Tiny Data Trivia Results!

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  • Posted On: 2018-04-13 19:35:55
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It has been some time, but in honor of the recent First Contact Day, we finally returned to our impromptu Tiny Trivias today for a fill-the-blank competition with some of our favorite Starfleet Android's quotes! If you missed this event, you REALLY missed out. Everyone brought their A-game to the Silly Point table, so much so that people who knew the right answers were DELAYING posting them to allow for more hilarity! I had to pretend to have coughing fits several times so no one would know I was splitting my sides laughing at work. AJ, Brent, and Tanya wrapped up the event with a three-way tie, resulting in the need for a tiebreaker, which Brent snagged, earning him the win! Amid the chaotic merriment and abundant laughter, Carol's clever and creative contributions rose above the rest, earning her the Wannabe title! Results are as follows!


Brent - 3
AJ - 2
Tanya - 2
Carol - 1
Tyler - 1


Carol - 6
AJ - 5
Ray - 5
Brent - 4
Deus - 3
Beth - 3
Mitsky - 2
Leslie - 2
Katrina - 2
Tanya - 1

Special Points:

SpoooookyPoints: Tyler - 3
Perseverance Point: Deus - 1
Wrong Genre Point: AJ - 1

We'll pop up again soon, but until then, make sure you stay tuned for more from the Holodeck, and be sure to stop by and check out the latest edition of the Blue Report!

CL7 Navi
Recurring Events Coordinator