Getting Started

Outpost 10F Forums

This document has been created to help people be able to understand and use the web forums system at Outpost 10F.

The following areas are covered in this document:

Clickable Smileys

When composing a message, the smileys table to the left of the text box allows you to visually select smileys that you would like to include in your message. Clicking on a smiley will add the appropriate text to your message. You can also type your smileys manually. Either way, they will be replaced with the appropriate graphic when your message is posted.


The OTF Forums cookie stores information about which posts you have read, when your last visit took place and what your last action was. You can flush this cookie by pressing the link at the bottom of the main page. You can also mark all unread posts as read.

Editing Your Posts

If you make a mistake and wish to change your message after you have posted it, simply find your post in the topic where you posted it. Your post should have "Edit" and "Delete" buttons in the top right corner. You can change the content of your message of delete it entirely. Moderators/Administrators can edit or delete everyone's messages.

Logging In

When you visit Outpost 10f Forums, you will be prompted to log in. The login form will ask you for your username and command code (which you received upon registration). This will allow you access to your members account and you will be allowed to post.

Logging Out

Before you leave the board, you should log out. This will terminate your session and remove the member ID and password cookies from your computer. We recommend you do this if you are using a shared computer.


A user can only vote once per poll. Simply click on the radio button of your choice and press the 'Vote' button found underneath the poll choices. Your vote will be added immediately. Only designated users (such as administrators) can start new polls.


Posting refers to either starting a new topic of conversation, or replying to an existing topic of conversation. To reply, simply click on the 'add new reply' button at the top of the page. To add a topic, click the "new topic" button instead. Once you have written your message you can either post it right away or preview it to see how it will look. If you get an error informing you that you cannot post in that forum, then check to make sure you are allowed to post in the forum you have selected.

Printing a Topic

The "Print this topic' link will display a printer friendly version of the topic suitable for printing. The link can be found at the bottom of each topic.

Priority Icons

When posting a message, you should select a priority icon for your post. The icon should reflect the intended genre of your message (Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings badges), the urgency of your message (green to red OTF icons) or a special event (the birthday cake). This can help other users quickly identify the content of your post.

Quoting a Post

Every post on the board has a button in the top right corner labeled "Quote". Clicking on this button will allow you to reply quoting part or all of the original message. The message text appears in a box just below the bow where you compose your own message. When you post your new message, the original message (or portion of) which you specified will appear also.

Restricted Forums

Some areas, like the Gossip Forums, are read-only. All board users read the content but only the forum moderator can add content. Other areas, such as the Unions Forum, are topic moderated. This means that topics must be started by the moderator. After a topic is started, anyone can add replies. This allows the moderator to keep the conversation well directed.


The OTF Forums are subject to the same Prime Directives which apply to the rest of the chats. In addition, please do not use the forums as a method for messaging or chatting to other users. Instead, use one of our designated chatrooms.


The Ikonboard system employed by OTF Forums includes a powerful search feature which allows users to quickly find posts based on defined criteria. You can search either for specific usernames or keywords. You can also define which forums you would like to search in. Clicking on the "New Posts" link instantly returns search results for the newest posts at OTF Forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't get the Vulcan :| smiley to work. What's wrong?

    The OTF Forums system uses the "|" character internally and doesn't accept it being used in smileys. While in the Forums, use :V to get the Vulcan smiley.

  2. The Outpost icons next to the forums on the main page change color. Why?

    If you take a look at the key at the bottom of the Forums main page, you'll notice that the different icons represent which forums have unread posts in them. The icons are also used to represent special forums states (such as closed).

  3. Why can't I post in *blah* forum?

    Not all the forums are accessible to all users. Check to see if you are posting in a Restricted Forum.

  4. When I preview my post, the HTML entered turns into weird code. What gives?

    When previewing, Ikonboard automatically converts HTML into iB code, which it uses to handle HTML internally. This is normal, and nothing can be done about this. If you want to edit your HTML after previewing, copy your message before you preview it and paste it back in afterwards.

  5. Why can't I create a poll?

    Only Administrators and other selected personnel can create forum polls. For the moment we have no intention of changing this.

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