Issue #103

Letter From The Editor [by Leslie]

Hola fellow chatters!
Please try to contain your excitement as you venture into the 103rd edition of the Blue Report! I do realize that it might be difficult as it seems that each edition just keeps getting better and better from the previous ones.

This edition has everything from an interview with ISA Co-Manager Pheeble aTemps to a poem from the one and only Groot. I'm thrilled to see how many members have contributed this month and I look forward to future involvement from everyone!

Well, no one came here to have me ramble on so I will keep this short and without further ado, welcome you to this month's edition of the Blue Report!

Promotions and Awards [by Carol]

And that is a wrap on the month of May! Woohoo! We did it everybody! To celebrate let's take a look at the promotions and awards for May...

Congratulations to the following individuals for their promotions and awards!

CL5 to CL6:
Pheeble aTemps of our long-suffering ISA co-managers. Her constant efforts and great pains to keep everyone civil as well as her time spent on deliberating how best to gently approach people over issues do not go unrecognized.

Congratulations from all of us at the Outpost Phoebe!

Senior Officer of the Month:
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes has been contributing a lot of work behind the scenes this month, and his superiors highly recommend him based on his patience and contributions.

Junior Officer of the Month:
Dr. Matt
Matt's good-natured presence in chat has been very welcome, and he's stepped into his new departmental roles beautifully. ISA's kinder face is totally evident on him.

Unsung Hero:
Greedo's total patience and good-natured returns after being continually shot out during the recent event shone a spotlight on him as the obvious recipient of our Unsung Hero award this month.

Congratulations again to our newly promoted officer and the recipients of awards! You guys are all awesome. And just remember; getting promoted isn't everything. The key feature to OTF is fun!

If you have questions, comments, complaints and/or compliments about this month's promotions, you may send a polite inquiry to Katrina.

Interview with One of The Heads of ISA [by Carol]

With summer coming everyone seems busier these days but I reached out to one of our most beloved chatters, Phoebe aka Pheeble aTemps, to see if she had a few minutes for an interview! Thankfully she did! So I took the opportunity to ask her some serious questions regarding life as one of the heads of ISA and few fun questions in general.

If you're interested to see what Phoebe had to say? Click here!
*ahem, uses official interviewer voice*

Hello Phoebe! Thank you so much for taking a few minutes out of your day to do this interview with me. I really appreciate it. I know everyone is certainly busy these days and I have no doubt that as one of the heads of ISA you are too!

So, my first question is, how are you liking your new role at the helm of ISA?

Phoebe: Honestly, it's been a learning curve, but I really am loving being in the half pipe! Although... what I didn't fully calculate is the onslaught of armory reports my email would get!! XD

2. What would you say has been the biggest learning curve to taking the role of department head in ISA?

Phoebe: Do you want the serious answer or the funny one? *lol*

3. Fair enough! So carrying on; when you first joined ISA did you ever anticipate being in charge of the department?

Phoebe: This is actually my second time around on the ISA roster... I remember the first time I joined which was back in the 2000s sometime, we had a whole bunch of officers who sorta must've been thinking "why the hell am I in ISA?" - we were young and often thought of as kinda rogue or left of centre officers (it was a fun roster at the time). At that time I thought it was hysterical they wanted me on the job, let alone ever have the audacity to think I could run the joint... This time around, I didn't think I'd be leading anything, in fact it took a few other people to push me to apply to really think I could bring anything of use. And yet, here I am!

4. Speaking of bringing anything of use to the table; you're one of the more "diplomatic/patient" ISA officers I've seen did you think your experience as an actor has been beneficial towards your time in ISA?

Phoebe: Ha! Um... I think time spent growing up in my family has made me a very diplomatic diplomat...

There’s one major advantage to online stuff - you don’t have to respond in the moment, and yet weirdly, we feel the pressure more to do so. I’ve found when I get in trouble on social media because I become a warrioring keyboard warrior, it’s usually because I haven’t taken the time to read or consider what the other person has said. I guess there’s a bit of a hangover in my head of ancient times in OTF when the chat didn’t automatically refresh and there was a waiting period to see responses, and the fact that I really admire and respect the community that I’ve been a part of for *ahem* 20 years this year, that I feel I owe people time and consideration...

On the other hand, interestingly, one of the things I’ve discovered in my acting training is that in real life I am deeply unsettled by the place that anger sits within me, and I don’t like it. Conflict ain’t my bag, at all.

5. If you could give one peace of advise to our chatters, in your role of co-head of ISA, what would you say?

Phoebe: "In the immortal words of the Buddha... don't be an ass-hat"

6. Do you feel like being one of the co-heads of ISA has made other chatters treat you differently?

Phoebe: Nah m8.

But, honestly, I think that comes down to how you wear whatever title you're given. If you go around thinking you're all that because you've got a role in an (awesome) online community, you're going to be treated differently because... well, you're likely being what the Buddha said not to be. I've always endeavoured to just be me in the room, and that means people are either fairly upfront that I am or am not someone's cup of tea - and hey, you can't please everyone. As long as we all treat each other like people, I'm good.

7. If you could have your own theme song play every time your enter the chat as a head of ISA (James Bond style and all) what song would you pick?

Phoebe: Oh my god... I'm so bad with pick-a-thing questions... ask Soka, my Kris Kringle questionnaire from last year was a nightmare! The intellectual in me says Jupiter by Holst... But I love The Smiths, and "This Charming Man" seems appropriate... and I had an argument with a teacher about whether "I'm a Cuckoo" by Belle and Sebastian was my soul song, and I realised much later I love "I'm going to go back there someday" by the muppets as like... one of my favourite songs... no wait! Can we make it Bjork's "It's all so quiet"?... Can I just have a jukebox set on random? *ahem* what do you think it should be?

8. You can absolutely have a jukebox! Which leads me to ask; if you could add one random thing to OTF what would it be?

Phoebe: Oh I think we all know I need a cupboard... *waggles brows*

9. Not a shoe rack? :D Or maybe that's just me... ;) Is there anybody in your offline life you'd like to introduce to OTF?

Phoebe: Well, I found otf through a real life friend when I was itty bitty...

I dunno. I don’t hide OTF from anyone these days, but I don’t know if there’s anyone I’d want to integrate either... I also wouldn’t stop anyone from joining, to be clear! I don’t know, I kinda feel there’s a way we’re called to these places and it becomes your thing - all the friends who were part of my real life who were part of OTF dropped outta OTF, and then outta my life too. The OTF community I know just keeps on giving!

10. One last questions; if you could have dinner with any eight people in the world who would you choose?

Phoebe: Oh my... such choices. Let me caveat by saying I'm terrible at these sorts of questions, and I love dinner parties and people and stories... so... like, on any given day this could change and, honestly, most days the answer would be "who are the eight people coming over?" But in aid of trying to answer a question properly:

One (which is pretty non-interesting to pretty much everyone besides me) is my father's father. I never got to meet him and I suspect he would have been an inspiration in my life if I had. Apparently we were quite similar, and he was a bit of a rogue agent in my dad's family one way or another, so I think that would be interesting. I don't know if he'd get along with the other people at my table, which this morning are:
Two, Galileo
Three, Rupi Kaur
Four, Elizabeth the First (although, I'm not a very good Protestant, so that might not work)
Five, Maya Angelou
Six, Jesus (I'd wanna hear his version of events)
Seven, Christopher Lee
Eight, I'm torn but... probably Dore Strauch.

I'm gonna stop fussing or this list will change again! =D

Dunno if that's enlightening or not. And probably is a terrible guest list, but it would keep me interested if nothing else.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions Phoebe!

Did you enjoy this interview? Who else would you like to see interviewed? Leave us a suggestion in the comments!

Oven Roasted Parmesan Potatoes [by Mashed Potato]

Image credited to here.

BBQ Season is Here!

It's summer time (well, in the Northern hemisphere anyways..). And that means, BBQ season has arrived! It's time to pull out those steaks, grab some propane, and make the neighborhood smell wonderful. But of course, you can't just eat a steak. You need a potato to go with it. No steak is complete without a potato. It's the law.

With the sun beating down, you don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen though. You need a quick side dish that tastes great, but doesn't take too much work to prepare.

That's where Oven Roasted Parmesan Potatoes come into play. Their quick and easy to make, and taste wonderful! They smell great too. You'll have your neighbours banging on your door, wanting to join in.

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley (Or 1 teaspoon dried)
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil (Or 1 teaspoon dried)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary (Or 1 teaspoon dried)
  • 4lbs (1.8kg) unpeeled red potatoes, cut in half
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

Cooking Instructions:
  1. Preheat your oven to 475F (245C).
  2. Combine everything, except the potatoes, in a large bowl. Add the potatoes, and toss until they're evenly coated. Place the potatoes in a single layer on a baking sheet or casserole dish.
  3. Roast in the oven for about 20 to 30 minutes, turning the potatoes half way through.
  4. Serve with your steak, and enjoy summer!

If you give this recipe a try? Let me know in the comments.

Avengers: Infinity War - Less Salty than Crait [by AJ]

The latest big hit at the box office, following The Last Jedi, was Marvel's latest offering from their universe: Avengers: Infinity War. I went to see this movie with some trepidation given how poorly I found The Last Jedi to be and was wondering whether I'd be leaving the cinema with another sour taste, or whether it would live up to expectations. Being grumpy (believe it or not), I fully expected it to be the former of the two outcomes.

Warning: There are spoilers under this link!

To say I was pleasantly surprise would be selling it short. I thought this movie was pretty damn good, with the myriad of characters brought in very nicely - handling that many big characters, each with their own movies and characterisations, isn't an easy thing to do, but this movie managed it. Of course, some characters were relatively minor and had small roles in the movie, but that was entirely unavoidable without making this a two- or even three-part movie. To handle the different personalities, traits and lore of all of these characters, and to by-and-large do it well, is a great testament to the directors, producers and script writers - kudos.

I greatly enjoyed the writing, too. The characters differing personalities were all on display; some of the dialogue was fantastic (the constant battle of ego between Iron Man/Tony Stark and Dr. Strange was particularly good, and provided some excellent humour points); and the writers managed to pull you in to a lot of the storylines that were going on. Thinking back, here's the ones that stood out for me:

Peter Parker/Tony Stark Fatherhood
The father-son surrogate relationship was clear, and the driving force behind both of the characters' desires to fill that void in their lives is well-established. I think this was handled very well and was believable, and when Peter Parker is erased from existence by Thanos, the heart-strings weren't untugged - the pain both Peter and Tony felt in that moment was real, and well executed.

Albeit brief, this left an impression throughout the movie. The brothers, now separated forever, with no regeneration possible to reunite them, especially after Thor had recently lost so much, was brutal, and Thor showed it. He wasn't the brash, confident, cocky God from the early movies. He was different, and the events at the start of the movies - and in movies past - were clearly affecting him. To see directors recall previous movies and plots is refreshing, especially after TLJ...

Vision/Scarlet Witch
This. This scene, when the Scarlet Witch does what she knows she must do, after battling against it, only to see the emotional strain, the pain, the heartache she put herself through to do it undone by Thanos, and to then see Thanos - quite literally - rip the essence of Vision's being from him, to cast his husk aside, was excellently executed. The build-up to her pivotal moment unfolds during the entire movie, and for her to subject herself to it, to put herself through it, only to have it all - literally - undone in such a way... it was very emotionally charged. I admit, I know little of Vision and Scarlet Witch, but even so, I was drawn in by that forest scene, I felt the emotion. I understood what it meant, and I could relate to her.

There are many, many points I loved about this movie, but I want to keep this some-what brief. To summarise it, this movie hit all the right notes. The characters were relatable, and that's despite being comicbook heroes. The writing, script and dialogue was brilliant and genuinely funny. There were so many subtle references, nuances and masterstrokes in direction that, if you spotted them, added so much depth and flavour to this movie. This film bucked the trend - it tore up the rule book and the good guys lost. Yes, an epic battle and struggle only to see the hero come through thanks to a gargantuan effort is good to watch and makes us feel good, but that's also predictable. To see a movie shun that, and to see superhuman beings and heroes literally fade into dust was... brilliant.

If you enjoyed this review and would like to see more reviews from AJ? Let him know in the comments!

Mouse-shaped Overlords [by Ray]

Image found here.

It is a period of civil war. Lucasfilm Ltd., now owned by the Walt Disney Company, has started releasing new Star Wars movies at a staggering rate, and the fans are divided over the results.

Among the criticism being leveled at these new mouse-shaped overlords, the treatment of beloved characters, the use of the franchise as a platform to advocate progressivism, an overreliance on humor and, last but not least, plot holes.

On the other side of the spectrum, fans will argue that they are getting new stories set in their favorite universe, that the movies are enjoyable, and that it provides them with new content to debate with their friends.

This article isn't intended to declare a winner, nor is it likely to convince anyone to change their opinion. Instead, the goal is to take a step back and analyze the validity of each of the concerns that have been raised as well as to, four movies and a tv show into this new era, attempt to figure out where we are and where this is all headed.

If you'd like to see what Ray has to say? Click here to read more!
  • Luke, Han, Leia
And to a slightly lesser extent, Ackbar, Nien Numb or Yoda. It can be difficult for us to accept the evolution of these characters and the perceived disrespectful way in which the series is moving away from them or mistreating them.

There are two ways to look at this. Fans feel very strongly about these characters and so many different stories have been written about their post Return of the Jedi lives over the past forty years that there was no way to keep everyone satisfied. From a more cynical perspective, it is also decidedly cheaper and easier for film makers to compose without having to deal with aging and influential actors.

Ultimately, while nostalgia prevails in making a large majority of us regret the fate of our favorite protagonists, pragmatism says it probably was inevitable. Sacrificing role model characters is also a recurring theme, just ask Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon or Yoda's force ghosts if you don't believe me.
  • Progressivism, or overcompensation?
While on the subject of change, many seem to feel that some messages are being shoved down their throat. Some disagree with them entirely and would prefer to see less diversity among the protagonists, while others would prefer it be introduced in a subtler, less overtly preachy fashion.

This one goes beyond Star Wars, as many recent Hollywood movies are being similarly accused of trying to moralize rather than entertain. From my perspective, I believe that recent events have clearly demonstrated that we do not live in a very accepting society, and if the film industry chooses to use its influence to help shape the younger generations into being more open minded, I am happy to support their goal.

It is also worth remembering that the original Star Wars movies featured women and aliens in positions of power within the Rebel Alliance, or that the most prominent human Jedi in the prequels was a person of color.
  • Jokes, jokes and more jokes
Laughter is a good thing, I don't think many would disagree with that statement. But some feel that the humor is a little forced or too pervasive and that it undercuts the gravity of certain scenes.

This is also not a new debate, the Ewoks and Jar Jar have similarly divided opinions in the past. Ultimately, how you feel about this particular piece of criticism tends to come down to whether or not you find the jokes funny.
  • Plot holes
On a far less subjective note, and I am not going to list them all here as plenty of websites have already done so, but the new movies like many major films especially ones involving such a far-ranging franchise feature their fair share of plot holes. As much as we may enjoy the movies otherwise, some of us have a hard time overlooking those. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope their script writers will put more of an effort on quality control in the future.

Star Wars has a very passionate franchise that welcomes debates and has always done so (to give a few examples: should the Ewoks have been able to defeat Imperial troops? Is Hayden Christensen the worst actor in the history of everything? Did Obi-Wan really become more powerful than Darth Vader could possibly imagine? Do parsecs measure time or distance? What even is a midichlorian?) and it is unlikely that we will all ever agree on everything.

However, while we may have differing viewpoints that we will continue debating among ourselves, there is one thing I hope we can all agree on: we will never get tired of more space scenes with John Williams' music playing in the background.

Article #1
Article #2

A lifetime of watching, reading and talking about Star Wars.

6 Easy Steps to Channeling Your Inner Han Solo [by Carol]

Solo A Star Wars story has officially hit cinemas as of May 25th! This isn't our first time seeing the suave Han Solo on our screens. Han Solo has been a prominent character featured in four Star Wars movies before now. Han Solo was originally played by Harrison Ford and now Alden Ehrenreich is taking on the role of everybody's favourite smuggler. But you don't have to be a famous actor to take on the role of Han Solo! In these 6 easy steps you can easily channel your inner Han Solo.

Click here to read 6 Easy Steps to Channeling Your Inner Han Solo!
Step 1: Get Yourself a Loyal Companion
Han Solo is pretty netorious for many things. His look, his style, and his ship to name a few. But he's also well known for his loyal companion Chewbacca. Chewbacca is his loyal furry companion that's always be his side. So finding a loyal companion or furry friend is the first step.

Step 2: Signature Look
Han Solo has a pretty signature look. It's simple but easily recognizable as his "style". The Han Solo look is a white shirt, dark vest, and knee high boots. Often, in the real world, this look is sported by many during the autumn (or fall for our American readers). On occassion though Han will change his signature look up by adding a jacket. So discovering your own signature look will get you through step two.

Step 3: Work That Smile
Han on more than one occassion has flashed a smile. His smile can be described as sly, charming, and mischevious. Regardless of how you would describe his smile Han Solo cleverly uses his smile as a weapon. He uses it to charm the ladies, to reassure his friends, and to make his enemies uncomfortable. So work that smile! It's one of your best assets.

Step 4: Memorable Catch Phrase
"I got a bad feeling about this." A line made memorable by Han Solo himself. Not only can Han Solo be heard saying this line couple of times in the movies but it is so popular that other characters have picked up the line and said it. Despite being said by other characters when you hear, "I got a bad feeling about this" you instantly think of Han Solo. So step four is finding your memborable catch phrase. It has to be something you've said on more than one occassion.

Step 5: Utilizie Your Sense of Humour
Han often finds himself in a situation where his sense of humour is tested. For example when Leia tells him she'd rather kiss a Wookiee than him? Han comes back with, "I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss!" Instead of getting angry Han came back with a hilarious and witty retort. Using your sense of humour during stressful situations will certainly help you channel your inner Solo.

Step 6: Do Everything with Confidence
One thing that Han Solo always has going for him is his confidence. Examples of Han Solo's confidence can be found throughout all of the movies. When Leia says, "I love you" to Han he comes back with "I know." When Han talks about his skills as a pilot he does it confidently. Even when he mentions the Millennium Falcon, "You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It's the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs." Confidence is Han Solo's strongest quality. So in our final step to channeling your inner Han Solo I suggest buckling your boots and standing tall! This will show the galaxy you've got buckets of confidence.

From one side of the galaxy to the next side channeling your inner Han Solo will get you far! It might even get you a princess/prince! Who is your loyal campanion; is it a friend or a furry friend? If you try one or more of these easy steps to channel your inner Han Solo let us know in the comments!

I Am Groot; A Poem by Groot [by Goose]

I am Groot by Groot.

I am Groot,
I am Groot.
I am Groooot,
I am Groot.

I am Groot,
I am Groot?
I am Groot,
I am Groot!!

I am Groot.

As transcribed by CL7 Goose.

Brooklyn 99: Why I Watch It [by Carol]

Have your ever been in the chat and seen other chatters exlaim, "NINE-NINE!"? Well if you have then you should know that is in reference to the show Brooklyn 99. The characters in the show can often be seen shouting "NINE-NINE!" with pride over their precinct. As fans, myself included, we do it too because we love Brooklyn 99. If you're interested in why I watch Brooklyn 99 please keep reading!

Click here to read more about the NINE-NINE love.
The biggest thing Brooklyn 99 has going for it is it's humor. It's hilarious. There are so many funny scenes, great one line jokes, and stories. There is hardly an episode where I don't laugh. You definitely have to have a slightly dirty mind to enjoy the jokes though.

All jokes aside Brooklyn 99 can be serious at times. It gets emotional. It gets real. The writers can be pretty clever at making the viewer feel angry or sad just seconds after happily laughing their faces off. Simply said; Brooklyn 99 may make you laugh but it does have a healthy balance between humour and serious.

It should also be noted that Brooklyn 99 does handle some real life issues. It tackles racism, homophobia, age and gender discrimination. It's not just solving case after case. It's about people and life in the world we know. So that means on occassion Brooklyn 99 will focus on things other than solving the current case. Between the humour and tackling these issues Brooklyn 99 stands out from other police shows.

Brooklyn 99 has a healthy cast with seven primary characters and a handful of reoccuring characters. Each character has their own unique qualities that make them relatable. Jake is the joker. Charles is the lovable best friend. Amy is the nerd. Gina is the sassy one. Rosa is the bad ass. And the characters go on. There are plenty of characters to relate to and trust me they are relatable! All of them are very well written and extremely easy to relate to on some level. For example; I relate to Amy Santiago and her love of organized binders. I'm a bit of a neatfreak and love organizing. And I relate to Jake because he uses humour as a defense mechanism.

At the end of the day the thing that I love the most about Brooklyn 99 is the relationships. These characters have friend, romantic, workplace, and mentor bonds. They aren't just a bunch of cops who work together. Jake and Charles are weird but loyal bestfriends. Captain Raymond Holt is a father figure to all of them. Gina is the crazy fun sister to everyone. Hitchcock and Scully are partners who have been together for over twenty years which have a relationship that covers a little bit of everything. And those are just a few of the relationship dynamics in the show.

Like every show on air Brooklyn 99 isn't for everyone but I do highly recommend it. Give it a chance. It may surprise you. If it's good enough for Mark Hamill surely it's worth trying.

Leave a comment and let me know if you already watch Brooklyn 99 or if you're giving it a chance!

Book Review: In Another World with My Smartphone [by Mashed Potato]

Image originally from here.

After God accidentally kills a 15 year old boy, the only way for God to make it up to Mochizuki Touya is to reincarnate him. The catch though? God can't bring him back to his old world. He can only bring Touya back in another world. A world with magic. Touya's one wish? To keep his smartphone.

Curious about the book? Want to know more? Click here!
This is a series of Japanese light novels written by Patora Fuyuhara and illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka. It's also been made into an anime series, and has a manga adaptation as well. There are currently twelve books in the series, however only seven at the moment have been translated into English. The anime series has one season, which covers the first three books. I'll be doing my best to review the series, without spoiling too much.

I was recommended to watch the series on Funimation, partly because it's fantasy, and because it's anime that's been dubbed. You don't need to read the show. So I gave it a try, and really enjoyed it, and wished that there was a season two out. So we decided to try reading the novels. And as always, they were better than the show. The show actually does a very good job of sticking to the books. They don't differ all that much. The books just go into more detail. It's a lot like the first four seasons of Game of Thrones. They follow the books very well, with the books giving more detail. I really wish Hollywood would do this more often.

Basically, God was playing around with lightening, and accidentally kills Touya. God feels quite bad about it, and so he has a meeting with the young man. He says he will bring Touya back to life. The only catch is, he can't bring him back to his own world. God can only bring him back to life in a different world, and asks the boy if he has any wishes. With the way the world is today, the boy of course wants to keep his smartphone. Who wouldn't? We're very attached to them these days. Everywhere you go, someone in playing on one. So, God agrees, and the boy finds himself on a new world, with his smartphone.

The world that he's transported to seems like Earth at first. Earth of the past though. Somewhere around the Middle Ages. He soon discovers that God has been a kind in other gifts as well. He's able to understand what people say. He can't read the language, but he's at least able to understand what people say. God also increased the boys memory, and reflexes, which comes in handy when it comes to going on adventures, and learning to read.

This is a world with magic. It helps to keep his phone charged, but he soon discovers that some people are able to use certain magic. There are seven different types of magic. Some people are able to use a couple different types. But he finds out that he can use all seven types. Something that no one is able to do. And he's able to enchant his phone with more magic. Which comes in handy as he, and the other characters, go on adventures to make money, and save people around the world.

Now because he can use so much different magic, it does almost make him God like. More so in the show than in the books. In the show, he's a little too powerful. The books at least describe his weaknesses better. That while he has a lot of mana, and can use pretty much any magic, some of his magic isn't quite as powerful as some of the other characters in the books. His lance spell for example. He can cast a lot more of them, but they aren't as strong as another characters. He's sometimes forced to ask other characters to give him a hand.

The books are a bit of a romantic comedy. They are quite funny, with some romance in there as well. Touya has quite a few girls that like him. It's a world where it's not uncommon for a guy to have several wives. Just as long as you can support them all, and make them all happy. The books can be slightly suggestive at times as well. There's some slime that eats clothing afterall. Though it does keep the books 14+.

The books also do a good job of making the women in the series strong. They are all strong characters, able to handle themselves. They are able to fight, both with magic, and physically, and don't rely on someone to protect them. This is a nice change where shows and books often only have one, or maybe two, strong female character. These books has at least ten so far.

Overall, I'm very much enjoying the series. I'm almost finished the sixth book, and can't wait to start the seventh. It looks like the eighth comes out sometime in June or July, and I'll be making sure to pick it up. I give the book 9 potatoes, out of 10. I drop one potato, just because at times, he seems a little too powerful, which makes some of the adventures a little too easy for him.

The author of this series wrote the books on a smartphone. So, in keeping with what the author did, this review was written on my smartphone as well.

If you enjoyed this book review and want to see more book reviews from Mashed Potatoes? Let him know in the comments!

Fandom News From The Web [by Leslie]

With everyone here having such varying interests and yet so many in common, I would be lying if I said the fandom news was a hard job. Finding links that at least one person might find interesting is quite easy. Honestly, the hardest part about this article is writing up a different introduction for the links so you don't have to deal with an obnoxious copy and paste job. That being said, Carol and I have compiled a list of links for your enjoyment.

Since spoilers suck, you're going to get warned twice that 90% of these links contain spoilers.

Yes, that is what we consider the first warning.

Warning: Most of these links contain spoilers!
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Inside 'Solo': A 'Star Wars' Story's Bumpy Ride to the Big Screen
The Official Star Wars Twitter Account Might Have Confirmed a Popular Solo Fan Theory
Why that Solo: A Star Wars Story cameo is the best thing in the movie
Is 'Solo' suffering from 'Star Wars' fatigue?
12 ways Solo changes the Star Wars Universe as we know it
'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Takes Some Inspiration from 'Game of Thrones' and Maisie Williams

The 50 Greatest Star Wars Moments, Ranked

Everything Else
5 futuristic Westworld technologies and when they’ll be a reality
'Westworld' Season 2 Is About to Get Good Now That You-Know-Who Is Back
'Star Trek: Discovery' Showrunners Drop Season 2 Hints
Game of Thrones is taking some extreme steps to avoid leaks this year
Daniel Portman tries to explain how Podrick Payne has lasted so long on Game of Thrones
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's Jeff Goldblum talks scientists, sequels, and Spielberg
Avengers: Infinity War Scene Explained
'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Everything You Need to Know
Terry Crews Talks Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cancellation and Pick Up

Help Wanted [by Leslie]

Do you love hanging out in the chat, but feel like you could be contributing to the community more? Then you've come to the right place for we have job openings that just might be the perfect fit for you!

The Shuttle Bay
The Gaming Team is looking for applicants to fill the following positions:

Team Leader
Assistant Team Leader

You can apply for any of the above positions by emailing AJ and Brent. Ensure you include your chat handle and preferred method of contact in your email.

Should you wish you apply for a leadership role, also include the following information:

Position interested in
Any Relevant Experience
Statement of Interest

As either a Team Leader or member, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction and really make the Gaming Team flourish as we move forwards!

Note: If you'd like to know more about the positions before applying to them? You can always email AJ and Brent! They'll welcome the inquiry.

The Holodeck

Blue Report Contributors

Anyone wishing to be a Blue Report Contributor may e-mail Carol and Leslie.

Please include in the e-mail:

Your name
Dossier #
Type of article(s) you would like to write

The deadline for any submissions to July's issue of The Blue Report is June 30th.

Fandom News Link Collector

Are you good at browsing through the net for news about your favorite fandom? Do you like to get the dirt on the next big game, movie, book, or television show coming out? Do you purposefully search for spoilers? If so? Then we have a job for you!

The Blue Report is looking for one person to collect links for our Fandom News From The Web article. All you have to do is collect any interesting news articles or video via their url and hand them in on the 30th of each month. If this sounds good to you please send an email to Carol and Leslie.

Please include in the email your handle, dossier number, your preferred method of contact, and if you'd like to contribute to anymore articles.