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MemberCurrent Status
Total Number of 0 member(s) with a clearance level of 12.
Total Number of 0 member(s) with a clearance level of 11.
Tanya (CL10)Active
Total Number of 1 member(s) with a clearance level of 10.
Al (CL9)Active
Dmitri (CL9)Active
Hobbie (CL9)Active
ohm (CL9)Active
Richard Smith (CL9)Active
Total Number of 5 member(s) with a clearance level of 9.
Eagle (CL8)Active
Majin Kaze (CL8)Active
Nobbe (CL8)Active
Robert Fox (CL8)Active
The Doctor (CL8)Active
Toddy (CL8)Active
XgermZ (CL8)Active
Zildjian (CL8)Active
Total Number of 8 member(s) with a clearance level of 8.
Data (CL7)Active
Demon Slayer (CL7)Active
Dookie (CL7)Active
Goose (CL7)Active
Grotesque (CL7)Active
Michiel (CL7)Active
Mr Numbahs (CL7)Active
Tierce (CL7)Active
Tommy (CL7)Active
Tycho (CL7)Active
Total Number of 10 member(s) with a clearance level of 7.
Ayanna (CL6)Active
Gates (CL6)Active
JD (CL6)Active
Lzrman (CL6)Active
Paulie (CL6)Active
Quark (CL6)Active
R. K. Wigal (CL6)Active
Richard (CL6)Active
Wedge Antilles (CL6)Active
Wildly Inappropriate (CL6)Active
Yala Brooks (CL6)Active
Total Number of 12 member(s) with a clearance level of 6.
Aaron (CL5)Active
Alex Telstar Rico (CL5)Active
Blink (CL5)Active
Cameron (CL5)Active
cliftonian (CL5)Active
Cyanide (CL5)Active
Darth Malum (CL5)Active
DeBoe (CL5)Active
Deus (CL5)Active
Fail (CL5)Active
Finn (CL5)Active
Gav (CL5)Active
Gentry (CL5)Active
Jade Dagger (CL5)Active
Keith is brilliant (CL5)Active
Mened (CL5)Active
Monkeymocker (CL5)Active
Party Watson (CL5)Active
Pheeble aTemps (CL5)Active
PR Moore (CL5)Active
Priscilla (CL5)Active
RAGE (CL5)Active
Sarek (CL5)Active
Shadow Jedi (CL5)Active
Shannon (CL5)Active
T'Pel Kestra (CL5)Active
Trekkey (CL5)Active
Total Number of 27 member(s) with a clearance level of 5.
7of24 (CL4)Active
Ashley Hanson (CL4)Active
Avalein (CL4)Active
Ben Warren (CL4)Active
Bond James Bond (CL4)Active
Calminos (CL4)Active
Cheezborger (CL4)Active
Cleo Soul (CL4)Active
CoolDude (CL4)Active
Coolhands (CL4)Active
Corran Rostek (CL4)Active
Darth Rancor (CL4)Active
Darth_Dad (CL4)Active
Dash Rendar (CL4)Active
Donatien Alphonse de Sade (CL4)Active
Dr. Matt (CL4)Active
Drone (CL4)Active
Elladora (CL4)Active
Floyd (CL4)Active
ForeveryourSJawa (CL4)Active
Freedon_Nadd (CL4)Active
Gab (CL4)Active
Geek Girl (CL4)On Leave
Globfly (CL4)Active
Godzilla (CL4)On Leave
Gorgrim Rukk (CL4)Active
Heart (CL4)Active
Intergalactic PsiGoth (CL4)Active
InuYasha (CL4)Active
Jaina Kenobi (CL4)Active
Jaina12 (CL4)Active
Jasmine (CL4)Active
jediwannabe (CL4)Active
Julian Subatoi Bashir (CL4)Active
Kovac (CL4)Active
Lars (CL4)Active
Lydia Skywalker (CL4)Active
Mackenzie Soul (CL4)Active
Macros (CL4)Active
Maella Lee (CL4)Active
McGrath (CL4)Active
merc (CL4)Active
Montag (CL4)Active
NIP (CL4)Active
Oel Jiggs (CL4)Active
Paradox (CL4)Active
Phantom (CL4)Active
Phoenix (CL4)Active
Raei Ven (CL4)Active
Rain (CL4)Active
Rick Hunter (CL4)Active
Robert Milton (CL4)Active
Rubycc13 (CL4)Active
Sam (CL4)Active
Sarna (CL4)Active
SciFiGuy80 (CL4)Active
Sevvieeeee (CL4)Active
Sezrin (CL4)Active
Shaun (CL4)Active
Sirch (CL4)Active
Sloane (CL4)Active
Spoonster (CL4)Active
T'Pec Sielu (CL4)Active
Tara2008 (CL4)Active
The Crow (CL4)Active
Tiffany Macintosh (CL4)Active
TrekJABBER (CL4)Active
Ttomak (CL4)Active
Xemxija (CL4)Active
Yihsojae_MarkA (CL4)Active
zel (CL4)Active
Total Number of 72 member(s) with a clearance level of 4.
Cad Bane (CL3)Active
Crowborn (CL3)Active
Dengar (CL3)Active
Hawke (CL3)Active
Helen Mitchell (CL3)Active
honeybunchesofdeath (CL3)Active
jadziajax (CL3)Active
James Madigan (CL3)Active
Jean-Luc Atreyu (CL3)Active
Kim (CL3)Active
MadMax@Flak35 (CL3)Active
Mar2vin (CL3)Active
Marian Brill (CL3)Active
November (CL3)Active
Nunchakotay (CL3)Active
OMG, It's Aaron! (CL3)Active
Praetor1 (CL3)Active
Stavro (CL3)Active
Wilddog73 (CL3)Active
Total Number of 20 member(s) with a clearance level of 3.
3/3 (CL2)Active
AliceCatt (CL2)Active
Aruun Salvo (CL2)Active
biscuitbum (CL2)Active
Blazer (CL2)Active
Bonnie (CL2)Active
Ching Chang the jedi (CL2)Active
chndaytn5 (CL2)Active
CTHuskyMan (CL2)Active
Dannal J. Scareth (CL2)Active
Darik The Mean (CL2)Active
Darth Karis (CL2)Active
Darth Kharin (CL2)Active
Darth Niloc (CL2)Active
Darth Penurious (CL2)Active
DarthStarbuck (CL2)Active
DesiccatorMagic (CL2)Active
diego (CL2)Active
Donutonut (CL2)Active
Ereldarlintindal (CL2)Active
fn8t (CL2)Active
frodope (CL2)Active
hunter80 (CL2)Active
jadenyugi (CL2)Active
Jedistamm676 (CL2)Active
Joanne (CL2)Active
JonSa (CL2)Active
LieutenantBrown (CL2)Active
ltcmdrsatori (CL2)Active
Marydltr (CL2)Active
MaryJanesGalaxy (CL2)Active
msp2887 (CL2)Active
Obi Wan Kenobi (CL2)Active
Old_Ben_Kenobo (CL2)Active
pradox (CL2)Active
Random Dent (CL2)Active
Reaper666 (CL2)Active
Revan91 (CL2)Active
Rhiannon (CL2)Active
S23Baker (CL2)Active
Slavehawk (CL2)Active
Starlet (CL2)Active
StealthKitty (CL2)Active
takodana91 (CL2)Active
Tarkin (CL2)Active
The Godfather (CL2)Active
The Warchild, Daye Van Dayne (CL2)Active
TheGeedess (CL2)Active
Tressa (CL2)Active
Vekma Chekov (CL2)Active
Vista (CL2)Active
Watto (CL2)Active
William_Riker (CL2)Active
Worf_Master (CL2)Active
WulfPack (CL2)Active
Zikuc Yglu (CL2)Active
zztop (CL2)Active
\/\/olf Pack (CL2)Active
Total Number of 59 member(s) with a clearance level of 2.
Total Number of 214 members with a clearance level of at least 2 given search criteria