Internal Promotion Standards

To ensure our promotion lists both are fair and consistent, the following internal promotion standards have been assembled. We require that Sector Commanders use these standards when assembling their preliminary promotion lists.

The following areas are covered in this document:

Promotion Duties

  1. Sector Commanders collect promotion recommendations from departmental executive and senior staff in their sector via the best way they feel is possible. Eventually this process will be automated through the implementation of a site wide promotion system, however, for the time being it will have to be done manually.
  2. Sector Commanders assemble the preliminary list based on the recommendations received. The preliminary list will contain the names of all officers who a) have completed their required term, b) have received the required amount of recommendations, and c) have in the mind of the Sector Commander demonstrated the required action attributes. Please limit this list to simply the names of those who have passed these criteria. Number of recommendations received, or the people who submitted recommendations are not required.
  3. Once the Sector Commanders have assembled their lists, they need to forward them to the Quadrant Commander. The QC will review the list and if there are no concerns, forward it on to the Vice-Commander and Commander-in-Chief for final approval.
  4. Once approved, the Sector Commanders will post their respective promotion lists on the departmental updates board.
  5. Command codes will be upgraded and/or created and mailed to those promoted from Ensign / CL2 to Lieutenant JG / CL3.

Required Terms

Officers must complete standard rank terms before they can be considered for a promotion and placement on the preliminary list. Despite the number of recommendations they receive, the time period below is required:

Ensign / CL2 to Lieutenant JG / CL3 1 month
Lieutenant JG / CL3 to Lieutenant / CL4 2 months
Lieutenant / CL4 to Lieutenant Commander / CL5 4 months
Lieutenant Commander / CL5 to Commander / CL6 4 months
Commander / CL6 to Captain / CL7 6 months
Captain / CL7 to Commodore / CL8 8 months

The only exception to this rule is if the Commander-in-Chief recommends someone for a promotion; remember the Commander-in-Chief can promote officers at any time and for whatever reason.

Required Recommendation Requests

Officers must receive the following number and types of recommendation requests before they can be placed on the preliminary list for a promotion to a given rank:
Ensign / CL2 to Lieutenant JG / CL3 at least 2
Lieutenant JG / CL3 to Lieutenant / CL4 at least 2
Lieutenant / CL4 to Lieutenant Commander / CL5 1 from respective senior manager
Lieutenant Commander / CL5 to Commander / CL6 1 from respective senior manager
Commander / CL6 to Captain / CL7 1 from respective sector commander, 1 from respective senior manager
Captain / CL7 to Commodore / CL8 1 from Admiral

Officers on the preliminary list must past the following criteria in the mind of the Sector Commander:

Attributes for a Junior Promotion

In order to become promoted to a junior rank you must abide by the following criteria:

  1. You must exhibit respect and tolerance of all fellow officers.
  2. You must visit the chatrooms on a regular basis.
  3. You must be honest and help maintain the well being of the chat.
Note that one can be promoted to junior rank in the Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings genres.

Attributes for a Senior Promotion

To be promoted to a senior rank you must be actively involved in the day to day operations of Outpost 10F. This constitutes as departmental work, impeccable conduct and a good relationship with command staff. Regular attendance and good behaviour are no longer the sole requirements for a promotion; you must show your leadership skills and the ability to work in a team environment. You must also show competence in the handling of all emergency situations - your performance will be evaluated during such situations.

Senior ranks are not easy to earn. We are quite particular when it comes to issuing such promotions as a great deal of responsibility is associated with the rank. Senior officers are the ones who lead departmental efforts and projects; they are expected to be community leaders and organizers. For this reason not everyone will earn a senior rank. Only those who have worked hard and have had results to show for their efforts will be considered. If you visit the chatrooms on a regular basis, are friendly and respect the rules but don't fulfill the above requirements, the highest rank you will be able to achieve is Lieutenant / CL4.

Also note:

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