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MemberCurrent Status
Andrew Maxwell (CL12)Extended Leave
Daecrist (CL12)Extended Leave
Iain (CL12)Extended Leave
Octavius Piraeus (CL12)Extended Leave
Tanya (CL12)Active
Total Number of 5 member(s) with a clearance level of 12.
Katrina (CL11)Extended Leave
Total Number of 1 member(s) with a clearance level of 11.
Jon (CL10)Extended Leave
Total Number of 1 member(s) with a clearance level of 10.
Dmitri (CL9)Extended Leave
Henri (CL9)Extended Leave
ohm (CL9)Extended Leave
RDMG (CL9)Extended Leave
Richard Smith (CL9)Active
Zildjian (CL9)Extended Leave
Total Number of 6 member(s) with a clearance level of 9.
Brady (CL8)Extended Leave
Deanna (CL8)Extended Leave
Demon Slayer (CL8)Active
Eagle (CL8)Extended Leave
LinDaX (CL8)Extended Leave
Mr Numbahs (CL8)Active
Robert Fox (CL8)Extended Leave
Sunrise (CL8)Extended Leave
The Doctor (CL8)Extended Leave
Thom (CL8)Extended Leave
Toddy (CL8)Extended Leave
Tommy (CL8)Extended Leave
XgermZ (CL8)Extended Leave
Total Number of 13 member(s) with a clearance level of 8.
*Cinna* (CL7)Extended Leave
Amanda Chryso (CL7)Extended Leave
D@emon of Q (CL7)Extended Leave
Data (CL7)Extended Leave
Dave (CL7)Extended Leave
Hemlocke (CL7)Extended Leave
Honey (CL7)Extended Leave
Hydra (CL7)Extended Leave
Ika (CL7)Extended Leave
Ivonna Thoni (CL7)Extended Leave
Jayneway (CL7)Extended Leave
Kayana (CL7)Extended Leave
KittyKat (CL7)Extended Leave
kypdurron (CL7)Extended Leave
Lzrman (CL7)Active
Mezoti (CL7)Extended Leave
Micha Bravo (CL7)Extended Leave
Navi (CL7)Extended Leave
Pace (CL7)Extended Leave
Polson (CL7)Extended Leave
Robby (CL7)Extended Leave
RQ (CL7)Extended Leave
SG (CL7)Extended Leave
Smile (CL7)Extended Leave
Sym (CL7)Extended Leave
TaCHyoN (CL7)Extended Leave
Tierce (CL7)Extended Leave
Tigris (CL7)Extended Leave
Zandetta (CL7)Extended Leave
Total Number of 29 member(s) with a clearance level of 7.
* Jadzia * (CL6)Extended Leave
Aeon (CL6)Extended Leave
Alex© (CL6)Extended Leave
Amy (CL6)Extended Leave
Anakin (CL6)Retired
Aquila (CL6)Extended Leave
Arlia (CL6)Extended Leave
Ayanna (CL6)Extended Leave
BannedAccount (CL6)Extended Leave
Bob (CL6)Extended Leave
Gates (CL6)Extended Leave
Harmony (CL6)Extended Leave
HVG (CL6)Extended Leave
Hyperion (CL6)Extended Leave
JD (CL6)Extended Leave
Jennificus (CL6)Extended Leave
JP (CL6)Extended Leave
Katia (CL6)Extended Leave
KC (CL6)Extended Leave
Keith is brilliant (CL6)Extended Leave
Leeta (CL6)Retired
Logan (CL6)Extended Leave
Lupus (CL6)Extended Leave
Matt (CL6)Extended Leave
Munro (CL6)Extended Leave
Nate The Bold (CL6)Extended Leave
Paulie (CL6)Extended Leave
Phill (CL6)Retired
Quark (CL6)Extended Leave
R. K. Wigal (CL6)Extended Leave
RABID TRIBBLE (CL6)Extended Leave
Raederle (CL6)Extended Leave
RedNave! (CL6)Extended Leave
Richard (CL6)Extended Leave
Rokanna (CL6)Retired
Sara Sidle (CL6)Extended Leave
Scamall (CL6)Extended Leave
Slurzherm (CL6)Extended Leave
Sorsha (CL6)Extended Leave
Steph (CL6)Retired
Zahra, Faerie Queen (CL6)Extended Leave
Total Number of 41 member(s) with a clearance level of 6.
Aaron (CL5)Extended Leave
Alex Sulu (CL5)Extended Leave
Andy (CL5)Extended Leave
Anna (CL5)Extended Leave
Baby Blue (CL5)Extended Leave
Beryl (CL5)Extended Leave
bisq (CL5)Extended Leave
Blink (CL5)Active
Boba Fett (CL5)Extended Leave
Bocky (CL5)Extended Leave
Buck Murray (CL5)Extended Leave
Bunny (CL5)Extended Leave
Cameron (CL5)Extended Leave
Char (CL5)Extended Leave
cliftonian (CL5)Extended Leave
Coolcaz (CL5)Extended Leave
Cyanide (CL5)Active
Dakar (CL5)Extended Leave
Dan (CL5)Extended Leave
Digerati (CL5)Extended Leave
Dr. Matt (CL5)Extended Leave
Drongo (CL5)Extended Leave
EmergingDeeper (CL5)Extended Leave
Erin Silvrefyre (CL5)Extended Leave
Ern Yoka (CL5)Extended Leave
Fail (CL5)Extended Leave
Finn (CL5)Extended Leave
Freeman (CL5)Extended Leave
Gok'nor (CL5)Extended Leave
Goldenbird (CL5)Extended Leave
Hans (CL5)Extended Leave
honeybunchesofdeath (CL5)Extended Leave
Jade Dagger (CL5)Extended Leave
jadziajax (CL5)Extended Leave
James Q Soul (CL5)Extended Leave
Jarek (CL5)Retired
JDog (CL5)Extended Leave
JTK (CL5)Extended Leave
Justin Black (CL5)Extended Leave
Kamin (CL5)Extended Leave
Kapeka (CL5)Extended Leave
Kasumi Hai (CL5)Extended Leave
Katy (CL5)Extended Leave
Kikopolis (CL5)Extended Leave
Klau'HaQ (CL5)Extended Leave
Kludge (CL5)Extended Leave
Komonda (CL5)Extended Leave
Kyle (CL5)Extended Leave
Lee (CL5)Extended Leave
Liz (CL5)Extended Leave
loo (CL5)Extended Leave
MafiaGeek (CL5)Extended Leave
Max Elbert Meier, III (CL5)Extended Leave
McGrath (CL5)Active
Missy (CL5)Extended Leave
Mitsky (pronounced Mits-key) (CL5)Extended Leave
Monkeymocker (CL5)Retired
Neo Hawkeye (CL5)Extended Leave
Priscilla (CL5)Extended Leave
Q (The One!) (CL5)Extended Leave
Rasharra (CL5)Extended Leave
Robert Atkins (CL5)Active
Robert Griffith (CL5)Extended Leave
Romana (CL5)Extended Leave
Rubycc13 (CL5)Extended Leave
RuseMD (CL5)Extended Leave
Sarek (CL5)Active
Schmooie (CL5)Extended Leave
scorger (CL5)Extended Leave
Sean T. (CL5)Extended Leave
Servilcat (CL5)Extended Leave
Shyva (CL5)Extended Leave
Skull Leader (CL5)Extended Leave
Sky (CL5)Extended Leave
Sloppy (CL5)Extended Leave
Smiley (CL5)Extended Leave
Surak (CL5)Extended Leave
T'Pel Kestra (CL5)Extended Leave
T'Ale Spier (CL5)Extended Leave
Tiamai (CL5)Extended Leave
Trekkey (CL5)Extended Leave
V'ger (CL5)Extended Leave
Verxumus Kokopelli (CL5)Extended Leave
Wetsocks (CL5)Retired
Wyvern (CL5)Extended Leave
Total Number of 85 member(s) with a clearance level of 5.
Captain T. O'Connell (CL4)Extended Leave
De's Girl (CL4)Extended Leave
$@ch13l (CL4)Extended Leave
(johnnytolincaptain) (CL4)Extended Leave
1234 is now dave (CL4)Extended Leave
3 of 4 (CL4)Extended Leave
3 of 8 (CL4)Extended Leave
7of24 (CL4)Extended Leave
7of9 (CL4)Extended Leave
=Kane= (CL4)Extended Leave
Aaleck (CL4)Extended Leave
Adam Holland (CL4)Extended Leave
Addison Forbes Montgomery (CL4)Extended Leave
Aensai (CL4)Extended Leave
Aeris Gainsbourough (CL4)Extended Leave
Aesira (CL4)Extended Leave
alexeremia (CL4)Extended Leave
Alia Atkins (CL4)Extended Leave
AliceEllenHook (CL4)Extended Leave
Aliens... (CL4)Extended Leave
Allen (CL4)Extended Leave
ALLSOPP (CL4)Extended Leave
Alpharex (CL4)Extended Leave
Amy Summers (CL4)Extended Leave
Andrea Kamarov (CL4)Extended Leave
Andy McDonald (CL4)Extended Leave
Angelus (CL4)Extended Leave
Angus MacGyver (CL4)Extended Leave
Anij Shalimar DeLauro (CL4)Extended Leave
Anne (CL4)Extended Leave
AnneCakester (CL4)Extended Leave
Annika (CL4)Extended Leave
ArchAndrew (CL4)Extended Leave
Arin (CL4)Extended Leave
Arwen (CL4)Extended Leave
Ashley Hanson (CL4)Extended Leave
Asil (CL4)Extended Leave
Aurora (CL4)Extended Leave
Avatar (CL4)Retired
Axion (CL4)Extended Leave
B'Elanna (CL4)Extended Leave
B'Elanna Omera (CL4)Extended Leave
Baatezu (CL4)Extended Leave
Beetlescott (CL4)Extended Leave
BElanna (CL4)Extended Leave
Billy Dreamer (CL4)Extended Leave
BillySielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Bishop (CL4)Extended Leave
Blake Mitchell (CL4)Extended Leave
bmwd1 (CL4)Extended Leave
Boaby (CL4)Extended Leave
Bobby (CL4)Extended Leave
Brandon! (CL4)Extended Leave
Brett (CL4)Suspended
brett --- now with coffee (CL4)Extended Leave
Brolyn (CL4)Extended Leave
Bubbles/Beautiful (CL4)Extended Leave
Buck Murry (CL4)Extended Leave
BWD912 (CL4)Extended Leave
BWD912 SNape (CL4)Extended Leave
Cadet Janeway (CL4)Extended Leave
Cafo (CL4)Extended Leave
Cail (CL4)Extended Leave
Calvock (CL4)Extended Leave
Capo (CL4)Extended Leave
Captain Picard (CL4)Extended Leave
CarlMiller (CL4)Extended Leave
Cassanova of Texas (CL4)Extended Leave
Chancellor Wolf (CL4)Extended Leave
Chasity Wings (CL4)Extended Leave
Cheezborger (CL4)Active
Chefee (CL4)Extended Leave
Cheryl Ann Dover (CL4)Extended Leave
Chocoholic Jedi (CL4)Extended Leave
Chris Davies-Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
Chris Of Borg (CL4)Extended Leave
Citruc (CL4)Extended Leave
Cleok Klinsendok (CL4)Extended Leave
cloud (CL4)Extended Leave
Cognizance (CL4)Extended Leave
Colt Soul MacLoued (CL4)Extended Leave
Col_Cool (CL4)Extended Leave
comics1996 (CL4)Extended Leave
CoolDude (CL4)Active
Cowhunter (CL4)Extended Leave
CPAK (CL4)Extended Leave
Craig Skinner (CL4)Extended Leave
Crazy I may be... (CL4)Extended Leave
crazy_voyager (CL4)Extended Leave
cthulhu (CL4)Extended Leave
Damius Le'Faye (CL4)Extended Leave
DAR (CL4)Extended Leave
Darkwyng the Titanium Falcon (CL4)Extended Leave
Darmok (CL4)Extended Leave
Darrin (CL4)Extended Leave
darth megiddo (CL4)Extended Leave
David C. Hall (CL4)Extended Leave
Dax (CL4)Extended Leave
Deadbeat (CL4)Extended Leave
Deadpool (CL4)Extended Leave
Delta Dawn (CL4)Extended Leave
Dende Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
Devin (CL4)Extended Leave
Diane Dragonsayer (CL4)Extended Leave
Donatien Alphonse de Sade (CL4)Extended Leave
Doulos Sun (CL4)Extended Leave
DRe (CL4)Extended Leave
Drone (CL4)Extended Leave
ech1740 (CL4)Extended Leave
Ed Arthur (CL4)Extended Leave
Edmond Dantes (CL4)Extended Leave
EEL (CL4)Extended Leave
Elizabeth Darcy (CL4)Extended Leave
Emi (CL4)Extended Leave
Emma Soul XJ8-S (CL4)Extended Leave
Ensign cantwell (CL4)Extended Leave
Estelle (CL4)Active
Etemenaki (CL4)Extended Leave
Etranger (CL4)Extended Leave
Ezri (CL4)Extended Leave
Ezricheca (CL4)Extended Leave
Father Jack (CL4)Extended Leave
firefox (CL4)Extended Leave
Firenaut Phoenix (CL4)Extended Leave
Floyd (CL4)Active
Fonz (CL4)Extended Leave
Ford Prefect (CL4)Extended Leave
Foxy Lady (CL4)Extended Leave
Fozzie (CL4)Extended Leave
Friday (CL4)Extended Leave
Gandalf (CL4)Extended Leave
Gary Seven (CL4)Extended Leave
Gavi Cyborg Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Geek Girl (CL4)On Leave
Gerron (CL4)Extended Leave
Globfly (CL4)Active
Goat (CL4)Extended Leave
Godzilla (CL4)On Leave
Goran Agar (CL4)Extended Leave
Gorgrim Rukk (CL4)Active
Gowron (CL4)Extended Leave
GreyQ (CL4)Extended Leave
Gul Aamin (CL4)Extended Leave
Hampus (CL4)Extended Leave
Happy Yoda (CL4)Extended Leave
Harry (CL4)Extended Leave
Havoc! (CL4)Extended Leave
Heart (CL4)Active
Hessler (CL4)Extended Leave
Hobbit (CL4)Extended Leave
Hood (CL4)Extended Leave
Hyper Tobeon (CL4)Extended Leave
Imzadi (CL4)Extended Leave
indelibleStain (CL4)Extended Leave
Jacen (CL4)Extended Leave
Jade Blue afterglow (CL4)Extended Leave
Jaemlyn (CL4)Suspended
JAG Pichotta (CL4)Extended Leave
James G (CL4)Extended Leave
James T Kirk (CL4)Extended Leave
james21 (CL4)Extended Leave
Jan (CL4)Extended Leave
Jan AQ (CL4)Extended Leave
Jane Sielu-Janeway (CL4)Extended Leave
Janeway Riker (CL4)Extended Leave
Jaxon (CL4)Extended Leave
jc (CL4)Extended Leave
Jeho (CL4)Extended Leave
Jemmet, Son of Gal'Ka (CL4)Extended Leave
Jennah (CL4)Extended Leave
JennaML (CL4)Extended Leave
Jennifer-Lynn (CL4)Extended Leave
Jersey (CL4)Active
jimi1301 (CL4)Extended Leave
Jinna (CL4)Extended Leave
jolly cat (CL4)Extended Leave
Jonax (CL4)Extended Leave
JOOST (CL4)Extended Leave
Josh101 (CL4)Extended Leave
JOYSEPHINE (CL4)Extended Leave
Julian Subatoi Bashir (CL4)Active
JustTakeAPebble (CL4)Extended Leave
Kaaleb (CL4)Extended Leave
Kaarith (CL4)Extended Leave
Kady (CL4)Extended Leave
Kahless (CL4)Extended Leave
Kalimdor (CL4)Extended Leave
kalis (CL4)Extended Leave
Karen (CL4)Extended Leave
Kata Paris Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
Katana (CL4)Extended Leave
Kater (CL4)Extended Leave
Kate_1 (CL4)Extended Leave
Kath (CL4)Extended Leave
Kathleen (CL4)Extended Leave
Kathryn Janeway (KJ) (CL4)Extended Leave
Katja (CL4)Extended Leave
Kavik (CL4)Extended Leave
Keegan (CL4)Extended Leave
Keth (CL4)Extended Leave
KezofNine (CL4)Extended Leave
Khazara (CL4)Extended Leave
Kira Sinea (CL4)Extended Leave
kiwigirl (CL4)Extended Leave
KJ (CL4)Extended Leave
klingonjedi (CL4)Extended Leave
Kolinahr Student Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
Kostyvech (CL4)Extended Leave
Krall son of Martok (CL4)Extended Leave
Laart (CL4)Extended Leave
Lai (CL4)Extended Leave
Lally Cat (CL4)Extended Leave
Lanna Sun (CL4)Extended Leave
Lanney (CL4)Extended Leave
Larina_Dax (CL4)Extended Leave
Laur (CL4)Extended Leave
LazyNoob (CL4)Extended Leave
Le Voida (CL4)Extended Leave
Lee Saxton (CL4)Extended Leave
Lefler (CL4)Extended Leave
Liz Trax (CL4)Extended Leave
Lobite (CL4)Extended Leave
Lorina (CL4)Extended Leave
lotus (CL4)Extended Leave
Lt Comm Rook (CL4)Extended Leave
Lu-Tze (CL4)Extended Leave
M (CL4)Extended Leave
Mackenzie Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
MacLean (CL4)Extended Leave
Macros (CL4)Active
mac_esquire (CL4)Extended Leave
Mae (CL4)Extended Leave
Mage Ruby (CL4)Extended Leave
Major Cindy (CL4)Extended Leave
Marquis_Rex (CL4)Extended Leave
Martin (CL4)Extended Leave
Martol Tolly (CL4)Active
Mass Driver Cannon (CL4)Extended Leave
Matt Picard (CL4)Extended Leave
matthew e sun (CL4)Extended Leave
Mav (CL4)Extended Leave
Mave (CL4)Extended Leave
Melinda Stone (CL4)Extended Leave
Melly Dax (CL4)Extended Leave
Mesaana Founder (CL4)Extended Leave
Mic_Mustaine (CL4)Extended Leave
Mike aka Thomas Riker (CL4)Extended Leave
Mike Dragon (CL4)Extended Leave
Miloshkin (CL4)Extended Leave
Minne Mitak Oyasin (CL4)Extended Leave
Miral_2 (CL4)Extended Leave
Miriam Goldman (CL4)Extended Leave
Mitch Walker Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
mmmToast (CL4)Extended Leave
MOE (CL4)Extended Leave
Moezzy3rdof5 (CL4)Extended Leave
Mombo (CL4)Extended Leave
Montag (CL4)Extended Leave
Monty Sielu (Aka Tribble) (CL4)Extended Leave
Moralh (CL4)Extended Leave
Morph (CL4)Extended Leave
MorpheusQKD (CL4)Extended Leave
Mrs. Sulu (CL4)Extended Leave
MTabek (CL4)Extended Leave
Muddy (CL4)Extended Leave
Mulder (CL4)Extended Leave
N Tesla (CL4)Extended Leave
Nabiki Dax (CL4)Extended Leave
NASA (CL4)Extended Leave
Neale (CL4)Extended Leave
Necromancer (CL4)Extended Leave
Neil (CL4)Extended Leave
Newbie (CL4)Extended Leave
Nicole (CL4)Extended Leave
Nicoll (CL4)Extended Leave
Nina Janeway (CL4)Retired
Nipper (CL4)Extended Leave
Nitestar (CL4)Extended Leave
Nix (CL4)Extended Leave
Nosala Nasa (CL4)Extended Leave
Nwaado (CL4)Extended Leave
Oilymion (CL4)Suspended
One (CL4)Extended Leave
Paradox (CL4)Active
Passam (CL4)Extended Leave
Peg (CL4)Extended Leave
PennyLane (CL4)Extended Leave
Phantom (CL4)Active
PherretGrrl (CL4)Extended Leave
Pilot03 (CL4)Extended Leave
Polygony (CL4)Extended Leave
Polygony 2 (CL4)Suspended
Pranara (CL4)Extended Leave
Q of the Q (CL4)Extended Leave
Quincy (CL4)Extended Leave
Rain (CL4)Active
RaithSphere/Neo Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Randall (CL4)Extended Leave
Rebel Sun (CL4)Extended Leave
redshirt (CL4)Extended Leave
Renee (CL4)Extended Leave
Rhox Q (CL4)Extended Leave
Ricas Kibu (CL4)Active
Richard Carleton (CL4)Extended Leave
Rick Hunter (CL4)Extended Leave
Riker1 (CL4)Active
Ro Laren (CL4)Extended Leave
Robert Easom (CL4)Extended Leave
Robert Milton (CL4)Extended Leave
Robison (CL4)Extended Leave
Roger Smith (CL4)Extended Leave
Rosala Atkins (CL4)Extended Leave
Rosey_Heart (CL4)Extended Leave
Route66 (CL4)Extended Leave
Rozokov (CL4)Extended Leave
Rudlls (CL4)Extended Leave
Rush (CL4)Extended Leave
Rylakk (CL4)Extended Leave
saavik (CL4)Extended Leave
Sam (CL4)Active
Samantha Paris (CL4)Extended Leave
Sarcastic_Chick (CL4)Extended Leave
Savrek (CL4)Extended Leave
Sci Fi Mick (CL4)Extended Leave
Seele 01 (CL4)Extended Leave
Senryc (CL4)Extended Leave
Sevvieeeee (CL4)Extended Leave
SezC (CL4)Extended Leave
Sezrin (CL4)Active
Sha'uri (CL4)Extended Leave
SHADOWWALKER (CL4)Extended Leave
Shaun (CL4)Active
Sheldon (CL4)Extended Leave
Shell (CL4)Extended Leave
Sheriff Rebecca Loxley (CL4)Extended Leave
Shoshanna (CL4)Extended Leave
Sigma (CL4)Extended Leave
Silvana (CL4)Extended Leave
Simmonds (CL4)Extended Leave
Singzetta Luvsinger (CL4)Extended Leave
Sioux Anasazi (Agent S) (CL4)Extended Leave
Skye (CL4)Extended Leave
Sloane (CL4)Active
Smiggles (CL4)Extended Leave
Soldier (CL4)Extended Leave
Solena (CL4)Extended Leave
Soundman (CL4)Extended Leave
Space Cadet (CL4)Extended Leave
Spoonster (CL4)Active
Stacy Bushir (CL4)Extended Leave
Ste7e Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Stephen (CL4)Extended Leave
Sullivan (CL4)Extended Leave
Svec (CL4)Extended Leave
Syla (CL4)Extended Leave
T'ashaya (CL4)Extended Leave
T'Pec (CL4)Extended Leave
T'Avri (CL4)Extended Leave
T'Lana Elystan (CL4)Extended Leave
T'Prin Dala (CL4)Extended Leave
T'Val (CL4)Extended Leave
Taaryk Asbed (CL4)Extended Leave
Talus Ren (CL4)Extended Leave
Tars Rouke (CL4)Extended Leave
Tasha (CL4)Extended Leave
Taurek (CL4)Extended Leave
Tayo Phoenix Rogue Eierman Sun-Smith Snape (CL4)Extended Leave
TBA (CL4)Extended Leave
tbt (CL4)Extended Leave
TD (CL4)Extended Leave
TechnoSoldier (CL4)Extended Leave
TEG24601 (CL4)Extended Leave
Tenok (CL4)Extended Leave
Teska (CL4)Extended Leave
the Green Knight (CL4)Extended Leave
The Statue (CL4)Extended Leave
Thelys Valeera (CL4)Extended Leave
thereR4lights (CL4)Extended Leave
Thomas_Riker (CL4)Extended Leave
Tiffany Macintosh (CL4)Active
Time Lordess Kiera (CL4)Extended Leave
Timelord (CL4)Extended Leave
Timmy Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Timothy McKibben (CL4)Extended Leave
Tim_Farris (CL4)Active
TitanOne (CL4)Extended Leave
Tomalak Geret'kal (CL4)Extended Leave
TommyG (CL4)Extended Leave
tpoltng (CL4)Extended Leave
Trapp (CL4)Extended Leave
Traveller (CL4)Extended Leave
trekfan. (CL4)Extended Leave
TrekJABBER (CL4)Active
Trekky McCoy (CL4)Extended Leave
treky (CL4)Extended Leave
Trish Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Trowa Darkclaw (CL4)Extended Leave
Trulaine (CL4)Extended Leave
Ttomak (CL4)Active
Tupac's ghost (CL4)Extended Leave
Tuvok (CL4)Extended Leave
Tyler (CL4)Extended Leave
Ulph (CL4)Extended Leave
USS Voyager NCC-74656 (CL4)Extended Leave
Valiant Venture (CL4)Extended Leave
Vicky Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Vorik (CL4)Extended Leave
VX42 (CL4)Extended Leave
Walter Flakus (CL4)Extended Leave
warrior0974(KERCHAK) (CL4)Extended Leave
Wayne (CL4)Extended Leave
Wenche Eden Sielu AKA Riddlerina (CL4)Extended Leave
Wesley Crusher (CL4)Extended Leave
white satin (CL4)Extended Leave
Xemxija (CL4)Extended Leave
Yihsojae_MarkA (CL4)Active
Zachr (CL4)Extended Leave
Zantor (CL4)Extended Leave
Zen (CL4)Extended Leave
Ziptieman (CL4)Extended Leave
Zisky (CL4)Extended Leave
Ziyal (CL4)Extended Leave
ZUK (CL4)Extended Leave
Total Number of 423 member(s) with a clearance level of 4.
Jay (CL3)Active
Picard (CL3)Extended Leave
()chakotay (CL3)Extended Leave
(+)eyeless(-) (CL3)Extended Leave
(The original)Dr.Peter (CL3)Extended Leave
9 of 12 (CL3)Extended Leave
A.Cooper (CL3)Extended Leave
Ace Vawenta (CL3)Extended Leave
AiKnig86 (CL3)Extended Leave
AkilesHeel16 (CL3)Extended Leave
Alara (CL3)Extended Leave
Alexandra Ann Torres (CL3)Extended Leave
Alucard Djinn (CL3)Extended Leave
Anakin (CL3)Extended Leave
Anarkyll Zeke (CL3)Extended Leave
Andrew (CL3)Extended Leave
Andrew Hogs (CL3)Extended Leave
Andrew Lee (CL3)Extended Leave
Andromeda (CL3)Extended Leave
angel (CL3)Extended Leave
Anlia Ryan Soul Reed (CL3)Extended Leave
AnnikaHansen (CL3)Extended Leave
anthony (CL3)Extended Leave
Apollo (CL3)Extended Leave
ArbiterOfFun (CL3)Extended Leave
ares reaper (CL3)Extended Leave
Argon (CL3)Extended Leave
Arielle (CL3)Extended Leave
Ashley Werner (CL3)Extended Leave
ATM (CL3)Extended Leave
Azore Jans (CL3)Extended Leave
B'Elanna (CL3)Extended Leave
Baby Sitters Club (CL3)Extended Leave
Bardez (CL3)Extended Leave
Battle_Angel (CL3)Extended Leave
be'HEM (CL3)Extended Leave
bigbossman267 (CL3)Extended Leave
Big_L (CL3)Extended Leave
Bikerpolar (CL3)Extended Leave
binaryferret (CL3)Extended Leave
bioshock (CL3)Extended Leave
Blacksonia (CL3)Extended Leave
Blueknightrk (CL3)Extended Leave
Bogie (CL3)Extended Leave
Booker (CL3)Extended Leave
Boomz (CL3)Extended Leave
Borg Head (CL3)Extended Leave
borgq (CL3)Extended Leave
Bowman (CL3)Extended Leave
brad99 (CL3)Extended Leave
Brad_Zeak (CL3)Extended Leave
Bragg (CL3)Extended Leave
Brenda (CL3)Suspended
brileh (CL3)Extended Leave
bronwein (CL3)Extended Leave
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (CL3)Extended Leave
buzz (CL3)Extended Leave
By Stuferno's Light (CL3)Extended Leave
C-ROSE (CL3)Extended Leave
C.J. (CL3)Extended Leave
Cambot (CL3)Suspended
Cappa (CL3)Extended Leave
Capt. Archer (CL3)Extended Leave
Capt. Gad (CL3)Extended Leave
CaptinBobcat (CL3)Extended Leave
Charles Tucker III (CL3)Extended Leave
Chasman (CL3)Extended Leave
Cheesesteak (CL3)Suspended
Chief (CL3)Extended Leave
chief braun (CL3)Extended Leave
ChilliStuNX102 (CL3)Extended Leave
chloe Jo (CL3)Extended Leave
chocho (CL3)Extended Leave
Chuckles (CL3)Extended Leave
Cipher (CL3)Extended Leave
Claire (CL3)Extended Leave
clsaint (CL3)Extended Leave
cmdRiker (CL3)Extended Leave
Cmdr_Brando_Hallberg (CL3)Extended Leave
Copperhead (CL3)Extended Leave
cosmic_surfer (CL3)Extended Leave
Creen Osiris (CL3)Extended Leave
CrypticYT (CL3)Extended Leave
CTHuskyMan (CL3)Extended Leave
Daelin (CL3)Extended Leave
Dale (CL3)Extended Leave
Dalorian (CL3)Extended Leave
Damar (CL3)Extended Leave
Damek Yonoguska (CL3)Extended Leave
Danielle (CL3)Extended Leave
Danijel (CL3)Extended Leave
DaReapa (CL3)Extended Leave
DarkStarXCVI (CL3)Extended Leave
Data Gamma Echo (CL3)Extended Leave
David Bowman (CL3)Extended Leave
Daz (CL3)Extended Leave
Dennis Skovbo Thorsen (CL3)Extended Leave
DesertDave (CL3)Extended Leave
devilishJake (CL3)Extended Leave
Dexter Faraday (CL3)Extended Leave
DinaCarter (CL3)Extended Leave
Disco Kitten (CL3)Suspended
Dr. Chris (CL3)Extended Leave
dr. crusher (CL3)Extended Leave
Dr. Marbles (CL3)Extended Leave
Dr. P. Goldfish (CL3)Extended Leave
Draco (CL3)Extended Leave
Drizzt Dourrodan (CL3)Extended Leave
Dukat (CL3)Extended Leave
E'do (CL3)Extended Leave
Earth (CL3)Extended Leave
Eddie (CL3)Extended Leave
Elexia (CL3)Extended Leave
Elim_Garak (CL3)Extended Leave
Eliteforce (CL3)Extended Leave
Elizabeth (CL3)Extended Leave
Emergency70 (CL3)Extended Leave
Enigma (CL3)Extended Leave
Eric Footman (CL3)Extended Leave
fairlight (CL3)Extended Leave
Falcon (CL3)Extended Leave
Faren Lirani (CL3)Extended Leave
Fembot (CL3)Extended Leave
Floralingui (CL3)Extended Leave
Forester (CL3)Extended Leave
Freid001 (CL3)Extended Leave
Freper (CL3)Extended Leave
Frozen (CL3)Extended Leave
Fujikuro (CL3)Extended Leave
Galaxtia (CL3)Extended Leave
Gareth Atkins (CL3)Extended Leave
Gaz386 (CL3)Extended Leave
GeekyPolymath (CL3)Extended Leave
Geo2004 (CL3)Extended Leave
GeorgeMKirk (CL3)Extended Leave
Ghost (CL3)Extended Leave
Gia (CL3)Extended Leave
Gipsie (CL3)Extended Leave
GoinAnimal (CL3)Extended Leave
Gondox (CL3)Extended Leave
gonzo (CL3)Extended Leave
Goten Smith (CL3)Extended Leave
Gowron (CL3)Extended Leave
Groovy (CL3)Extended Leave
Hawke (CL3)Active
Helen Mitchell (CL3)Extended Leave
Homie (CL3)Extended Leave
Horatio Eddison (CL3)Extended Leave
Hound Dog (CL3)Extended Leave
HuckleyTrim (CL3)Extended Leave
Iliana (CL3)Extended Leave
Illuminati (CL3)Extended Leave
Imperial Princess *cassidy* (CL3)Extended Leave
Imzadi_Is_Forever (CL3)Extended Leave
inanimate-carbon-rod (CL3)Extended Leave
indom (CL3)Extended Leave
Intheos (CL3)Extended Leave
Ivanka (CL3)Extended Leave
Ivensky (CL3)Extended Leave
Ivey (CL3)Extended Leave
J'mie (CL3)Extended Leave
JACK SPARROW (CL3)Extended Leave
Jacqueline (CL3)Extended Leave
Jame Anton (CL3)Extended Leave
James Harris (CL3)Extended Leave
James Smith (CL3)Extended Leave
James T. Kirk (CL3)Extended Leave
JamesThursday (CL3)Extended Leave
Jan-Wsoul (CL3)Extended Leave
JanW (CL3)Extended Leave
Jason Miller (CL3)Extended Leave
Jassar Yonara (CL3)Extended Leave
Jazmine Bashir (CL3)Extended Leave
Jean-Luc Atreyu (CL3)Active
jean_luc_picard (CL3)Extended Leave
Jed Cogan (CL3)Extended Leave
Jerry (CL3)Extended Leave
JH (CL3)Extended Leave
JLP (CL3)Extended Leave
Joe (CL3)Extended Leave
Joe Hologram (CL3)Extended Leave
Joey DePinto (CL3)Extended Leave
Johnathan Archer (CL3)Extended Leave
johnson_gallant (CL3)Extended Leave
jonathan archer (CL3)Extended Leave
Jonathan Archer (CL3)Extended Leave
JRS (CL3)Extended Leave
Jupiter Jones (CL3)Extended Leave
jureth (CL3)Extended Leave
Just Me (CL3)Extended Leave
K'mpec (CL3)Extended Leave
K-Tee (CL3)Extended Leave
Kaia Sielu (CL3)Extended Leave
Kain Lagos (CL3)Extended Leave
kasumi_chan (CL3)Extended Leave
Kater (CL3)Extended Leave
KateW (CL3)Extended Leave
KathrynJaneway (CL3)Extended Leave
Kathyrn (CL3)Extended Leave
Kerel (CL3)Extended Leave
Kerridana (CL3)Extended Leave
Kestra (CL3)Extended Leave
Khrysta (CL3)Extended Leave
Kiernan (CL3)Extended Leave
Kim (CL3)Active
King Salami (CL3)Extended Leave
Kingdom (CL3)Extended Leave
Kira123 (CL3)Extended Leave
kirk1701 (CL3)Extended Leave
Kirk90786 (CL3)Suspended
Kitana Xan (CL3)Extended Leave
Kittycat in a scarf (CL3)Extended Leave
KittyK (CL3)Extended Leave
Klag (CL3)Extended Leave
Klingon Warrior 74 (CL3)Extended Leave
Knight Hammer (CL3)Extended Leave
Korvok (CL3)Extended Leave
Kramer (CL3)Extended Leave
Kristen :) (CL3)Extended Leave
Krulak (CL3)Extended Leave
Kurza Targ Williams (CL3)Extended Leave
Kyllin Dax (CL3)Extended Leave
Lacayna Nessi-Atkins (CL3)Extended Leave
Lady Fenta (CL3)Extended Leave
Lady Feylin (CL3)Extended Leave
Lady Lara Croft (CL3)Extended Leave
Lakarian (CL3)Extended Leave
Lala_jala (CL3)Extended Leave
Lana (CL3)Extended Leave
Landry (CL3)Extended Leave
Lauren McKenzie (CL3)Extended Leave
LCD_SA (CL3)Extended Leave
leatherneck (CL3)Extended Leave
Leigh (CL3)Extended Leave
Leonard Bones McCoy (CL3)Extended Leave
Lewis Sholanke (CL3)Extended Leave
Libby (CL3)Extended Leave
Licon (CL3)Extended Leave
Lieutenant Gelen (CL3)Extended Leave
Lilypad12 (CL3)Extended Leave
Lion-O (CL3)Extended Leave
Liujeanx (CL3)Extended Leave
LNMOP (CL3)Extended Leave
Locutus (CL3)Extended Leave
Logan1701-A (CL3)Extended Leave
lord Garth (CL3)Extended Leave
loyaltrekie (CL3)Extended Leave
Lydia (CL3)Extended Leave
Lynx (CL3)Extended Leave
MAC (CL3)Extended Leave
MadMax@Flak35 (CL3)Active
Maec i-Ramnau tr'Khellian (CL3)Extended Leave
Magician (CL3)Extended Leave
Malec (CL3)Extended Leave
Mandakitty (CL3)Extended Leave
Mara Jade (CL3)Extended Leave
marcos (CL3)Extended Leave
Marcus (CL3)Extended Leave
Maria Ferin (CL3)Extended Leave
Marvin (CL3)Extended Leave
MarySeven (CL3)Extended Leave
mathew edison (CL3)Extended Leave
Matt Riker (CL3)Extended Leave
Matthew 2 (CL3)Extended Leave
Matthew Mulgrew (CL3)Extended Leave
Max jones (CL3)Extended Leave
Maxwell (CL3)Extended Leave
Mazix (CL3)Extended Leave
Meira (CL3)Extended Leave
Mel Martok (CL3)Extended Leave
Mel Torres (CL3)Extended Leave
meowspergers (CL3)Extended Leave
Michael Dragon (CL3)Extended Leave
Michelle M (CL3)Extended Leave
Mickutis (CL3)Extended Leave
Midnite Wolf (CL3)Extended Leave
Mike Thompson (CL3)Extended Leave
Milano Atkins (CL3)Extended Leave
Miral Torres (CL3)Extended Leave
Mirana Zand (CL3)Extended Leave
misty (CL3)Extended Leave
MK (CL3)Extended Leave
Morkus (CL3)Extended Leave
Mr Sulu (CL3)Extended Leave
Mr. Psycho (CL3)Extended Leave
Mrs. Tumble (CL3)Extended Leave
MrShadow (CL3)Extended Leave
MsGarak (CL3)Extended Leave
msproton (CL3)Extended Leave
Muldrake (CL3)Extended Leave
Murdoch (CL3)Extended Leave
Mystery Woman (CL3)Extended Leave
Navygirl (CL3)Extended Leave
ncc1701enterprise (CL3)Extended Leave
New Mercury (CL3)Extended Leave
Nicholas Romanov (CL3)Extended Leave
nimbus (CL3)Extended Leave
Nimrauko (CL3)Extended Leave
Niner (CL3)Extended Leave
nizeguy (CL3)Extended Leave
nordic (CL3)Extended Leave
November (CL3)Active
Nunchakotay (CL3)Extended Leave
Nynaeve AlMeara (CL3)Extended Leave
Obsidian_Spy (CL3)Extended Leave
officer dave (CL3)Extended Leave
Ohio Trekker (CL3)Extended Leave
Ollie (CL3)Extended Leave
ONEOF1701 (CL3)Extended Leave
onewinged (CL3)Extended Leave
Palic (CL3)Extended Leave
Paris98 (CL3)Extended Leave
Paul Dukat (CL3)Extended Leave
PdeLange (CL3)Extended Leave
Pensito (CL3)Extended Leave
Perry (CL3)Extended Leave
Pete Sielu Smith (CL3)Extended Leave
Peter Mcc (CL3)Extended Leave
phopho (CL3)Extended Leave
Pixelina (CL3)Extended Leave
poison62 (CL3)Extended Leave
Polemarch (CL3)Extended Leave
Praetor1 (CL3)Extended Leave
Prill (CL3)Extended Leave
Processor (CL3)Extended Leave
Proton (CL3)Extended Leave
Pud (CL3)Extended Leave
PurpleQ (CL3)Extended Leave
Quabri (CL3)Extended Leave
Quantum (CL3)Extended Leave
Quinn (CL3)Extended Leave
Qwyjibo (CL3)Extended Leave
Ra'Thine (CL3)Extended Leave
Rachel Jennings (CL3)Extended Leave
Rachel Q (CL3)Extended Leave
RADMAN (CL3)Extended Leave
RandomRomulan (CL3)Extended Leave
Ravyn Loche (CL3)Extended Leave
Razor_5099 (CL3)Extended Leave
Reg Barclay (CL3)Extended Leave
Rei (CL3)Extended Leave
Remulus (CL3)Extended Leave
rev_dubya (CL3)Extended Leave
Rob (CL3)Extended Leave
Robbo (CL3)Extended Leave
Robert April (CL3)Extended Leave
Ronja (CL3)Extended Leave
RoryVegas (CL3)Extended Leave
Ruanek (CL3)Extended Leave
RubberDucky (CL3)Extended Leave
Ryker (CL3)Extended Leave
S. (CL3)Extended Leave
s4a (CL3)Extended Leave
Sabien (CL3)Extended Leave
Sah (CL3)Extended Leave
sailornight6 (CL3)Extended Leave
Samuel (CL3)Extended Leave
Sasha (CL3)Extended Leave
Sasha_J (CL3)Extended Leave
SCBarnabas (CL3)Extended Leave
SciFreak (CL3)Extended Leave
Scott Wolf (CL3)Extended Leave
Scotty Snape-O'Neill (CL3)Extended Leave
Seipher (CL3)Extended Leave
Sel'Taarch (CL3)Extended Leave
Sela's Son (CL3)Extended Leave
Senses (CL3)Extended Leave
Seth Sielu (CL3)Extended Leave
shadon wen (CL3)Extended Leave
shadowfoxes lil sis (CL3)Suspended
Shana (CL3)Extended Leave
Shay (CL3)Extended Leave
Shayaelle (CL3)Extended Leave
Shemy (CL3)Extended Leave
Sher21 (CL3)Extended Leave
si (CL3)Extended Leave
Sinbad the Sailor (CL3)Extended Leave
Sinjin Atlington (CL3)Extended Leave
Skyvock (CL3)Extended Leave
Slinky (CL3)Extended Leave
Snarf (CL3)Extended Leave
Solaris (CL3)Extended Leave
solar_flare (CL3)Extended Leave
Sour (CL3)Extended Leave
Sparky (CL3)Extended Leave
spider (CL3)Extended Leave
Spiff (CL3)Extended Leave
Spirk (CL3)Extended Leave
splotch (CL3)Extended Leave
SpockVader (CL3)Extended Leave
Spooky (CL3)Extended Leave
Squikabooboo (CL3)Extended Leave
SrColt (CL3)Extended Leave
ST (CL3)Extended Leave
Stardust (CL3)Extended Leave
Stavro (CL3)Active
StealthKitty (CL3)Extended Leave
Steve Dawg (CL3)Extended Leave
Storm-Daikou (CL3)Extended Leave
Stringfellow Hawke (CL3)Extended Leave
Strongmad (CL3)Extended Leave
Stuart (CL3)Extended Leave
superpetal (CL3)Extended Leave
Syzygy93 (CL3)Extended Leave
T'Luminareth (CL3)Extended Leave
T'Mir (CL3)Extended Leave
T'Rann (CL3)Extended Leave
Tassadar (CL3)Extended Leave
Tavana Khaldun (CL3)Extended Leave
TerryDax (CL3)Extended Leave
The Borg (CL3)Extended Leave
The Doc (CL3)Extended Leave
The Kat (CL3)Extended Leave
The Psycho (CL3)Extended Leave
The Star Treker (CL3)Extended Leave
Thunder (CL3)Extended Leave
Tim (CL3)Extended Leave
Tomas (CL3)Extended Leave
Tomparisx (CL3)Extended Leave
Toran (CL3)Extended Leave
Toran Naprem (CL3)Extended Leave
Torres Lover (CL3)Extended Leave
ToveY (CL3)Extended Leave
toxic trekula (CL3)Extended Leave
Tuvok (CL3)Extended Leave
UFED Mathijs Dubbe (CL3)Extended Leave
UK Lass (CL3)Extended Leave
Unitjdelta (CL3)Extended Leave
USAF (CL3)Extended Leave
USSExplorerNCC2225 (CL3)Extended Leave
Vadar (CL3)Extended Leave
Valik (CL3)Extended Leave
valtrek (CL3)Extended Leave
Veda (CL3)Extended Leave
Vera (CL3)Extended Leave
Vernetta (CL3)Extended Leave
vlad (CL3)Extended Leave
Voyager_will_take_over (CL3)Extended Leave
Walter Fletch (CL3)Extended Leave
weareborg (CL3)Extended Leave
Wilbur force (CL3)Extended Leave
Will (CL3)Extended Leave
Worf (CL3)Extended Leave
WorfSonOfMogh (CL3)Extended Leave
Xero328 (CL3)Extended Leave
Yamamoto (CL3)Extended Leave
Zalamira (CL3)Extended Leave
zenaluvztng (CL3)Extended Leave
_Robin (CL3)Extended Leave
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