Getting Started

Welcome to Outpost 10F!

Outpost 10F is a large community with its own spirit and atmosphere. This getting started document will help you learn the basics. To add, longtime members in chat are almost always willing to help a newcomer and to answer questions.

The following areas are covered in this document:

Brief Description

Outpost 10F: Outpost 10F is a diverse online community of members who enjoy various Science Fiction and Fantasy media. Since 1997, the Outpost's primary goal is to bring together the efforts, creativity, and enthusiasm of science fiction/fantasy fans from all over the world. Through participation, teamwork, and unique member talents, this site seeks to provide an environment similar to that idealized in many of the shows and movies we love so much. Our main goal is providing a means of communication between fans. Each of our chat themes hosts an array of functions intended to provide our visitors and members with an enjoyable environment.

Chat Options

Outpost 10F consists of multiple "chat themes" based on sci-fi and fantasy genres. Star Trek has three themes, with its main chat Ten Forward, the Romulan chat D'Deridex and Klingon chat, the Rotarran. Then there's Star Wars, with the Cloud City Cantina, the Lord of the Rings theme Minas Tirith, a Game of Thrones chat theme named King's Landing and a Doctor Who one known as the B.A.R.D.I.S. All themes lead to the same chat room where people with related sci-fi/fantasy interests will be chatting!

Other possibilities: Departments

Although many people are completely satisfied with talking to other fans in the chatrooms, personnel also have the opportunity to join organized work teams called departments and assist with creating and managing various projects relevant to the focus of the community. Such projects are a great opportunity for those who would like to showcase their creative talents and abilities. One such example would be our regular trivia competition. To learn more about the Departments, check the Department Information Page.


Outpost 10F has a ranking system. Every chatroom has its own ranks and insignia. The ranking system is used for both fun as well as to reward work and commitment to the community. Each rank has its according clearance level (CL). Newcomers get CL 1, and then are able to work their way up. Clearance levels represent access rights to the various perks of the room. Junior ranks go from rank 1 to 4, and seniors are from 5 to 8. All higher ranks are Flag Ranks. All officers are expected to treat others with the proper respect. More information at the Rank Insignia page.

Prime Directives

Outpost 10F's rules of conduct are known as the Prime Directives. They are the foundation of the chat environment. Every member is expected to know these rules and act accordingly. People who do not respect them will be removed from the chatroom. The rules are simple and fair. They are based on mutual respect and co-operation. To be able to register and obtain a level 2 clearance code, one must agree to the rules as they are Outpost 10F's terms of agreement. The Prime Directives can be viewed here!

Additional Features

Outpost 10F offers a variety of additional features, both in and outside the chats. For example, one can view the dossiers that other members have created. Everyone who has clearance level 2 or higher access can create a dossier him-or-herself. Then there is Outpost 10F's Command HQ, accessible for senior officers (clearance level 5 and above) only. The Headquarters contains several options to control and edit ship functions. Also there's Media Downloads, where one can find Sci-Fi and fantasy images, fonts, and sounds.

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