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Welcome to Outpost10F Do's and Don'ts Guide!

Here we attempt to answer that question that plagues any adventurous internet user, second only to the meaning of life...

What makes a good web site?

This is the focal point of this web site, providing tips, pointers, do's and indeed don'ts to creating your own web site from the ground up. The internet has provided an opportunity for millions of people to express themselves, make themselves seen, sharing and researching information and creating a global presense. Presentation in such situations begins to pay increasingly more important roles, and therefore the format in which you portray yourself online deserves attention, from online C.V.s to personal homepages about your favourite carrot. This site is more orientated to a lone web designer, instead of more official or more product-orientated web sites. Please refer to other resources such as the Website Design Methodology by Miguel Alvarez (based on the ideas from Interactivity by Design) as well as's suggestions and definitions.

This web site has been split into five steps from, planning to the final product. Each step can be accessible from the navigation bar at the start of the web page, or from the list below.

  • Planning
    Before typing a single character of html coding, assure your web site is well thought through.

  • Technical
    Assure that the coding in your web site is making it easy for your visitors and their browsers.

  • Style and Format
    Ascertain that your web site is as beautiful and as clear as it could be!

  • Checklist
    Check your web site against this checklist of major points.

  • Recommended Links
    Continue by looking through this collated set of links in supplement to those provided in each step.

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