.

The Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA) is a group that helps in the chatroom in many ways. They keep us informed about the latest viruses, and remind members of the Prime Directives when necessary. While these members do carry phasers and are able to remove troublemakers in the various vessels, their main goal is to keep the Outpost safe and family-friendly.

Another team of people who are here to assist you are the members of the Welcome Committee. You will hear from one of them when you register, and their job in the chatrooms is to be available to assist you as you get used to our systems and functions.

Finally, may I suggest you check out the following links. These pages contain information that will help you understand our systems and structure.

The documentation site contains detailed information regarding various aspects of Outpost 10F. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, our tutorial fish, has some information about using the chat interface. You can also read detailed information about the role of promotions at Outpost 10F and use the Profile Management System to manage your member data and view your access rights.

By working as a team, the members of the alliance are able to share our thoughts, ideas, strategies, and abilities to accomplish more than each power could alone. It is this which makes Outpost 10F one of the most unique bases in the alpha and beta quadrants. Our enemies will tremble at the sight of our ships, when three great powers who were once bitter enemies now walk side by side to protect what we have all worked so hard to build!