Bridge Crew

The Bridge Crew is responsible for all high level decision making and strategy planning.

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Group TypeCouncil


Commander-in-Chief Tanya (CL12)
Vice-Commander Katrina (CL11)
System Administrator Iain (CL12)
ISA Director Pheeble aTemps (CL6)
Entertainment Senior ManagerN/A
Development Director Al (CL10)
Communications Senior ManagerN/A
Chief Shuttle Bay Co-Pilot Tyler 'Brent' Shadow (CL8)


Daecrist (CL12)N/AExtended Leave
Iain (CL12)iain@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Tanya (CL12)tanneffel@gmail.comActive
Katrina (CL11)katrina@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Al (CL10)athos@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Adge (CL9)andrew.cardall@gmail.comActive
Hobbie (CL9)hobbie@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Tycho (CL8)tycho@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Tyler 'Brent' Shadow (CL8)shadow_jedi@outpost10f.comActive
Carol (CL7)carol@outpost10f.comRetired
Pheeble aTemps (CL6) Leave


No Projects Present

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