Personnel List

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The following lists the current occupants of our chat rooms. Occupants are automatically added to this list whenever they enter a chat room, and are automatically deleted whenever they exit or timeout. A timeout occurs after 10 minutes of inactivity in the chat room. An Outpost 10F membership roster is also available for viewing.

Outpost 10F

RankHandleCLComm ID
Queen of WinterfellTanya Idle for over 9 minutes (CL12)Winterfell
AdmiralRay Last active 2 minutes ago(CL9)the Chimaera
DroneStink Scrotecrester Last active 3 minutes ago(CL7)the cutting edge of protobutt
CommanderRooster Munching Spud Monster Last active 4 minutes ago(CL6)70.64.218
CivilianBrotein Shake Last active 2 minutes ago(CL5)7d93:5887
MadamSakura Idle for over 6 minutes (CL5)24.182.106
Number of current Outpost 10F chat occupants: 6