Armory guidelines

Outpost 10F is a family friendly site and we are proud of the general good atmosphere in our chat rooms. The basic principles by which this community works are written down in our prime directives. Unfortunately, the Internet can sometimes be a rough place and it is necessary to enforce these basic rules in our chat rooms. This prevents the community from taking any harm when certain individuals have a "bad day".

The armory is a collection of several functions that control access to the chat rooms and other areas of Outpost 10F. Depending on the gravity of the situation it may be necessary to either warn a troublemaker about his behaviour, remove him or her from the chat or ban him or her from Outpost 10F for a longer period of time. The armory is there to do just that and more. The armory functions an officer has access to usually depend directly on the rank they hold in the chat, but there are exceptions: the ISA department is a specially designated group of officers who have made it their primary task to protect our good chat environment and they usually have access to higher level armory functions. Of course, every senior officer takes it as part of his or her responsibility to work along with ISA for the better of the chat.


With each promotion an officer is granted a higher level of access to the armory thus holding more and more power in the chat. It is fundamental that everyone understands that every officer is expected to use this power wisely and only when absolutely necessary. No one is above the law. Abuse will not be tolerated!

The following list lines out the basic rules about when and how to use the armory: A more detailed protocol of armory procedures is available on the ISA homepage.


Armory access is split into several levels. Having access to a certain level includes access to all previous ones. If an officer does not have appropriate access to efficiently handle the situation at hand, he or she is encouraged to ask any, more senior officer for assistance. The levels are as follows:

Armory Level Required Rank / CL Functions
Level I Lieutenant / CL 4 Body Functions: Using this function one may kick, punch, moon, tickle, poke, kiss, and hug a violator (in addition to several other modes).
Custom Throw: This function enables one to throw an item at a particular individual. It will only print a message to the chatboard.
Level One Phaser / Blaster / Sword: Simply prints a message on the chat board stating that someone stunned another with a level one phaser.
Level II Lieutenant Commander / CL 5 Level Two Phaser / Blaster / Sword: Bumps a user from the chatroom and posts a message on the chat board.
Level III Commander / CL 6 Level Three Phaser / Blaster / Isildur's Blade: Bumps a user from the chatroom, bans their IP address, and posts a message on the chat board.
External Security: Bans an IP address even if it is not currently used in the chat.
Level IV Captain / CL 7 Level Four Phaser / Blaster / Isildur's Blade : Bumps a user from the chatroom, bans their IP address, bans their handle, and posts a message on the chat board.
Level V Commodore / CL 8 Tetryon Pulse Emitter: Bans a violator's server from entry.
Level VI Rear Admiral / CL 9 Level Five Phaser / Blaster (Overload) / Fire of Orthanc: Removes all users from a chat room.

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