Issue #101

Letter from The Editor [by Leslie]

Welcome to the 101st edition of the Blue Report, the official news source of Outpost 10F! This is the very first edition with both myself and Carol at the helm as co-editors and we are very excited to bring it to your screens! Although the layout of the Blue Report is back to the one used over 10 years ago, make no mistake, the content is new and interesting.

We have put a lot of work into making sure there is news relevant to the Outpost and the community it represents. With that in mind, I'm thrilled to say that several members have contributed to this edition. I'm also extremely proud to see that there will always be a strong community in the Outpost with members who are always willing to support each other and contribute to projects. After only being back for seven months, I'm honoured to be included in this community and also given a chance to work on the Blue Report, which has so many possibilities!

Here at the Blue Report, our goal is to provide you with information that is relevant and interesting. We hope to entertain you and give you something you look forward to reading once a month.

Thank you everyone for contributing to this issue and everyone for reading it.

Retrofit Underway: Interview with Our CiC & VC [by Carol]

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to do this small interview with me. I really appreciate it since I know you both have busy schedules. Shall we get started?

Click here to read what they have to say!
1. How are are you feeling since taking over command of OTF?

Tanya: It's different and the same all at once. It has taken a little getting used to, knowing that I am now the final word. I also have great assistance in my VC, so my position feels more relaxed now.

Katrina: A lot busier than I ever thought I would be. Hopeful for the future of our community, humbled by the incredible people I find myself surrounded by on a daily basis. Very, very grateful for this opportunity.

2. Did either of you ever imagine that you would be running OTF someday when you first started chatting here?

Tanya: Don't we all imagine it? I realized after a few months that it was not a particularly realistic goal. I thought maybe Sector Command would be a nice endgame. Then when I flopped as Project Manager I figured that would be my last departmental work here and I was satisfied to be CL6 forever. It really wasn't until I saw HAL and Iain stepping away from the work that I knew there was a void in Command which I could fill.

Katrina: There was no OTF when I first started chatting. We were just Ten Forward, and no, I didn't imagine I'd ever run anything at first. Alexis ran the CCC for some time after it opened, of course, and I remember how frustrated he'd be on a daily basis with the things that were taking up his time and wondering why anyone would do that on a voluntary basis. But these last few years have seemed like a steady, natural path to this place I find myself, and I don't regret it.

3. Do you have any particular hopes or dreams for OTF; especially with the retrofit underway?

Tanya: My dream is that we exist into the future, as a home for our members to come back to any time they would like. It's like a favourite pub that never gets torn down, and always has the same few people sitting at the bar. I hope that there will always be ways for members to add their own spark and talents to the community as well.

Katrina: My hope is that we are able to survive as a community and keep/maintain all the relationships that we've established, as well as perhaps introduce a few new ones into the mix. I hope for people to keep meeting up whenever they can, and to always have some fond memories of our little corner of the web.

4. What made you feel like the retrofit would be beneficial to OTF?

Tanya: We've had a great resurgence of interest in the Outpost from past members. We wanted to open the floor to everyone getting involved again. It also seemed a good time to take a look at what we really are all doing here, and where we're going with it.

Katrina: For some time, OTF has felt a little bit like too much work for many people, while some others were casting about for some way to contribute. We felt the original vision of community building perhaps got lost somewhere along the line. We felt re-establishing what we actually want out of OTF and its departments and making sure our leaders felt similarly would be important. Additionally, Tanya and I have been working very closely together and we thought that type of management relationship (managing together, not just a leader and an assistant) would be beneficial to other people as well.

5. Before starting the retrofit did either of you have any major concerns?

Tanya: Of course we did. I was mostly concerned about the feelings of members who had found their place in doing a particular job here. Everyone was doing their best with what we had been handed down, but it was time to go another direction and see what would happen.

Katrina: I was mostly concerned about hurting people's feelings and the way people would react. People tend to forget that this is a thing that happens, and that whatever structure we have is only to facilitate the community, not an end of its own.

6. How does it feel seeing old members return to the chat after very long absences?

Tanya: I love it. Every other week someone appears out of the woodwork, saying they've lost their command code and haven't logged in since 10 years ago or more. Whatever magnetic pull we have must be very strong.

Katrina: It's delightful, always. You always wonder at first if it's just a visit, but then sometimes it becomes something more, and you are able to perhaps form a new relationship with an established person, where your original tenures didn't line up properly but you have time now. The fact that this happens so often at OTF says something for our charm, I think.

7. What is your favourite thing about OTF?

Tanya: The chat crowd, and the sense of community. Many of us have been friends longer than with our 'real life' friends, and have been there for each other through all of our ups and downs over the last decade or two. We really have something special here, with our classic chat format, and culture of respect, that is hard to find elsewhere.

Katrina: I have a desperate soft spot for OTF because it's the reason I have literally everything I have (except all the stuff I had before 1998). My home, my family, my friends in California and around the world, my choice of career, my education. All of the things. So my favorite thing, I suppose, is that it exists and somehow draws such a geographically diverse group of geeks. And it has some kind of special magic staying power, or at least a small group of devoted people with soft spots. (Wait: the people. The people are my favorite. Obviously.)

8. If you could see anyone particular thing happen, regardless of how wild it might be, what would it be? (For example; OTF the tv series?)

Tanya: Our own colouring book. Oh, and it would be kinda wild if one of us won the lottery and organized a mega union with the winnings. Numbers may or may not have already floated this idea. ;)

Katrina: There was a time when we all joked about buying an island together and living there so we could see each other more often. I'm.. I'm not sure I still want an island (I'm very happy where I am) but something like that would be nice perhaps for everyone else who'd like it, and I can visit y'all on vacation.

9. Any last parting words for our readers?

Tanya: Thank you to everyone for your continued patronage in the chat, and for sticking with us through the retrofit.

Katrina: We don't have an outpost without our members. I want everyone reading this to know how much they're appreciated for taking the time to participate in the community - whether that's only for chatting (which is super important!) or if it's anything else.

Well that pretty much wraps it up! Thank you again for your time!

I hope that the Blue Report readers not only enjoyed this interview but found it informative. I know I certainly did. See you in chat!

Visions of The Future [by Leslie]

The last few months of Outpost 10F have been welcoming a new era spearheaded by CiC Tanya (CL12) and VC Katrina (CL10). As a result, several changes have been made to help build a stronger community. One major change was the complete retrofit of the departmental structure. Departments were given the chance for a fresh start with new leaders and an opportunity for people, new and old, to be able to contribute to the Outpost 10F community.

With the retrofit a new department was added, Bridge Operations Management (BOM Squad) being steered by Robert (CL7) and Thom (CL8).

It also saw classic departments come back with new names and determination such as Off-Site Operations now with the awesome name of the Shuttle Bay. At the controls are Brent (CL6) and Adge (CL9).

Of course there's the department in charge of the Blue Report, On-Site Operations, with a new spiffy name of the Holodeck. With Ray (CL9) and Carol (CL5) in charge.

You can't have a community full of people without some sort of security which brings us to Internal Security Administration (ISA). Being lead by Pheebs (CL5) and Tycho (CL7).

Most of these amazing people have taken some time out of their busy schedule to contribute to the Blue Report and let us know how they feel about their positions and where their departments are going.

Click here to see what our co-managers had to say. BOM Squad
I like my new position. I've spent a big chunk of my OTF Career managing folks via SM and AM and scattered TL positions. While a great learning experience there's always something else that can be learned. This new role I have in Bridge Crew is Bridge Operations Management. It's not department management but more of making myself open to direct assistance to the CiC/VC. Even the Co-Managers where possible.

The future? Honestly I think it's already here. For a long time the word "promotions" made any SM/Co-Manager and CiC/VC shudder because it's always been a sort of complicated thing where you need to check hours, entrances, departmental work, behavior in chat, ect ect and it can really be a mind-twister. I've taken it upon myself to work on that, hopefully help clear up the picture for the rest of the Bridge Crew and especially the CiC/VC so in the future those that really do deserve promotions that got caught in red tape or technicalities can still get their promotions.

Bridge Operations Management is very interesting and different. I get to work alongside CL8 Goose (Thom) and I'm loving it. We're working with the real nitty-gritty of OTF from my doing promotion details, he's working on documentation, and I really think from top to bottom within OTF we're really going to have a bright future here.
I love my new position. My big focus is on documentation. It's helping create a future for us so that when we're ready to hand down the outpost to the next generation, they don't need to reinvent the wheel. The larger vision for the BOM Squad is mostly about just making sure that if there's a gap, I can help fill it and make sure that we all play by the same rules from a leadership standpoint.
The Shuttle Bay
I feel it is a great opportunity to help shape the Outpost for the future, and to ensure the place remains fun and has something to offer for almost everyone. We want to keep things fun and casual, and ensure OTF remains a hobby and a place people want to visit, rather than a second job! For the department it self, it is much the same vision - somewhere fun, relaxed, where people can help out and hopefully have fun while doing so. With Social Media, we have Nathalie ably leading the marketing team, ensuring the OTF brand and image is promoted all over social media, helping to draw new people in to visit. Then we have the Gaming team, and while things are progressing at a slower pace, I am confident it'll become a team that offers fun and games for people to enjoy, and have a good time with their OTF friends! Maybe even make a few new ones?
The fun part about our department, The Shuttle Bay, is that our goal is to bring people to OTF, and then get them outside of OTF for games. In this day and age of internet everything and short attention spans, it presents a unique challenge in not only getting new members, but more importantly, retaining them. I'm glad to be able to be a part of trying to accomplish these lofty goals. I've been a member for a relatively short 15 years, and it's been an incredible opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. I just want to do whatever I can to make sure the old station stays around as long as possible.
The Holodeck
I'm excited to fill this new role and take on a larger part of daily chat life. It was honestly a shock to learn I was selected to co-manage The Holodeck (On-Site Operations at the time). But I do have some past leadership experience thankfully this isn't all new to me. As a co-manager what I would love to see The Holodeck be is fun, exciting, and fresh. With potential for new ideas and new events my goal is to merge them with older more popular events. As a co-manager it's my hope to give all of our department members an opportunity to put their talents to use. I'm sure it'll be a change for everyone with the retrofit of the departments but I'm optimistic that we'll succeed. And if we're lucky? We'll manage to entertain at least a few people in the process. I have nothing but hope for the shape of things to come.
My vision for the future is one where we are able to move beyond the specters of our past. Over the past few years, both the interest in and quality of content brought forward by our community have noticeably decreased, and the temptation to look back to earlier times with nostalgia is strong. It is my hope that the focus we are having with the Holodeck will help up move past that to a place where our members are enthusiastic about getting involved, and more importantly to them having a more enjoyable time among us!
It's a really exciting time for the Outpost! I'm honoured to be part of the team that is encouraging new voices to step forward and help to reinvigorate a community that means so much to many of us. It's inspiring to have a forward vision which recognises that OTF has become what it is due to the many different voices and points of view over time, and that we are strongest when the whole community is empowered and engaged. At the heart of it, we are changing the way ISA has been traditionally perceived: we're aiming for greater transparency and fostering kindness through having a present and engaged ISA team... More details will follow about how this is all going to work over the coming weeks! I will say though that in some ways it feels like we're able to give a more nuanced set of standards which will forge an inclusive and supportive future for a website community and the friendships behind it that we all, clearly, think are worth maintaining.

We really appreciate the time you took to let us know your thoughts, thank you!

Promotions and Awards [by Carol]

With another successful month under OTF's belt it's that time again to hand out promotions and awards! Were you excited? I know I was!

Congratulations to the following individuals for their promotions and awards!

CL2 to CL3:
S. aka Little Q
Moon_Child aka Rebel_Princess

Way to go guys! A job well done! How did they do it? By being themselves.

Top Geek:
Awarded for having the most chat hours! You little social butterfly you!

CL2 with Honors:
Awarded for being friendly and chatty and has integrated into our community so beautifully that everyone had a recommendation for him. A hearty congratulations to him for earning the coveted CL2 with honors award.

Senior Officer of the Month:
Tyler "Brent" Shadow
Awarded for handing out the best bribes...Just kidding! Tyler was given the award for stepping up to his new co-manager role brilliantly. His can-do attitude and friendliness to everyone is always noticed, as well as the continuous improvement efforts he has put into his department over the last month.

Junior Officer of the Month:
Nathalie received this award for all of her hard effort with Social Media. Everyone has seen it. She hit the ground running with social media and a lot of people were super impressed.

Unsung Hero:
Basically Al is awesome. Need I mention the Halloween Spookies? But sincerely Al earned this special award for being the unseen force behind many of our recent developments, always ready to spend more time on issues as they crop up. OTF appreciates the efforts!

Congratulations again to our newly promoted officers and the recipients of awards! You guys are all awesome. And just remember; getting promoted isn't everything. The key feature to OTF is fun!

If you have questions, comments, complaints and/or compliments about this month's promotions, you may send a polite inquiry to Katrina.

Interview With a Returning Admiral [by Carol]

Hello AJ! Welcome back to OTF! Thank you for taking a few minutes to sit down and do this interview with me. I really appreciate you taking the time. I'm sure our Blue Report readers do too! Which, speaking of the readers, shall we get started?

Click here to find out about AJ's return!
1. You've recently returned to OTF from a lengthy hiatus; what brought you back to the chat?

AJ: Good question, and one the deserves an inspirational answer about lost friendships and sense of community... sadly, while that naturally is the case (I did miss you guys, and it is fantastic being back), it wasn't my thought process at the time. Instead, I was sat at home, bored, and OTF popped into my head. I have no idea why. So, acting on impulse, I logged in. That was the 23rd February, and I've been back almost every day since!

2. Did anything in particular prompt you taking a break or did life just get busy?

AJ: I can't go into details, unfortunately. Suffice it to say, there was an incident that left an extremely bitter taste in the mouth. I decided to take a break at this time. I was also off at sea for months during these years, and the weeks turned to months, which turned to years.

3. Do you have any fond memories from your earlier OTF days that you would like to share?

AJ: I've been around the place (on-and-off ;) ) for 17 years, so the early memories are a little faded - but I do remember my first chat handle was Darth Nimson, and I was a simming noob!

I think the good memories start coming about 15 years ago. This was the time when people like Iain, Ray, Bria, Thor - and more! - joined, and these are people who I've met several times in that place we call 'real life', and forged life-long friendships with. With those people, there have been countless fantastic memories and chat sessions. I'll try and recall a select few good memories.

Back in about 2005, we had the Senate, and that was fantastic fun. Members like Ray, Bria, Queen Demon, Anthony, Mike - they made it a lot of fun, and we got a lot of good things done.

Being the Senior Manager of the old Entertainment department was also great. I stepped up after KC left, and without wanting to seem egotistical, those days were some of the department's best. I don't take credit for it - it was a case of "right place, right time" ;)

Then of course, there was my time cutting my teeth with Trivia. It was Trivia that really launched my "career", so I look back very fondly on those times.

Last - and easily best - of all was the London Union of 2010. A week of drinking and dancing with some extremely good friends. I'll treasure those memories as long as I live. The photos still make me laugh and smile to this day.

4. What is the biggest change you've noticed since coming back to the chat?

AJ: We have a new Commander-in-Chief! :D And the departmental reset, obviously. That excites me as it gives us a chance to leave a legacy at the Outpost.

But it's still weird ;)

5. Was there anything that you really missed about actively chatting at OTF?

AJ: The people. I know that is a cliched response, but it is true. As I said above, some of my best and closest friends would be Outpost members, and while we did keep in touch outside of the Outpost, it was never quite the same...

6. If you could invite anybody to the chat who would it be?

AJ: Mrs. Admiral. But she wouldn't.

7. Are there any old faces that you would like to see back at the chat?

AJ: Iain and Bria, definitely.

8. One last question; how loud does the wall usually get?

AJ: Like you WOULDN'T believe! :(

Thank you for your time AJ! I think that's it for now!

Thank you again for your time AJ! I certainly found your answers both interesting and entertaining; I'm sure the Blue Report readers did too. See you in chat!

Outpost 10F Pokemon Go Tips [by Katrina]

For all my Outpost 10F Pokemon Go players! We've developed into quite a fun subcommunity, and it's possible more people will decide to come along and play with us. I thought I'd compile a few tips for easy digestion with your breakfast, lunch, coffee, or whiskey. You do you, Trainers.

I have no need to reinvent the wheel, so I'll start you off with the excellent gamepress guide, and toss in a few of the tips I found most useful when starting my newer account around the middle of December, as a sort of tl;dr for anyone without the patience to read the full guide: Game Press Pokemon Go Starter Guide for New Trainers.

Click here to read the handy tips!
Tip #1: Don't power ANYTHING up until you're at least level 25. Rely on weather boosted pokemon with naturally high levels for your first forays into raids and gym battles. Evolve if you want, but don't spend your precious stardust. I can't imagine how much stardust I wasted powering up stupid pokemon because I had the candy.

Tip #2: Start curving your throws. All of your throws, every time. Watch YouTube videos if you have to. A good curveball can mean the difference between catching that 100% raid boss and not. (you don't want the not, it's awful)

Tip #3: Buddy up! Your Pokemon Go buddy should be a pokemon you need candy for, preferably one that is difficult to find in the wild. Difficulty in finding a particular pokemon is going to vary depending on your location, but I recommend you to start with something like Bagon, Beldum, Feebas, Ralts, Dratini. If you start seeing lots of any of those, switch your buddy.
The other part of tip #3 is - get someone to play with. It's much more fun painting the town red (or blue, or yellow) with a friend.

Tip #4: Mass evolve. Evolving a pokemon gets you 500 XP. Save your lucky eggs you get from leveling up. Hang on to tons of pokemon that are common and require few candies to evolve. Pidgey, caterpie, weedle, wurmple, sentret, rattatta. When you have 70 or so (and also enough candies) and your Pokemon Box is bursting, watch an episode of your favorite show , toss a lucky egg, and evolve the heck out of them. 70,000 xp IN THE BAG. You're welcome.

Tip #5: Pay attention to events. Pokemon Go has events running so often it's kind of insane. A double xp event, for example, is a perfect time to throw a lucky egg and mass evolve those pidgeys, weedles, caterpies and sentrets you were hoarding because of my last tip. You'll be to 30 in no time!

Tip #6: (I'm almost finished, I promise) Spend some of your downtime reading up on the game. This seems silly, but there's a lot to it and there's virtually no in-game explanations for anything. I think this may be my favorite part.

Tip #7: Communicate with other Pokemon Go players. Of course if you're at the Outpost, sharing your catches with us and so on, you're already off on the right foot. But you have players IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Find them! The best way to start is with discord. Facebook will often have groups for "[city] Pokemon Go" as well.

The silph road's discord server, for pokemon go research and related discussion: PoGo Research and Related Discussion Discord

I highly recommend you find a discord somewhat local to you, for coordinating raids with other local players. A good jumping off point to locate them is: Pokemon Go Community Map

Reddit will often have lists of area discords for Pokemon Go, as well. If you're like me, your first inclination is to shy away from the peopling. My best advice? Don't. Raiding with other Pokemon Go players is truly rewarding. You get a chance to catch a raid boss you couldn't have ever taken on your own, you get some great items, and you start to recognize people in your area on the street. Some of our neighborhood raiders have even become what I'd call my friends.

There are so many more tips, but I promised myself I'd stop at 7. Happy hunting, Trainers!

Fandom News From The Web [by Leslie]

With the infinite supply of information on the internet it can be time-consuming and tedious to go through everything in order to find fandom news that is interesting. To save her fellow chatters the nuisance, Missy (CL5) has tirelessly scoured the jungle of information to bring us several links that she knew would be worth reading for a variety of fandoms.

Warning: A couple of links provided may contain spoilers.

Click here for the links.

Sherlock 'not fun anymore' due to fan pressure says Martin Freeman

Infinity War trailer: Decoding All the References and Revelations

Porgs, Rose Tico, Luke Skywalker, and More Get animated for Star Wars Forces of Destiny

How Guardians of the Galaxy Actor Sean Gunn Became An MCU MVP

Critics Review of the New Tomb Raider Movie

The Big Bang Theory Cast Honor the Late Stephen Hawking

Infinity War is 'Mind-Blowingly Epic' Says Benedict Cumberbatch

Harry Potter Fans Spot A Potential Spoiler In the 'Grindelwald' Trailer

Conner Trinner Talks About "Enterprise" Cancellation & 'Brutal' Audition Process

Off-Post Gaming Team YouTube Channel [by AJ]

Hello, Outposters, from your Chief Co-Pilots down here in the Shuttle Bay!

One of the things we do down here (when we're not docking really, really, badly) is to try and encourage Gaming between friends at the Outpost. We're also providing coverage and reports on any multiplayer games that occur for those who weren't present at the time but who still have an interest.

Click here to learn more! To that end we have set up an official YouTube channel for the Outpost specifically for the Off-Post Gaming Team itself! The channel can be found by clicking here, it will be updated fairly regularly and will feature footage from a variety of games. Of course the footage was recorded outside of the Outpost and is thus not subject to the Prime Directives. Therefore, the content may be mature and/or graphic in nature, so this is a polite advisory to be prepared for that. Naturally the intention is not to offend!

Requests for future games are always welcome and we will try and action any that come our way; providing we have access to the title! Of course, we're also happy to accept any submissions that you may have from your own Off-Site adventures! Either can be forwarded at any time to either myself (Adge) or to Brent.

As you'll see there are only a handful of videos uploaded at the moment; we are going to be looking to press on and add more in the near future.

By capturing some of the best, funniest, and weirdest moments, we hope to showcase our talents - or rather, lack thereof - to not only fellow Outpost members but also to the internet on a whole. Who knows; we may even get a few people dropping by after they stumble on our channel? :D

We hope that you enjoy the videos we upload. We do ask for your support! So if you could like, comment and subscribe, it would benefit the channel massively!

You'll have to excuse me now, Ray has been cleared for final approach into the docking bay...

-CL9 Adge
Shuttle Bay Chief Co-Pilot

A Look at MLB's The Show 18 [by CTHuskyMan]

The wheeling-and-dealing of MLB's winter is over; another baseball season is right around the corner. Accordingly, another edition of "MLB The Show" is also drawing near. What changes has Sony made to the game this year, and what new features will be available?

Let's take a peek at the latest news from the digital diamond.

Click here to read more about the new MLB Game!
Leading off, the crew at San Diego Studios has done a great job of putting more legends into the game. The initial trailer has revealed the presence of many historic players. These include Babe Ruth, Vladimir Guerrero, and Lee Smith, just to name a few. Purists like myself will enjoy the return of key features like "Road To The Show", which Sony says has been expanded. And if you were frustrated with last season's game, you'll be ecstatic to hear that the game play engine has received a much needed overhaul. This will make for a much better and smoother gaming experience.

There were many standout players in MLB last season, but nobody had more of a breakout year than the Yanks' Aaron Judge. Judge crushed fifty-two homers last season, setting a new record for home runs by a rookie. Thus, he was the obvious choice to be the cover player for this year's offering. Judge was so hot that the Yankees had to make a new bleacher section at Yankee Stadium for him, which is called "the Judge's Chambers". This fan section, along with interesting parts of other stadiums, has been included in this season's game.

Among other features, Sony is touting the addition of more player home run animations. Additional game news is still to come, but there are rumors that this year's edition contains more classic stadiums, with the Kingdome possibly included.

Having described some new and exciting parts of this year's game, only one question still needs to be answered; how will you make yourself a legend this season? The standard edition of "MLB The Show 18" will be released, exclusively for the PS4 platform (sorry Xbox players!) on March 27th. "Gamestop" is currently advertising that the cost of the game will be about sixty dollars.

Now, can someone please get me "a hot dog and Cracker Jacks"?

- CTHuskyMan

First Contact Day QUIZ! [by Navi]

OTF's The Holodeck is proud to present...

On April 5, 2063, in Bozeman, Montana, Zefram Cochrane made (future) history by making Earth's first contact with an alien species, the Vulcans. In honor of this momentous event, the Holodeck invites you to find out which of the (mostly) honorable Federation starship Captains you are!

Take the quiz here!

Credit for this quiz goes to the OTF Retirement Home, where Sonata Form sits in his rocking chair and throws things at people.

Thoughts on Promotions from Your Favourite Bartender [by Guinan]

Y'know, the great thing about being an El-Aurian is that people sometimes forget we're around. I've been tending bar here for 20 years. Much longer than some of the other bartenders, to be sure. One of the things that I've been hearing a lot of lately is people talk about how they've wanted a promotion. As someone who's done a lot of listening and watching over the years, I thought I'd take a rare moment to submit an article to this Blue Report that I've been reading for years.

So, the thing that I've gleaned from watching young ensigns come through the doors of my bar is that promotions and awards were never really given to those who asked for it. Admirals Piraeus and Maxwell were never the sort to be impressed by fancy speeches or grand displays around my bar. Turns out the same has been true for other members of command as the years has gone on. Now, I have to tell you that the Bridge Crew was in here the other night playing a late night poker game and I overheard some very interesting things.

Turns out promotions at the junior ranks have been about being a glowing personality and spending time chatting with one another around this fine establishment. I overheard Ray comment on his promotion to CL3. "I had been coming for over a month but wasn't comfortable enough to do much more than say hi and lurk while watching other people interact up to that point. I didn't honestly think people even noticed me, this was the point where I realized that I actually belonged to the community and could maybe let go of my uncertainties and talk to people more."

Now, over the years, I've seen lots of people ascend past CL4 to CL5 and beyond. These promotions have been far trickier for people to nail down. It's largely about getting involved in the back end of things and participating in departments. Over the years, I've heard people lament the lack of skills or not being sure about how to participate. I've seen Lieutenants proclaim "CL4 4LYFE!" and be happy with their current level. For those who have wanted to achieve more, I've seen lots of departments lately put job offers on the updates board over in the corner. What I've noticed is that departments are willing to find a place for those who are genuinely interested in learning and growing their own skills.

After some hardwork and dedication, there some additional toys that come with the promotion to CL5. Robert found that out the hard way. "As a former lamer, my CL5 meant the most because it, meant I put my past behind me and was, looking forward to a better future with OTF." Shortly after he got the promotion, I remember the day that he decided to try out the armoury. Turns out that he misaligned his phaser beam and it ricocheted and knocked himself right out of Ten Forward. After he'd recovered and came back, Iain remarked that it was great that he had some entertainment.

My best advice for anyone who wants a shot at a promotion is to not really set it as your goal. For junior officers, come, drink and be merry. If nothing else, I'm always here. If your goal is to get past the CL4 and work towards attaining a senior officer promotion, join in with a department. Get involved. Help bring people into the Outpost or help run events to amuse your fellow participants or eventually, you might be able to apply to the ISA and help make our chatrooms safe. Whatever it is, find your joy. When you find joy in helping others, you might just earn yourself a promotion.

Whenever you hit a wall, don't be afraid to order from the bar. I'm always willing to listen.

We Want You: Departmental Help Wanted [by Leslie]

The Shuttle Bay
The Gaming Team is looking for applicants to fill the following positions:

Team Leader
Assistant Team Leader

You can apply for any of the above positions by emailing AJ and Brent. Ensure you include your chat handle and preferred method of contact in your email.

Should you wish you apply for a leadership role, also include the following information:

Position interested in
Any Relevant Experience
Statement of Interest

As either a Team Leader or member, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction and really make the Gaming Team flourish as we move forwards!

The Holodeck
Event Assistants.

Anyone wishing to be an Event Assistant may e-mail Ray and Carol.

Please include in the e-mail:

Your name
Dossier #
How you'd like to assist in events, i.e. writing questions, finding images for caption contests, hosting or assisting events, etc.

Blue Report Contributors

Anyone wishing to be a Blue Report Contributor may e-mail Carol and Leslie.

Please include in the e-mail:

Your name
Dossier #
Type of article(s) you would like to write

Note: There are no clearance level restrictions on any of the positions listed here and the application process is open to everyone that wishes!