Executives Emeriti

The few, the great, the good. These officers are those who in days of yore led and shaped the Outpost at some point in time. They are placed here as a token of thanks to the work they put in over many many years of service, and may we wish them a peaceful - lamer free - retirement

Group URLN/A
Group TypeCouncil


Former Commander-in-Chief Andrew Maxwell (CL12)
Former Vice Commander Crazy Texan (CL10)
Former Quadrant Commander Hongjun (CL9)
Former InDev Director Jon (CL9)
Former Fleet Admiral Octavius Piraeus (CL12)


Andrew Maxwell (CL12)maxwell@outpost10f.comActive
Daecrist (CL12)N/AExtended Leave
Octavius Piraeus (CL12)piraeus@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Crazy Texan (CL10)crazytexan@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Hongjun (CL9)Hongjun@outpost10f.comExtended Leave
Jon (CL9)jon@outpost10f.comActive
ohm (CL9)ohm@outpost10f.comActive
Richard Smith (CL9)Richard_Smith@Outpost10f.comActive


No Projects Present

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