Personnel List

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The following lists the current occupants of our chat rooms. Occupants are automatically added to this list whenever they enter a chat room, and are automatically deleted whenever they exit or timeout. A timeout occurs after 10 minutes of inactivity in the chat room. An Outpost 10F membership roster is also available for viewing.

Outpost 10F

RankHandleCLComm ID
Staaawwoors twivia mastahhTanya Last active 10 seconds ago(CL12)Jakku
Starfighter Wing CommanderRay Last active 36 seconds ago(CL9)his X-Wing
CaptainRobert Last active 2 minutes ago(CL7)Cellphone
Ewokian SmugglerSoka Last active 1 minutes ago(CL7)91.55.237
Lieutenant CommanderCleo Last active 1 minutes ago(CL5)Frontierland
Cadet of SanitationCarol Last active 16 seconds ago(CL4)Burning the Galaxy
Elven RangerLady Arwen of Imladris Last active 16 seconds ago(CL4)24.10.205
Acting Cadet Wannabe of SanitationLeslie Last active 8 seconds ago(CL4)a Magical Place
LieutenantMatt the Radar Technician Last active 35 seconds ago(CL4)Starkiller Base
Lieutenant JGJadzia Jaxx Last active 20 seconds ago(CL3)66.191.28
Number of current Outpost 10F chat occupants: 10