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MemberCurrent Status
Andrew Maxwell (CL12)Extended Leave
Daecrist (CL12)Extended Leave
Iain (CL12)Extended Leave
Octavius Piraeus (CL12)Extended Leave
Tanya (CL12)Active
Total Number of 5 member(s) with a clearance level of 12.
Total Number of 0 member(s) with a clearance level of 11.
Al (CL10)Extended Leave
Crazy Texan (CL10)Extended Leave
Total Number of 2 member(s) with a clearance level of 10.
Adge (CL9)Extended Leave
Hobbie (CL9)Extended Leave
JJ (CL9)Active
ohm (CL9)Extended Leave
Total Number of 4 member(s) with a clearance level of 9.
Draco Hun (CL8)Extended Leave
Jaden Korr (CL8)Extended Leave
Majin Kaze (CL8)Extended Leave
Michiel (CL8)Extended Leave
Tail-Kinker (CL8)Extended Leave
Tycho (CL8)Extended Leave
Tyler 'Brent' Shadow (CL8)Active
Total Number of 7 member(s) with a clearance level of 8.
Bria (CL7)Extended Leave
Carol (CL7)Retired
Cynara (CL7)Extended Leave
Dookie (CL7)Extended Leave
Dracmus (CL7)Extended Leave
Evil Incarnate (CL7)Extended Leave
Galadriel (CL7)Extended Leave
Glenn (CL7)Extended Leave
Goose (CL7)Extended Leave
Kaela L. Donos (CL7)Extended Leave
Kali D'or (CL7)Extended Leave
Mashed Potatoes (CL7)Extended Leave
Osiris (CL7)Extended Leave
Queen of the Universe (CL7)Extended Leave
Rock (CL7)Extended Leave
Shaker (CL7)Extended Leave
Soka (CL7)Extended Leave
Trinity (CL7)Extended Leave
Total Number of 18 member(s) with a clearance level of 7.
Amaris Ken'walei (CL6)Extended Leave
Anth (CL6)Extended Leave
Darth Bunny (CL6)Extended Leave
drop73 (CL6)Extended Leave
Hundred Percent Cotton (CL6)Extended Leave
Ice (CL6)Active
Jaquaia (CL6)Extended Leave
Kami Hannad (CL6)Extended Leave
Ki shot (CL6)Extended Leave
Naberrie (CL6)Extended Leave
Pheeble aTemps (CL6)Extended Leave
Relic (CL6)Extended Leave
Slurzherm (CL6)Extended Leave
Talythia Starseeker (CL6)Extended Leave
Thrawny (CL6)Extended Leave
Tom Gorgas (CL6)Extended Leave
Wedge Antilles (CL6)Extended Leave
Wildly Inappropriate (CL6)Extended Leave
wraith (CL6)Extended Leave
Yala Brooks (CL6)Active
Yen (CL6)Extended Leave
Total Number of 21 member(s) with a clearance level of 6.
AerynJade (CL5)Extended Leave
Alec Solo (CL5)Extended Leave
Alex Telstar Rico (CL5)Extended Leave
Buga (CL5)Extended Leave
Crimson_Red (CL5)Extended Leave
Darth Sidious (CL5)Extended Leave
DeBoe (CL5)Extended Leave
Eb (CL5)Extended Leave
Gabriel (CL5)Extended Leave
Gav (CL5)Active
Gremlin (CL5)Extended Leave
Han Solo (CL5)Extended Leave
Jack the lad (CL5)Extended Leave
Jai (CL5)Extended Leave
Jemmima (CL5)Extended Leave
Jenna Zan Arbor (CL5)Extended Leave
JHawk (CL5)Extended Leave
Kabe (CL5)Extended Leave
Kel Noquas (CL5)Extended Leave
Korsch (CL5)Extended Leave
Kuchen (CL5)Extended Leave
KypD (CL5)Extended Leave
Luke ™ (CL5)Extended Leave
Mened (CL5)Active
Mirax (CL5)Extended Leave
MJ (CL5)Extended Leave
Monny (CL5)Extended Leave
Nwaado (CL5)Active
Obi-To' Kenobi (CL5)Extended Leave
Padro Warren (CL5)Extended Leave
Paige Eris Soul (CL5)Extended Leave
PR Moore (CL5)Extended Leave
Queeny (CL5)Extended Leave
Robbie (CL5)Extended Leave
Shannon (CL5)Active
Sylvius (CL5)Retired
three27 (CL5)Extended Leave
THX 1138 (CL5)Extended Leave
Willyum (CL5)Extended Leave
Zulin Jinn (CL5)Extended Leave
Total Number of 40 member(s) with a clearance level of 5.
the Su'da (CL4)Extended Leave
*Darkness* (CL4)Extended Leave
20RandomAlphaNumericCharacters (CL4)Extended Leave
Adam (CL4)Extended Leave
Admiral kast (CL4)Extended Leave
Adon Rai (CL4)Extended Leave
Aidan101 (CL4)Extended Leave
AlexMachine (CL4)Extended Leave
Aliana (CL4)Extended Leave
Alpha 4 (CL4)Extended Leave
Alyssa Elensar (CL4)Extended Leave
Amanda (CL4)Suspended
Ami Skywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
amidala1908 (CL4)Extended Leave
Amun³ (CL4)Extended Leave
Anaka Daragon (CL4)Extended Leave
Anakin (CL4)Extended Leave
Anakin Skywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
anakin_the_jedi (CL4)Extended Leave
Angel LOL (CL4)Extended Leave
Angelina (CL4)Extended Leave
Anick Seve (Qu Rahn) (CL4)Extended Leave
Aravis (CL4)Extended Leave
Arctrooper13 (CL4)Extended Leave
arthu (CL4)Extended Leave
Ashee Sykes-Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Asphodel (CL4)Extended Leave
Astarta (CL4)Extended Leave
Athena Jinn (CL4)Extended Leave
Atreuh Laicram (CL4)Extended Leave
Aubrey (CL4)Extended Leave
Aurain (CL4)Extended Leave
Axel Luxian Aldrin (CL4)Extended Leave
Balti (CL4)Extended Leave
BAM_BAM (CL4)Extended Leave
Barja CoFor (CL4)Extended Leave
Batya Organa (CL4)Extended Leave
Beast Boy (CL4)Extended Leave
Ben Warren (CL4)Extended Leave
Ben_sisko (CL4)Extended Leave
Big Duo (CL4)Extended Leave
Black Velvet Kiss (CL4)Extended Leave
Blackhawk (CL4)Extended Leave
Blade (CL4)Extended Leave
boarder_87 (CL4)Extended Leave
Boba Fett (CL4)Extended Leave
Bond James Bond (CL4)Active
Boomer Robins (CL4)Extended Leave
Boomer Sooner Weather Girl (CL4)Extended Leave
BountyHunterAngela (CL4)Extended Leave
Brad (CL4)Extended Leave
Brage Shot (CL4)Extended Leave
Buffalo (CL4)Extended Leave
Cam (CL4)Extended Leave
Candi/Iella (CL4)Extended Leave
carn helving (CL4)Extended Leave
Carnor Jax (CL4)Extended Leave
chainsaw_wezel (CL4)Extended Leave
ChancyJinn (CL4)Extended Leave
charity deathstryke sun (CL4)Extended Leave
Chewbacca (CL4)Extended Leave
Chlazza (CL4)Extended Leave
choke (CL4)Extended Leave
ChosenOne. (CL4)Extended Leave
Chris-Alex Win (CL4)Extended Leave
chully (CL4)Extended Leave
Ciara Klivian (CL4)Extended Leave
Clarissa (CL4)Extended Leave
Cleron (CL4)Extended Leave
Clone Trooper 12 (CL4)Extended Leave
Coolhands (CL4)Active
Corana Jade (CL4)Extended Leave
Corran Horn (CL4)Extended Leave
Corran Rostek (CL4)Active
Countess Felinx (CL4)Extended Leave
CPG (CL4)Extended Leave
Cpt Ordo (CL4)Extended Leave
crimson_tears (CL4)Extended Leave
Crishtoph Schneider (CL4)Extended Leave
Cromin (CL4)Extended Leave
Curtis Skenandore (CL4)Extended Leave
Cypher (CL4)Extended Leave
Da'Moon Sielu (CL4)Extended Leave
Daemon Targaryen (CL4)Extended Leave
dak354 (CL4)Extended Leave
Damulak (CL4)Extended Leave
Dark Anakin (CL4)Extended Leave
Dark Lord Nemesis (CL4)Extended Leave
Dark Star (CL4)Extended Leave
DarkAce (CL4)Extended Leave
DarksideUser (CL4)Extended Leave
Dark_Xevis (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Appolyon (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Budzy, Baron Administrator of The DBC (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth David (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Drew (CL4)Suspended
Darth Ev (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Jadus (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth John (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Kueller (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Nemesis (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Penton (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Rancor (CL4)Active
Darth Snake (CL4)Extended Leave
Darth Tiberius (CL4)Extended Leave
darthmatthew (CL4)Suspended
Darth_Dylan (CL4)Extended Leave
Dash Rendar (CL4)Active
DavidKenobi (CL4)Extended Leave
Davin Felth (CL4)Extended Leave
dbowan (CL4)Extended Leave
death star (CL4)Extended Leave
DeathScythe (CL4)Extended Leave
DENHAM (CL4)Extended Leave
Dia Talama (CL4)Extended Leave
DJ! (CL4)Extended Leave
Dog Man (CL4)Extended Leave
DorkPrincess (CL4)Extended Leave
dpo (CL4)Extended Leave
Dr Evil (CL4)Extended Leave
Dr. Alan Grant (CL4)Extended Leave
Dwayne Hicks (CL4)Extended Leave
Eco-van Jerrie (CL4)Extended Leave
Elly (CL4)Extended Leave
Elwood Blues (CL4)Extended Leave
emperorkacin(lilprince02) (CL4)Extended Leave
Eon Blue Apocalypse (CL4)Extended Leave
Era (CL4)Extended Leave
Expired Milk (CL4)Extended Leave
Faile ni Bashere t'Aybara (CL4)Extended Leave
Faith Hawk (CL4)Extended Leave
Falcon Slash (CL4)Extended Leave
Flaming Undead (CL4)Extended Leave
Floris Solo (CL4)Extended Leave
FORD (CL4)Extended Leave
ForeveryourSJawa (CL4)Extended Leave
Fred (CL4)Suspended
Freedon_Nadd (CL4)Extended Leave
G'ruk (CL4)Extended Leave
Gab (CL4)Active
Gabby (CL4)Extended Leave
Gaeriel (CL4)Extended Leave
Garrick Mikaelian (CL4)Extended Leave
generalmax (CL4)Extended Leave
Gia Zephre (CL4)Extended Leave
GMO Dictator (CL4)Extended Leave
Gorx Tiin (CL4)Extended Leave
Gothlizy (CL4)Extended Leave
Grace Giles L'Rega (CL4)Extended Leave
H.G. Swells (CL4)Extended Leave
Hal Horn (CL4)Extended Leave
Han Shot First (CL4)Extended Leave
Han_Solo_ (CL4)Extended Leave
Happy Yoda (CL4)Extended Leave
HeS2533 (CL4)Extended Leave
Hyandra (CL4)Extended Leave
Iceman (CL4)Extended Leave
Ika (CL4)Extended Leave
Imperial Leader (CL4)Extended Leave
Intergalactic PsiGoth (CL4)Active
InuYasha (CL4)Extended Leave
Irish_jedi25 (CL4)Extended Leave
Isabella Gloria (CL4)Extended Leave
Isurith (CL4)Extended Leave
J'Kar/snOw (CL4)Extended Leave
Jabba the Hutt (CL4)Extended Leave
Jacen Korinth (CL4)Extended Leave
Jade Skywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
jag deviss (CL4)Extended Leave
Jaina Kenobi (CL4)Active
Jaina12 (CL4)Active
JakeBlues (CL4)Extended Leave
JamesDarkLighter (CL4)Extended Leave
Jarek Viper (CL4)Extended Leave
Jasmine (CL4)Extended Leave
Jedi Aclessa Leto (CL4)Extended Leave
Jedi Dan (CL4)Extended Leave
Jedidaniel (CL4)Extended Leave
JediGirl (CL4)Extended Leave
jedihamster (CL4)Extended Leave
JediStargirl2662 (CL4)Extended Leave
jediwannabe (CL4)Active
Jenni (CL4)Extended Leave
John-Wan Kenobi (CL4)Extended Leave
jon stryder (CL4)Extended Leave
Jor (CL4)Extended Leave
JR (CL4)Extended Leave
Kahn Draygo (CL4)Extended Leave
Kamdava Lennox/Charlie Hineline (CL4)Extended Leave
KANA (CL4)Extended Leave
Karesh Sadow (CL4)Extended Leave
Katy Skywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
Kell Trainer (CL4)Extended Leave
Kenobi3 (CL4)Extended Leave
Kerianajade (CL4)Extended Leave
Kess (CL4)Extended Leave
Kiki (CL4)Extended Leave
Killeer (CL4)Extended Leave
Kirixchi (CL4)Extended Leave
Klen Latharge (CL4)Extended Leave
Kovac (CL4)Active
Kuro (CL4)Extended Leave
Kyle The Great (CL4)Extended Leave
La'ire Sing (CL4)Extended Leave
Lachesis (CL4)Extended Leave
Lady Ninni Of Naboo (CL4)Extended Leave
Laemara Nomi Kasem (CL4)Extended Leave
Lai (CL4)Extended Leave
Lars (CL4)Active
leedham (CL4)Extended Leave
LeeLee (CL4)Extended Leave
Leia Deathstryke (CL4)Extended Leave
Leia Organa Solo (CL4)Extended Leave
Leta (CL4)Extended Leave
Leta (CL4)Extended Leave
Leto Atreides II (CL4)Extended Leave
Lexor Jinn (CL4)Extended Leave
lilskywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
Lima (CL4)Extended Leave
Liona (CL4)Extended Leave
Lita (CL4)Extended Leave
Loken (CL4)Extended Leave
lord of the emprie (CL4)Extended Leave
lord ta (CL4)Extended Leave
Loreli (CL4)Extended Leave
Lorien (CL4)Extended Leave
Lt. Revex (CL4)Extended Leave
Luke Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
Lydia Skywalker (CL4)Active
Maella Lee (CL4)Active
Mandi (CL4)Extended Leave
Maquaii-Mee (CL4)Extended Leave
Mara Jade (CL4)Extended Leave
marajade (CL4)Extended Leave
Mara_Jade (CL4)Extended Leave
Mark Shiel (CL4)Extended Leave
Martyn Antilles (CL4)Extended Leave
megaman (CL4)Extended Leave
Melchior (CL4)Extended Leave
merc (CL4)Active
MerLyn Douglass (CL4)Extended Leave
Michael Thompson (CL4)Extended Leave
Midget (CL4)Extended Leave
mistiblue (CL4)Extended Leave
Mitthrawnuruodo (CL4)Extended Leave
Miz Orlando (CL4)Extended Leave
Molitor (CL4)Extended Leave
Moorlu Dannick (CL4)Extended Leave
Morden Tarthos (CL4)Extended Leave
MP Shong (CL4)Extended Leave
Mr. Gryphon (CL4)Extended Leave
Naboo Dweller (CL4)Extended Leave
Nataku (CL4)Extended Leave
Nathan Hale (CL4)Extended Leave
Nekessla, a.k.a "Kess" (CL4)Extended Leave
Nick548 (CL4)Extended Leave
Nien Nunb (CL4)Extended Leave
Nightwish (CL4)Extended Leave
Ninavask revan (CL4)Extended Leave
NIP (CL4)Active
NITNITNAGOO (CL4)Extended Leave
Nunyo (CL4)Extended Leave
Obi-Jan (CL4)Extended Leave
Obi-Wan-Kenobi-Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
OBO (CL4)Extended Leave
Oel Jiggs (CL4)Active
Oldst Libal (CL4)Extended Leave
Onix113 (CL4)Extended Leave
Otaku Mark (CL4)Extended Leave
PadawanBeldaPinik (CL4)Extended Leave
Padme (CL4)Extended Leave
Padme' (CL4)Extended Leave
Padme... (CL4)Extended Leave
padme18sabe (CL4)Extended Leave
Palpatines_Assassin (CL4)Extended Leave
pamly (CL4)Extended Leave
Pepper (CL4)Extended Leave
Phoenix (CL4)Active
pichu (CL4)Extended Leave
Plumpy (CL4)Extended Leave
Poison Ivy (CL4)Suspended
presbyguy (CL4)Extended Leave
Prettyleia (CL4)Extended Leave
Princess Fiona Soul (CL4)Extended Leave
princess_of_hoth (CL4)Extended Leave
Pursiana (CL4)Extended Leave
Pyro Freak (CL4)Extended Leave
Quite-Gone-Jinn (CL4)Extended Leave
Quzon (CL4)Extended Leave
Raei Ven (CL4)Active
Rancor (CL4)Extended Leave
Rathan (CL4)Extended Leave
Raven (CL4)Extended Leave
Raye Jayneway (CL4)Extended Leave
Red_Leader (CL4)Extended Leave
Rendar (CL4)Extended Leave
Resource Collector (CL4)Extended Leave
Restill Habb (CL4)Extended Leave
Rob Tigh Jinn (CL4)Extended Leave
Roberts (CL4)Extended Leave
Rockey the Jedi (CL4)Extended Leave
Rolou Skywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
RPMObsession (CL4)Extended Leave
RW Thomas (CL4)Extended Leave
Saberhagen (CL4)Extended Leave
Salia (CL4)Extended Leave
Samantha Zak (CL4)Extended Leave
Sarah (CL4)Extended Leave
Sardon (CL4)Extended Leave
Saria Anasazi Phoenix (Sarah) (CL4)Extended Leave
Sarna (CL4)Active
SciFiGuy80 (CL4)Extended Leave
Scylvia Djo (CL4)Extended Leave
Seamus Harper (CL4)Extended Leave
Sebulba (CL4)Extended Leave
Seerdon (CL4)Extended Leave
Selenia Archangel (CL4)Extended Leave
Selina (CL4)Extended Leave
Senator_ Padme (CL4)Extended Leave
Sephiroth_VII (CL4)Extended Leave
Serph (CL4)Extended Leave
Shaka Lee (CL4)Extended Leave
Shoes (CL4)Extended Leave
shuriff (CL4)Extended Leave
Silencer (CL4)Extended Leave
Sime (CL4)Extended Leave
Sir Damulak (CL4)Extended Leave
Sirch (CL4)Extended Leave
sirhc (CL4)Extended Leave
Sith Lord Anakin (CL4)Extended Leave
Sitoran (CL4)Extended Leave
Skrie (CL4)Extended Leave
Skyeļ (CL4)Extended Leave
Sleed (CL4)Extended Leave
smkenobi (CL4)Active
Spacedude (CL4)Extended Leave
Spike Spiegel (CL4)Extended Leave
Squall994 (CL4)Extended Leave
starwarsfan (CL4)Extended Leave
StarWarshicka (CL4)Extended Leave
Star_Slayer44 (CL4)Extended Leave
Steelgrip (CL4)Extended Leave
Stephen Dekay (CL4)Extended Leave
Stormy (CL4)Extended Leave
Striker (CL4)Extended Leave
Swan (CL4)Extended Leave
swhunter (CL4)Extended Leave
Sy Deville (CL4)Extended Leave
Tahiri Veila (CL4)Extended Leave
Tanya_ (CL4)Extended Leave
Tara2008 (CL4)Active
Tarik Logan (CL4)Extended Leave
Tellywan (CL4)Extended Leave
Terror (CL4)Extended Leave
Tester (CL4)Extended Leave
The Brains (CL4)Extended Leave
The Clone of Maul (CL4)Extended Leave
The Crow (CL4)Active
The Lost Apprentice (CL4)Extended Leave
The Obi-Wan Kenobi (CL4)Extended Leave
TheUberSith (CL4)Extended Leave
Thrawn (CL4)Extended Leave
TieDefenderMerc (CL4)Extended Leave
Tionne (CL4)Extended Leave
Toryn Farr (CL4)Extended Leave
tursi (CL4)Extended Leave
Tusinami Skywalker (CL4)Extended Leave
Ty... (CL4)Extended Leave
TyFighter_48 (CL4)Extended Leave
Ulic Horn (CL4)Extended Leave
Uwant Iget (CL4)Extended Leave
Valley (CL4)Extended Leave
VASILY (CL4)Extended Leave
Vergere Solo (CL4)Extended Leave
Vex Aldrin (CL4)Extended Leave
Victoria Lynn Bowen (CL4)Extended Leave
victoria_elise (CL4)Extended Leave
Warlord Thrawn (CL4)Extended Leave
Wedge (CL4)Extended Leave
Wheels (CL4)Extended Leave
will (CL4)Extended Leave
Wompa Stompa (CL4)Extended Leave
wozza (CL4)Extended Leave
Xavier Darkmyre (CL4)Extended Leave
Xaylan (CL4)Extended Leave
Xaylon Jagg (CL4)Extended Leave
Xica Lyrakk (CL4)Extended Leave
Yammon (CL4)Active
Yoda874 (CL4)Extended Leave
Yokin Jin (CL4)Extended Leave
Zagoth Kahn (CL4)Extended Leave
Zahadran Mar (CL4)Suspended
Zanthew (CL4)Extended Leave
Zekk (CL4)Extended Leave
Zekk Draco (CL4)Extended Leave
zel (CL4)Extended Leave
zenastynn (CL4)Extended Leave
Zeus (CL4)Extended Leave
Zhalimar_Cloudwulfe (CL4)Extended Leave
ZOMBIE (CL4)Extended Leave
Zorak: The Rogue Jedi (CL4)Extended Leave
Zozo (CL4)Extended Leave
Zyther Saebra (CL4)Extended Leave
~Bubbles~ (CL4)Extended Leave
~Chica~ (CL4)Extended Leave
Total Number of 406 member(s) with a clearance level of 4.
Jango Fett (CL3)Extended Leave
Alexsis Eternal Anomaly (CL3)Extended Leave
Jango Fett (CL3)Extended Leave
??????????? (CL3)Extended Leave
AdanaXairAren (CL3)Extended Leave
AEon Di'Longcreay (CL3)Extended Leave
afroman (CL3)Extended Leave
Aleksandr Sivrak-Steele (CL3)Extended Leave
Aliesh Kennagel (CL3)Extended Leave
Amithyst (CL3)Extended Leave
Anakin Solo (CL3)Extended Leave
Anakin_Skywalker (CL3)Extended Leave
angelaece (CL3)Extended Leave
AniVader (CL3)Extended Leave
Apwar_Trigit (CL3)Extended Leave
Aragorn (CL3)Extended Leave
Arwen (CL3)Extended Leave
asuberprise (CL3)Extended Leave
Athian (CL3)Extended Leave
Aur'arai (CL3)Extended Leave
AuZcHiK (CL3)Extended Leave
£uc (CL3)Extended Leave
Bacon (CL3)Extended Leave
Baron Fel (CL3)Extended Leave
basicPadme (CL3)Extended Leave
Benjamin0222 (CL3)Extended Leave
Bibi-Wan Kenobi (CL3)Extended Leave
big dave (CL3)Extended Leave
Bill (CL3)Extended Leave
Bison (CL3)Extended Leave
Blue Leader (CL3)Extended Leave
Boba Fett (10 yrs old) (CL3)Suspended
Bria Tharen (CL3)Extended Leave
Bria Tharen (CL3)Extended Leave
Bria Tharen (CL3)Extended Leave
Buddy the Ewok slayer (CL3)Extended Leave
Cad Bane (CL3)Extended Leave
Canto Firring (CL3)Extended Leave
Chaos The Terrible!! (CL3)Extended Leave
Chica (CL3)Extended Leave
Chiropterous hominid (CL3)Extended Leave
Chris (K'Targ) (CL3)Extended Leave
Cinis (CL3)Extended Leave
Cinis (Fenris) (CL3)Extended Leave
Civilian Chat Droid (CL3)Extended Leave
ckmoore (CL3)Extended Leave
Claviox Advantes Oredesion (CL3)Extended Leave
Corran Halcyon (CL3)Extended Leave
Cosro Terunis (CL3)Extended Leave
cpgrad08 (CL3)Extended Leave
Cronwall Saiveer (CL3)Extended Leave
Crowborn (CL3)Extended Leave
Crysta-lenya (CL3)Extended Leave
Cyana (CL3)Extended Leave
Cyax Arcadia (CL3)Extended Leave
Cydon Prax (CL3)Extended Leave
Daemon Boques (CL3)Extended Leave
Dannal Scareth (CL3)Extended Leave
Dargon Agzul Kosswel (CL3)Extended Leave
Dark Lord Kabraxis (CL3)Extended Leave
Dark Lord Sith (CL3)Extended Leave
Dark Magician06 (CL3)Extended Leave
dark man (CL3)Extended Leave
Dark Master Tiberius (CL3)Extended Leave
DarkCurse (CL3)Extended Leave
Darkest_One (CL3)Extended Leave
darkfuryjak (CL3)Extended Leave
Darklighter44 (CL3)Extended Leave
darkside rule (CL3)Extended Leave
DarkStar (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Avenger (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Dan (CL3)Suspended
Darth Devion (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Esion (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Maul (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Maul1 (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Padmé (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Processor (CL3)Extended Leave
darth talamara (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Thanatos (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Titan (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth Vadar (CL3)Extended Leave
DarthDracon (CL3)Extended Leave
Darthjango (CL3)Extended Leave
Darthmaul3162 (CL3)Extended Leave
Darth_Colt (CL3)Extended Leave
Davina Silveria (CL3)Extended Leave
Dawn_12 (CL3)Extended Leave
Deimos X Raal (CL3)Extended Leave
delta36 (CL3)Extended Leave
Dengar (CL3)Extended Leave
DFC (CL3)Extended Leave
Diesel (CL3)Extended Leave
Dipper (CL3)Extended Leave
Dirty Reed (CL3)Extended Leave
Dirtyvader (CL3)Extended Leave
DJO (CL3)Extended Leave
Dr John (CL3)Extended Leave
Dr. Scarlet Blue (CL3)Extended Leave
Drakelancers (CL3)Extended Leave
Drakon (CL3)Extended Leave
Dr_Norda (CL3)Extended Leave
ds-61-4 (CL3)Extended Leave
Duder (CL3)Extended Leave
dugbolt (CL3)Extended Leave
duncanghola2 (CL3)Extended Leave
Dustin Star (CL3)Extended Leave
Eledhwen (CL3)Extended Leave
elephantom (CL3)Extended Leave
Elizabeth Frame (CL3)Extended Leave
Emily Rose (CL3)Extended Leave
Enid raven (CL3)Extended Leave
Euen Kenobi (CL3)Extended Leave
E_vil (CL3)Extended Leave
fara_callista (CL3)Extended Leave
Feonix (CL3)Extended Leave
Fettster (CL3)Extended Leave
fireEP (CL3)Extended Leave
flamegirl (CL3)Extended Leave
flux (CL3)Extended Leave
Folkvang (CL3)Extended Leave
Fosst Frako (CL3)Extended Leave
Founder Thrawn (CL3)Extended Leave
Fuji (CL3)Extended Leave
Galiei-Sun (CL3)Extended Leave
Gallant (CL3)Extended Leave
Garik Loran (CL3)Extended Leave
Garra (CL3)Extended Leave
GEDA (CL3)Extended Leave
General_Veers (CL3)Extended Leave
ghost_stump (CL3)Extended Leave
Gmork (CL3)Extended Leave
Gonar (CL3)Extended Leave
Gordoff Bishop (CL3)Extended Leave
Gorn (CL3)Extended Leave
Gorn (CL3)Extended Leave
GrievousApprentice66 (CL3)Extended Leave
Hail Irene (CL3)Extended Leave
Halarim (CL3)Extended Leave
Harm MacKenzie (CL3)Extended Leave
Haste (CL3)Extended Leave
Hayeden (CL3)Extended Leave
HektorCV (CL3)Extended Leave
Hitman_Bob (CL3)Extended Leave
Horus (CL3)Extended Leave
Hubbard_Rocker (CL3)Extended Leave
Iceheart (CL3)Extended Leave
icejawa (CL3)Extended Leave
Icetin (CL3)Extended Leave
Imperial Jade (CL3)Extended Leave
it'smekathyhere (CL3)Extended Leave
J Solo (CL3)Extended Leave
Jagg (CL3)Extended Leave
Jaina_Solo (CL3)Extended Leave
Jake (CL3)Extended Leave
James Madigan (CL3)Active
Jango_Fett_101 (CL3)Extended Leave
Jarik Manoka (CL3)Extended Leave
Jarril (CL3)Extended Leave
Jasmine Solo (CL3)Extended Leave
Jay Bear (CL3)Extended Leave
Jeb Ardunis (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi 01 (CL3)Extended Leave
jedi 1 david (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi Apprentice (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi Clarrisa (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi dasko (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi Master (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi Master George (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi Mistress (CL3)Extended Leave
JediDragonTamer (CL3)Extended Leave
jedilord15 (CL3)Extended Leave
Jediman1138 (CL3)Extended Leave
JediTrunks13 (CL3)Extended Leave
Jedi_Lyn (CL3)Extended Leave
Jeepster (CL3)Extended Leave
JettFett72 (CL3)Extended Leave
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John Spartan 117 Master Chief (CL3)Extended Leave
Joran (CL3)Extended Leave
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JPrydon (CL3)Extended Leave
Julia Van Pay (CL3)Extended Leave
Julia VanPay (CL3)Extended Leave
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Kesi Darklighter (CL3)Extended Leave
Khemic (CL3)Extended Leave
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Kir Kanos (CL3)Extended Leave
Knight of Loss (CL3)Extended Leave
Kody (CL3)Extended Leave
Kote Dral (CL3)Extended Leave
Kurt Angle (CL3)Extended Leave
Kyi-Xen Katarn (CL3)Extended Leave
Kyran Halcion (CL3)Extended Leave
Laguna Loire (CL3)Extended Leave
Lake Luciano (CL3)Extended Leave
Lark (CL3)Extended Leave
Legend Logan (CL3)Extended Leave
Legion'sRage (CL3)Extended Leave
Lemondog (CL3)Extended Leave
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Lexi Southern (CL3)Extended Leave
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LordKun (CL3)Extended Leave
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Mandalor (CL3)Extended Leave
Mar2vin (CL3)Active
Mara Jade Skywalker (CL3)Extended Leave
Marian Brill (CL3)Extended Leave
Mark Fett (CL3)Extended Leave
Mason Verger (CL3)Extended Leave
master netni kan (CL3)Extended Leave
Master Solan (CL3)Extended Leave
Master Yoda (CL3)Extended Leave
Master-Obi-Wan Kenobi (CL3)Extended Leave
masterk (CL3)Extended Leave
MasterVader (CL3)Extended Leave
Matt Fett (CL3)Extended Leave
Matthew (CL3)Extended Leave
Matthew Lionheart (CL3)Extended Leave
Melissa Skywalker (CL3)Extended Leave
Metherion (CL3)Extended Leave
MLyndruss (CL3)Extended Leave
Molson (CL3)Extended Leave
Moondog (CL3)Extended Leave
moonsofbogden (CL3)Extended Leave
Moon_Child (CL3)Extended Leave
Moriarty, Grand Denominator (CL3)Extended Leave
Mr. E (CL3)Extended Leave
Mystra (CL3)Extended Leave
Nanaki (CL3)Extended Leave
Nasubi (CL3)Extended Leave
Neo Sykes (AKA NEO FISTO) (CL3)Extended Leave
nidorina (CL3)Extended Leave
NIEN-NUNB (CL3)Extended Leave
obi-1 kenobi 77 (CL3)Extended Leave
obiwan777 (CL3)Suspended
ObiWanKenobi202002 (CL3)Extended Leave
ok (CL3)Extended Leave
OMG, It's Aaron! (CL3)Active
Organa (CL3)Extended Leave
Osiris (CL3)Extended Leave
Padme Amidala (CL3)Extended Leave
Padme Kenobi (CL3)Extended Leave
Pastel Hewitt (CL3)Extended Leave
peanut (CL3)Extended Leave
phantom (CL3)Extended Leave
Poor Karrde (CL3)Extended Leave
Princessleiasbestfriend (CL3)Extended Leave
Psion (CL3)Extended Leave
Quinlan Vos (CL3)Extended Leave
REBELS ARE THE BEST (I'm Tim) (CL3)Extended Leave
Republican X (CL3)Extended Leave
RevanMalak (CL3)Extended Leave
Rhikivakh (CL3)Extended Leave
Road Dogg (CL3)Extended Leave
robert_babygirl2012 (CL3)Extended Leave
Rogue Pilot (CL3)Extended Leave
Rorschach (CL3)Extended Leave
rougeleader (CL3)Extended Leave
roz_ella (CL3)Extended Leave
S0ldi3R (CL3)Extended Leave
Sabé (CL3)Extended Leave
Saden Kota (CL3)Extended Leave
SamocFarr (CL3)Extended Leave
Sandgoose (CL3)Extended Leave
Sara Ai (CL3)Extended Leave
SavageColonial_Veers (CL3)Extended Leave
Scarecrow (CL3)Extended Leave
Scoutrooper (CL3)Extended Leave
ScoutTrooper13 (CL3)Extended Leave
Sctmed (CL3)Extended Leave
Seatbeltforce5 (CL3)Extended Leave
Sef_stryke (CL3)Extended Leave
Shadow (CL3)Extended Leave
shadowblade (CL3)Extended Leave
Shorah (CL3)Extended Leave
Sica Meni (CL3)Extended Leave
Silvana (CL3)Extended Leave
SilverSun (CL3)Extended Leave
Sith (CL3)Extended Leave
sithDC (CL3)Extended Leave
Sith_JIJI (CL3)Extended Leave
sizzle (CL3)Extended Leave
SkyKore (CL3)Extended Leave
Solax (CL3)Extended Leave
Sominus (CL3)Extended Leave
Sorceress' Knight (CL3)Extended Leave
Spider-Man/Jaded (CL3)Extended Leave
STAR WARS (CL3)Extended Leave
stargalchick (CL3)Extended Leave
stargatesg1girl (CL3)Extended Leave
Starkiller (CL3)Extended Leave
SteelFist (CL3)Extended Leave
storm trooper 93 (CL3)Extended Leave (CL3)Extended Leave
Super Saiyan Jedi (CL3)Extended Leave
Super Sayain (CL3)Extended Leave
Super Yoda (CL3)Extended Leave
T'narg (CL3)Extended Leave
Tandar Isardin (CL3)Extended Leave
Taopin (CL3)Extended Leave
Tasmin K (CL3)Extended Leave
Teal'c (CL3)Extended Leave
Tealc (CL3)Extended Leave
Temporary (CL3)Extended Leave
Tenel Ka (CL3)Extended Leave
TenelKa85 (CL3)Extended Leave
Tenshi_Zetsumei (CL3)Extended Leave
That Skywalker Kid (CL3)Extended Leave
The Hellboy: Aeneas (CL3)Extended Leave
The Hunter (CL3)Extended Leave
The Master (CL3)Extended Leave
The Only Darth Vader (CL3)Extended Leave
Theodore Wilkes (CL3)Extended Leave
thrawnwasgrand (CL3)Extended Leave
TK-1250 (CL3)Extended Leave
TK42Y (CL3)Extended Leave
Tom Baker (CL3)Extended Leave
Tsavong_Lah (CL3)Extended Leave
Tycho Celchu (CL3)Extended Leave
Ulich_Qel Zinge (CL3)Extended Leave
Valjean (CL3)Extended Leave
Vash'ty (CL3)Extended Leave
Vicros (CL3)Extended Leave
Viper (CL3)Extended Leave
voltairejedi (CL3)Extended Leave
Wade (CL3)Extended Leave
WarsJABBER (CL3)Extended Leave
Waving Kitty (CL3)Extended Leave
Wedge (CL3)Extended Leave
West_Manson (CL3)Extended Leave
Wilddog73 (CL3)Extended Leave
WILL G (CL3)Extended Leave
Winter (CL3)Extended Leave
WorldWarHulk (CL3)Extended Leave
Wruggler (CL3)Extended Leave
Xaara (CL3)Extended Leave
Xalties (CL3)Extended Leave
XANA,(the one who will destroy the world) (CL3)Extended Leave
Xanatos (CL3)Extended Leave
Xando (CL3)Extended Leave
XanEvans (CL3)Extended Leave
Xena (CL3)Extended Leave
Xiapher Dar-Sol (CL3)Extended Leave
Yoda (CL3)Extended Leave
YourEyeInTheSky (CL3)Extended Leave
Yvette (CL3)Extended Leave
Zanlef Senffe (CL3)Extended Leave
Zenith (CL3)Extended Leave
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